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Cartier had grown restless having to stay in bed all of the time, well, it was more like most of the time because he couldn't stand just laying around with nothing to do. But that had also been his downfall as it hadn't allowed for his injury to heal properly. His ankle was able to support his weight in a limited fashion that caused him to limp. He still had his limb and was capable of movement but no longer with the fluid ease that he had once been capable of. His limited range of movement had him knowing that he would never be able to work in the warrior caste again. He was now useless in a fight. Or well, he was useless in general. He didn't see himself as having any skills outside of being a fighter. Most of his training had been in that regard even if the wars had him becoming disillusioned with what it meant to be a warrior. Still, even though he had realized it wasn't as glamorous profession as he had used to think he still hadn't considered entering into a different caste. But now that Bellum was closed to him he had no idea what to do with himself. He had always prided himself on being able to protect his family and his home and now he could no longer do that.

Even with warrior aspirations he had made time to visit with the horses though he wouldn't called himself skilled in that aspect even if he knew the basics of training and could drive a cart. Besides Fera was Vici's territory and he wouldn't encroach upon it. But there was Mysia to check up on. After scenting the air to make sure that Vicira wasn't out with the free roaming herd he made his way towards where the mare that was carrying his stallion's foal was. He hadn't had much opportunity to check on her with all that had been going on.

His focus was on the champagne mare that he didn't notice the hole in the ground until it had tripped him up. He cried out as he wrenched his ankle and tumbled to the ground. He squeezed his eyes shut and held tightly to his ankle. He hoped that he hadn't managed to fracture his ankle once more as pain radiated around the joint.

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