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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. Szene and Ronan will post last.

Lelouch Amarok
  • Word Count: [509]
  • Date: Jan 30th
  • Time: TIME
  • Form: Optime
This is the hunting thread. My post begins on the 28th and ends on the 30th. Everyone will post once before the action starts.

"Are we sure?" Lelouch asked. His violet gaze swept over the gathered leaders and Aeron. Aeron nodded. Lelouch's hand tightened into a fist and his jaw clenched. Two of the horses had gone missing. They were communal horses. Everyone had just assumed that someone had forgotten to tell anyone that they had taken the horses for a trip. Even so, some of the members had checked around the pack lands just to be sure. None of the normal suspects had gone out without notice. The only two who were missing were Szenne and Ronan. After that, it didn't take long to figure out what had happened. This was an escape. Two slaves fleeing their captors, not even realizing that if they had just waited a few more days none of this would have been necessary.

Nyx and Lukos looked grim, but Lelouch had a sinking feeling it wasn't because their slaves had made a break for freedom. Normally, Lelouch would have left this kind of thing to them, but they were in no condition to make decisions. Not after the loss they had suffered. Lelouch took a deep breath and let out a howl. They needed to move. Fast. It was still early morning, just past the break of dawn. They had noticed the missing horses the day before. That meant that the horses were probably taken two nights ago. The horses hadn't even been missing for forty-eight hours. If they hurried, they could recover what they lost.

Lelouch let out another howl, calling for volunteers to gather at the far western boarder. Nyx and Lukos went ahead. Aeron and Lelouch made a detour to the barns for horses. Lelouch saddled Serenity as quickly as he could. He shoved food and water into her saddle bags, as much as he dared to bring without horribly weighing her down. Thankfully, she was built for bearing weight. Once ready, he leapt onto her back and spurred her into a canter towards the boarder with Aeron and her horse right on their heels. The Anatheman birds were already on the hunt by the time they left the barns.

Lelouch waited until everyone had gathered. His hands clenched Serenity's reins and he sat up tall. "Szene and Ronan have stolen two of our horses and run off. Our goal is to safely retrieve the horses. We need to move quickly. Try to avoid harming Szene and Ronan. They are not our real targets. Move out!"

The group pushed hard. With the combination of the birds and the lupus bound trackers, the team was able to make decent headway. They were on the third day of their grueling pace and Lelouch felt like every muscle in his body was ready to give, and he had been riding a horse the whole way. He couldn't imagine what the others must have felt like. Lelouch licked his thirsty lips and took a swig of water. According to Aeron, or more accurately, her birds, they were close. Just a little bit longer and it would be over.

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Winter was hard on the older woman, but she wasn't going to ignore the need in the pack. Cloth wrapped around her as she adjusted her seating on Elzar. Crows and ravens circled and called out. Foolish wolves thinking they could steal from Anathema, what entertained her more were these "slaves" were practically free prior to this. She had never really seen Nyx nor Lukos harm or be truly awful to either.

She joined Lelouch and the others to help track them down. Lelouch didn't seem to care about bringing the slaves back just the horses. She assumed that meant they were not of real value however the horses were greatly needed to move members and goods. She looked at Lelouch and smiled as she let out a call. The birds dispersed in various directions, their goal to try and pin point where the pair was.

"I'll head this way with a few members. If we can encircle them they have no escape." She spoke as she pulled on the reigns. "Let's find these two and get this over with." She spoke
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OOC: Conquest is here. +400 words.

Winter seemed to have brought Anathema many uneventful things. Sure Conquest now had the free time to spend practicing and striking out on her own, but there was only so many time she could do it before it became stale, especially if it was with the same person over and over again. All of her siblings had their own things that they were taking care of, as well as her mother and grandfather, leaving her just to herself. She really needed to find something else to do that could use her time better, especially if she could find a way to tie it into her own practices at home.

Golden ears turned to the sound of the howl ringing in the distance. Lelouch was an adopted sibling thanks to her mother, but a sibling none the less. He too had made his way up to the leadership ranks, so to hear him calling out must have meant this was something important. Wasting no time, the dark woman turned in the direction of the sound, coming to meet with him and any others that heard the call.

