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Avialora's kit, Garrett is leaving her. He can be found around the territory

  • Word Count: [828]
  • Date: 23rd, Feburary
  • Time: Day
  • Form: Optime

A group of creatures stood on the outskirts of Thackary village. Two Luperci, three foxes, two birds, and a cat stood in the snow. The first Luperci was a silver-haired waif that was very small. Her fur was a snowy silver fur with a grey saddle. Her features were almost fox-like with a long tail, long ears, and long legs. Her face seemed coyote-esque in design but her muzzle didn't taper. Her hair was black and was tied in a pony tail. She wore a green long-sleeved dress with fur lining and leggings. Her eyes were two shades of green that looked sad but somewhat happy.

Next to her was an ebony-furred woman with grey stockings. She had black hair tied into a french braid and had similar features to the silver one but her fur was longer and she was taller with more muscle. She wore a lilac hooded tunic and black leggings. She had a pair of mismatched purple eyes that held joy in them.

One of the foxes was a smokey-furred fox with black tips. He had one grey eye and the other was just a socket. He was the biggest out of the three and had a calm look. The second fox was small and had silver fur with fawn markings. She had lilac eyes that glinted in happiness. The final fox had grey fur with vivid red markings and sapphire eyes.

There was also a large barn owl that perched on a stump along with corvid that was almost the size of the owl. There was also a silver tabby with bright blue eyes.

Today was the day, it seemed. This was the day that Avinalora had been dreading. When a kit were ready to leave her care and go out on their own. Today, Garrett had made that decision. He was an adult already and he knew how to hunt and fight already. He felt ready to survive on his own.

The fox maiden was saddened by this but she felt that it was time. The Ash boy always seemed like he would be the one to leave the nest. He was adventurous and brave. The foxling had a zest for life and was witty. She had a feeling that the grey fox would survive in the wild.

The silver belle felt that the other two, Spencer and Luna probably would stay. Luna had only a rudimentary grasp on survival skills and Spencer was missing an eye. But she never knew what could happen. She hadn't been quite right in the head for the past months and it felt that she had missed out on the kits' lives. She would make that right, she would. She hadn't been in touch with the kits' lives that much, to be honest. But she remembered the fun times they had.

When she had gone out on a run with the kits, when they had met Axelle, when she and Spencer played chess, and when she and Luna met Danae. She also remembered those times when she had told them stories and taught them hyper-awareness. But she wasn't there as often as she wanted to be. She would make more of an effort, starting now.

"You'll visit, right?" The girl said as she touched noses with her brother. She would miss her sibling, they had always been at each others side. But she recognized when it was time for him to spread his wings.

"Totally." The sapphire-eyed boy said with a smile. He wouldn't go very far so that he could stay close to his family. He would always try to visit them whenever he could. He hoped that he could survive in Anathema's territory and maybe become some sort of guardian.

"Be safe and remember what we taught you." Eclipse said from her spot near the tree stump. She had taught the child everything he knew, well almost everything. Adrian had taught him stealth and fighting. She felt that her student had what it took to survive.

"Stealth is key." Adrian said as she went down on a knee to embrace the fox. He nuzzled her neck to tell her that he would. Adrian had taught him a lot about survival and he would do his best to remember.

"We'll hunt together." The one-eyed fox said with one of his seldom smiles. He knew that his brother would survive. It just felt like the guy would. He was a good hunter and very stealthy.

"Of course!" The boy said with a smile. He wouldn't give up a chance to hunt with his adopted brother.

"Follow your heart." The jackal medic said as she went down to embrace her ward. That was all she could say. Her heart, as much as she didn't want to admit it, guided her. "But use your head, too."

With all of their parting words said, with a yip, the foxling ran into the bushes, ready to start his new life.

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