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Oderint dum metuant

Kadar woke to the sound of horseplay in the yard.

He swiped at his eyes with his arm and rolled off the makeshift bed he'd fashioned for himself with scavenged blankets and pelts from storage--Harosheth had given him express permission, of course, with the stipulation that he return them as soon as he had the time to gather his own materials. She, being a hot-blooded coyote herself, understood his need for layers to protect him from the chill that his thin pelt could not. He was glad, too, that their language barrier was not as impassable as before. He'd learned a lot, as had she, and she'd even thanked him profusely for the various medicinal herbs he'd brought back as a gift to her.

The Syrian looked out the window as a gray streak blazed along the distant fence, about-faced, and darted back again. He blinked. To his complete surprise he saw who looked to be his old mare, Hiba, among them. Kadar blinked his tabasco-red eyes, not able to trust them, but lo and behold it was the gray mare! The Syrian could not hide his pleasure. Hiba! Fatatan llatifa! He cried jovially. He did not stop to grab his abaya from the floor as he raced out the door, bounded down the stairs, and burst through the front door. He lept from the front porch and brought two digits to his mouth to whistle sharply. The mare stopped and looked towards the mansion. She whinnied, tossed her head, and raced over, closing the gap between them in an instant. Kadar danced around with her as she nickered warmly at him. Hiba, you do remember. He murmured, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes as he carefully bought his hands up under her chin to stroke at her thick winter fur.

In his initial elation he had not noticed, but now he did. He stared, in awe, at the slight roundness to her sides. Fatatan, you are having child? Or have you been stealing treats again. She could not answer his question, of course. But her ears twitched, and his did as well.

Kadar missed Hiba a lot. All welcome! If anyone is going for a horse-involved trade, feel free to hop in here!

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Having two legs instead of using four legs – thus giving her hands – was growing on Magpie greatly. After all, what good were four paws when you didn't even have thumbs to put your jewelry on? That was the driving force for the darkling girl, that she could now wear her jewelry with ease, something she relished greatly. Today was no different: once she woke, she gathered up her strings of silver chain and pearls that she had collected (or stolen, or simply taken, as was the case with the lovely pearls she'd earned during her younger months) and strung them about her neck. It was satisfying to feel them, cool against her fur. She preened before a cracked mirror she'd salvaged from a greater portion of the frame, turning this way and that, shifting up on her toes to straighten her posture just enough to truly admire herself.

She was turning into Narcissus.

Satisfied with the way her hair fell, she turned to escape from the estate. Oh, Magpie wasn't forced to stay there, and Jehan would likely have trouble keeping her there now that she was getting older, but she considered it "escaping" all the same. The freedom of being outside filled her with a great amount of satisfaction, that she could be trusted to wander around alone now. Trusted in a loose sense of the word, of course.

Winter was not yet over, which dismayed her every time the sun rose to reveal the season: she wasn't a fan of it. Still, on dainty toes, she trotted across the mansion's grounds and into the lands of her pack until her ears picked up a voice. Unfamiliar voices, especially, were prized, for Magpie loved to make friends and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

HI! she veritably screeched, needing always to be loud and heard and see and attended to by someone lest she become a nuisance. Her excited exclamation drew the attention of a raven overhead, one who shrieked in return and came to land upon her shoulder as she peered with mismatched eyes at the man and his fat-bellied horse.

Ohai dere. Dis es Magpie. Have a Magpie.
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