As she arrived, the Dasa's orange gaze turned over to Aeron. It seemed that her grandmother was already here before her brother called for anyone else. Crossing her arms, she waited to see if anyone else was going to come before listening to her brother's words. The slaves had taken two of the pack's horses? A snort couldn't help but escape from her lips. She was never one to trust the lower ranks, figuring they would pull something like this, but even more annoying what her brother insisting they try to avoid harming them. What for? They had stolen pack property and were now some time ahead of this group. If it were her decision, she would have the two traitors killed as soon as they found them.

Turning her head back over to the former leader as she made her way onto the horse, Conquest moved over to her side, "I'll come with you grandma. I want to see the look of terror in their faces." Besides that, she knew she had the power to not only take on the slaves, but to prevent them from getting any further. She may not have had a horse of her own, but she could easily take a communal one that was still here or keep up along the horse's side in her lupus form, though the latter option was not the most preferable.

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  • Word Count: [256]
  • Date: January
  • Time: Day?
  • Form: Secui (Avi) Optime (Adri)
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The call roused the two jackal sisters from their activities. Two slaves had escaped. Personally, both were not the biggest fans of slavery but they would have to prove their loyalty, which meant catching them.

Avinalora decided to help with the tracking because of her keen sense of smell. The vixen went into her room to shift and then came out in Secui form, her quickest form. A skinny silver canine walked out. The shape was skinny with a black mane and long legs, ears, and tail. The female's heterochromia-afflicted eyes gazed around as she descended into the downstairs.

Adrian was packing her bag with weapons and provisions for the trip and once she was done, she helped her Secui-formed sister put on the gear needed for her to go outside and packed her sister's winter clothing in cast the jackal mutt needed to shift into Optime for any reason. And then the dark woman went to tell Eclipse to watch the kits while the healer grabbed her satchel and called Tyler and Onyx to help with the hunt.

The former assassin went to grab their horse, Ellwyn to ride and saddled the mare up and packed her bags. And then they met the rest of the pack at the western border. Adrian was saddled on the grey horse and Avinalora walked alongside in her deer-fox-looking Secui form. They were ready.

"I will help track." The moon-washed maiden stated with a dip of her head.

"And I will help with the capture." The violet-eyed assassin announced.

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(crashes party with nutcase)



The precise pitter patter of her thoughts mulled over Szenne, and the fuss she'd caused. Charlie admired her willingness to be free, it was compelling, and worthy of her respect. Yet what little respect that the black wolf was capable of, could just as easily be recalled. The vendetta she held against the slave was not yet over, it had never been over. Charlie wasn't one to easily forget the special relationship built on hatred they enjoyed, before they simply ignored each other. Some day Charlie had even hoped to secure her revenge, which was now appearing more and more like a distant goal.

She'd shown up on four legs, and had travelled with anticipation, as well as self-seclusion. Most of the interim being spent thinking about what she might say to Szenne. It bugged Charlie she couldn't harm the slaves after all of the trouble they'd caused. She found herself quietly loathing the rules which restrained her, and diverted her from the most desirable action. Nevertheless, the Leishman busied herself in devising ways she could bother Szenne before she said goodbye. With the help of the dark creativity she prided herself in, there were many likable ideas to choose from before their travels were over.

She found herself looking to Conquest, and allowing herself a bit of amusement. While it would be rather fun to see their looks of terror, it would only be short-lived; once they determine their real purpose, they would be fine. They would be...happy. Happiness was a delicate thing, like flowers or flesh. It could be destroyed, disturbed, eliminated. What was interesting to Charlie, is how easy it was, and how easy it had been to make people unhappy in the past. She relished in the tormenting of her many victims of thievery, like the behaviour was a pleasing sport, or a special courtesy which she chose to add into her service. “Terror on the outside isn't terror on the inside.” She mumbled to herself thoughtfully.

After, she did speak clearly so that her pack-mates could hear her odd, empty voice, much to their misfortune. “If Szenne and Ronan wish to become hostile, I will gladly assist in the necessary retaliation.” She could only hope that they try to keep their means of escape, as it would certainly make the upcoming events that much more interesting. Violence always piqued the girl's interest.

