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Basilio had always been the sort to gradually accept his situation and those things that bothered his temperament as time went by. His anger problems had always gotten the best of him, though some of that anger had faded with the years and months and yet, a lot of it still remained. He let it remain as a vigil reminder that there were still times when needed it like when he was protecting the pack or fighting for one of its members. There were few who could say that he did not pay his dues to the pack that had spawned and sired him into the position he was within now. After the war with the Boreas wolves, he'd let some of that anger within him quiet down.

He'd personally taken care of one of Inferni's traitors, albeit it had been at the cost of an innocent's life and he sincerely felt the need to pray for both the sufferance of his sin of murder and what happened outside the borders. It had been more than a few weeks since he'd crossed paths with Cartier after the fight the two had had over Jehan and Basilio's altercation.

He felt that absence a little more every day, not because he'd ever been close to Cartier as a friend but simply because Cartier had been there at times when he'd doubted his faith and had offered words that set him on the right path.

While not a Centurion anymore, due to his injuries, he knew that forgiveness was essential and repentance was a part of the path to that very thing. His day brought him to the doorway of Cartier's room. He half-expected Clover to walk out or Jehan to answer when he knocked. Even if that was the case, he could openly apologize and at least prove to the other man that he was trying to make things work. A hand lifted, knuckles rasping against the door's solid surface and he stepped back to wait for either the answer or the lack there-of.

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I'm decent. Jehan's not even here. He said in response to the knock on the door. He figured that maybe Clover had forgotten something and had come back for it and didn't wish to walk in on anything that might be happening. Though nothing had been happening for quite awhile given the extent of Cartier's injuries. It had been going on so long now that he worried the dog was no longer interested in him any longer. They still shared a pile of furs at night but the nights were still cold and the shared body warmth could be the only thing that was keeping the mutt there.

When no one immediately walked in after he had called out Cartier forced himself up. This entailed some amount of light grumbling and crashing about. He still had issue with getting up but he did better when walking around though he had developed a limp to his step. After a couple of false starts where Cartier had ended back up on the floor the male finally made his way towards the door to open it.

He was surprised to see Basilio standing on the other side of the door once he had tugged it open. What did he do now? He figured the reason for the visit had to do with something that Jehan had done or said to Basilio to upset him. Cartier closed his eyes and rubbed at the point between his eyes. Is he with Harosheth? Cartier could only assume that there had been another altercation that ended up with Jehan being injured. The coyote male leaned his head tiredly against the door. I promise, I'll talk to him. I'll get him to leave or something. He had already been considering having such a discussion with Jehan now that he could move about without being in constant pain. He hadn't spoken to Vesper or Vicira since the altercations that he had had with them. He felt that they had turned their backs on him and he was no longer welcome in Inferni. Then this thing between Basilio and Jehan was just the icing on the cake.

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