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Greed was in the library when the call rang through Anathema. He was up early, as usual, shoving knowledge into his already crowded mind. At first, he wondered if either of his siblings were going to show up and then he realized that either way he was going to answer the call. While Greed contemplated a few things before heading out, another call rang through the pack lands. This was urgent. His stomach dropped. There had been so much tragedy in Anathema that he was expecting the worst. After all, when one thing seemed to go wrong, other horrible events seemed to follow. Anathema had a domino effect, of sorts, of dreadful outcomes almost as if this very land was cursed. Greed didn't really believe in such things, but with the way things seemed to go even that was a possibility in his mind.

The umber Lykoi shifted to Lupus and made his way to the far Western border where Lelouch was waiting. Being on four paws felt bizarre to the Anathema prince as he rarely shifted down from his two legged form. Even so, the speed of his four paws was necessary to get where he needed to be. Greed could run fast in Optime as well, but nothing could compare to the speed the form of his ancestors granted him.

Once there, Greed felt a little out of place. Everyone else, aside from Avanilora was on horseback. He didn't own a horse of his own and in all honesty, wasn't that skilled of a rider. After all his considerations, Greed was thankful he had shown up on four legs as opposed to two and without a horse. Amber orbs graced each of his pack members and then Lelouch who informed all of them that Szenne and Ronan had claimed their freedom and two of the communal horses without allowance. Greed scoffed and felt a wave of relief wash over him. As long as nobody was in danger's way, that was a victory for Anathema. Neither Lust or Wrath had shown up today, but Greed was alright with that. Although, half of the pack seemed to show interest in Szenne and Ronan's escape. The umber king didn't know either of them personally and didn't feel the twinge of betrayal that some other's here might feel. He didn't agree with slavery, but he did side with honesty within the pack and that was something they would have to repent for. Greed was excited, however, to participate in anything that would draw him away from Anathema for a while. He was glad to help reclaim the horses and maybe keep some of the more spiteful Anathemans under control.

They had been traveling and tracking relentlessly. This was the longest the treasure eyed male had spend on all fours. He drank whenever he could find water, but he could feel his muscles tensing from slight dehydration. On top of that, his limbs burned and screamed for forgiveness. Greed was a gifted runner, but running and walking for days on end with little sleep, food, or water was taking it's toll on him. At this point, he had developed a distaste for the runaway slaves. Even so, he was pushing his body to new limits and continuing on his path to help raise Anathema to glory.

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Date: Jan. 28th - 30th
Place: Seabreeze Brink
Form: Lupus
*Cough hack dying*

The leader trudged through snow, brush and thickets, darkly eying his surroundings as if he would rather the whole world burn than be here dealing with this inconvenience. He and Nyx had gone out ahead of everyone else to track down the fugitives, to scout ahead and direct the main party once they caught up. His daughter had... passed and he was out looking for a couple of runaways. If they had just run off on their own and let it be just that, this would've never happened. With the leaders having already agreed on what should be done about Anathema's slavery laws, these two seemed to "escape" in spite of their efforts. Now all they've accomplished was thieving some horses from the pack and ran away from their greatest wish, that was going to be given to them very soon. Well, was being the key word in that sentiment. Now, he could care less about them.

The only thing he didn't sulk at was the sight of the snowy huntress, who was loping along a few feet away in the same direction as him, though seemed to be drifting along rather than chasing down the thieves. Yellow orbs reflected the despair in his head, knowing that while both parents were still grieving harshly, Nyx seemed to have been especially pierced by this latest tragedy. Perhaps it was because she had found her lifeless body first. Or it may have been that she didn't expect such a feisty and vigorous pup to have suddenly died, leaving no explanation. Neither of them did.

Lukos looked back to the terrain, keeping pace as he thought. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be home, with his children. He wanted to let himself mourn. He wanted... he wanted to come back from this search, to find Song alive and well, begging him to come play in the snow before it melted and spring came. He landed sluggishly, being smacked with a realization just then before launching himself forward once more. His little girl will never know anything but the cold. Having been born at the cusp of winter, the tiny angel had only known the white of snow. She would never see the flowers of the other seasons, not any of the colors that graced the earth they lived on as they bloomed. The trees will always be dead and hollow, to which the male related to quite well at the moment. It wasn't fair.

Both scouts had begun to pick up on a scent, and slowly began to converge before they came face to face. The odor was recent, and there were plenty of tracks not quite buried yet to point them in the right direction. The runaways weren't so far now. Lukos looked down at the Malpas, hardly able to speak to her without seeing what they had lost. "It's almost over." was all he could utter, trying to keep the emotion out of his voice as he turned back towards the way they came, the main group most likely not too far behind now. He looked over his side to make sure that the mother had heard him, and was moving not too far behind. He worried about her greatly, but wasn't sure if it was the place or time to be comforting her right now. In this moment they were leaders, and they had to uphold that responsibility. At least, that's what he kept telling himself.

As the two worked their way back to the others, they approached Lelouch and began to lead the way back, hardly speaking if at all. Lukos avoided socializing with almost everyone on the trip, sticking to the front of the lead and being left alone. Occasionally he would wander closer to Nyx, to see how she was holding up, or to Lelouch and Aeron to check in with a dulled tone. It wasn't too long before they arrived back to the point where they stopped before, still seeing the faint hoof prints in the dusty snow. Looking back at the rest of the group, he paused before looking off in the distance to where they were sure to find the ex-slaves. "Let's get it done."

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"W... We're sure... They a-are gone. The snow clad Malphas replied solemnly the the dark furred Rakeeb as he questioned the validity of the conclusion that they had reached. Ronan and Szenne had run off, and mere days before the pack was to announce the end of slavery within Anathema. The snowy Malphas, who was normally so kind and compassionate, wore an expression devoid of light and life, and the only thing on her mind, the only thing she let herself think about at this moment, was catching the thieves and returning the goods they had stolen to their rightful owners. She was Anathema's most frequent hunter, most practiced tracker, and the highest ranking warrior, this was not one that she could sit out for.

Down in her four legged form, Nyx stood and nodded to Lelouch, before departing into the woods, her nose to the ground and her eyes barely working to scan the ground for signs of tracks and the foliage for any breakage or hints of snagged fur. It was hard, keeping up the act, doing the work, when Nyx herself was barely holding on by a thread. No physical wound, resulting in any of the numerous scars which crept over the sub-leaders svelte form like ivy to a brick wall, had caused her so much distress as the loss of her youngest child. Not even the sting of losing her parents and siblings had hurt her so much as she hurt from being without Song.

Her eyes stung as tears threatened to fight their way past her defenses and spill over yet again. Lukos was with her, searching a short distance away fro any sign of the trail, before they picked up the scent and Nyx lifted her lifeless gaze to the new Atheed, watching him turn back to the western border to reconvene with the search party that invariably must have gathered there by now. She didn't move at first, head low, watching his back, it wasn't until he looked back at her to be sure that she was following that she took her first step back in the direction of the pack. It hadn't been until that moment, that she realized how badly she wanted to be away from that place... From the place where her baby lay cold and dead.

Upon returning to the search party, Nyx found a few others standing small in their four legged forms, though all of them, even Avinalora in her Secui form, stood taller than she did. The rest of the people gathered were on horse back. Nyx turned to everyone, and in a voice so quiet and without tone that it would have been inaudible had those gathered not been canines, she spoke. "Th-the trail heads S-south West." Before she turned, and without another word, lead the way along-side Lukos.

The trail was not a straightforward one to follow. It twisted and turned and doubled back on itself, and the excess number of trackers came in handy when it came to figuring out the proper path to take. Unfortunately for the slaves however, when it came to all the skilled trackers and the birds that Anathema had at it's disposal, there was no denying that the rag-tag band of warriors and leaders and skilled trackers would inevitably catch up to them, and that they did. Three days of straight walking behind them, and Nyx's form burned. her eyes burned from holding back the tears, her nose burned from sniffing so long at the frigid air, and her legs burned from traveling so ceaselessly to find the place where the runaway Abdiel had taken refuge.

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His mind was full. There was a flood of emotions rushing through him and anxiety that he could not escape. He prayed for something to change, for something new to happen that would wrench him from this Hell. Even temporarily. His prayers were answered, although, as it frequently occured, they were not answered in the manner he would have hoped. Lelouch's call rang through the Anathema territory. At first, Kassius suspected perhaps a pack meeting, but shortly after the first howl, another followed, this one holding a note of emergency. He paused in his lackadaisical hunt of a rabbit and hurried to the western border. There, others were already gathered, and the leadership briefed them all in the details of the current conflict.

Already shifted into his lupus form, he took with the four-legged band in pursuit of the escaped slaves and the stolen horses. He worried for the horses. It seemed ironic and unfair that the wretched low-lives had threatened the entire pack in this way, although Kassius was unaware of the upcoming ban on slavery. But he was angry enough, and that anger pushed him through three days of ceaseless travel. Some of the others seemed to be growing as uncomfortable as he, although he was silently glad he had chosen his lupus form for this task, as it afforded him more speed and stamina. At last, the tracks of the stolen horses appeared in the light dusting of snow that had fallen upon the earth. The slender wolfdog paused along with the others to await further instruction,hoping that, in spite of Lelouch's request not to hurt the runaway slaves, violence would somehow befall the fugitives at the slash of his own fangs.. In any case, it seemed that the end of the pursuit was near.

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Escaping that horrid shithole was the best plan she had ever made. Even though it took so long to prepare for, it was well worth every second of the struggle in the end. They were living high on the hog – or should she say… horse down south. Szenne couldn’t think of a care in the world while she was there. She didn’t even care that her once hilly home was now broken up into islands, jagged rocks, and muddy terrain, and the beautiful beaches of the Shattered Coast now swelled, exposing its new claws in the shoreline. Anything was better than living in the caves, constantly being watched and told what to do. The freedom may have been the most welcoming part. She could properly travel and not worry about consequences anymore.

Szenne thought Lukos was bluffing when he said Anathema would hunt them down, and that could have been where she went wrong.

It was an evening like any other, and after a few days without excitement, Szenne was feeling secure. She had pitched the idea to head to Halifax earlier that day, and they collected their camp by the shoreline and packed up the horses. They had intended to begin their lives in Halifax that night.

The sun hung low in the late afternoon sky, and Szenne rode upon Rama as the horse lazily walked on. Being under the impression she had nothing to worry about, Szenne didn’t feel the need to urge the horse on. It was a beautiful, mild, sunny day earlier, and even as the sun sank and the air took on an icy chill, it still wasn’t so bad.

Szenne yawned, letting out a noise that sounded like a baby dragon lived inside her stomach and called for help whenever her mouth was wide open. She stretched her arms above her head, emitting a few pops and cracks. ”Almost there,” she sighed, feeling lethargic, yet relaxed. It was like a vacation, if slaves got those, but it would never end. And what was she saying slaves? That word was exiled from her vocabulary.

Szenne had gazed lazily over to Ronan for something or other, but saw the look in his eyes change suddenly. ”What?” she demanded, gazing forward, too, but it was then that she realized what his problem was. In the horizon, there were ten Anathemans racing towards them, blocking off their path to Halifax.

”Oh, shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit!” she hissed, pulling Rama’s reins suddenly causing the horse to rear partially. ”Ronan! What the fuck!” She, of course, didn’t quite expect him to answer that – or have an answer for that.

”A’ight. We play it cool, and see what they want. If they want us, we kill every last one of ‘em.” They were still out of earshot, for the moment, but the inevitable was coming. And Szenne didn’t plan on giving them anything.

Szenne controlled her face pretty well, but as the Anathemans converged on them, surrounding them in the matter of the next few minutes, the fear reflected in her eyes. Rama stomped around on the grass, feeling his rider’s sudden spike in stress. Her expression was very serious, until her eyes fell upon her former master.

”Lukos! Pita! So nice to see ya,” she sneered, momentarily caught off-guard by her rhyme scheme. ”The heart-warmin greetin's are not extended to anyone else. Wait, except for Charletter.”

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