[NEWS] April 2017

What? Something is happening!

POSTED: Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:00 pm

News & Updates

Map Expansion!

Hey, avid adventurers -- there's more land for you to explore! ;D We've added a new expansion to the territory map, featuring the Western Forefront!


We've extended the map to the north and west, opening up access to a bunch of new lakes and rivers, as well as the remnants of once bustling Freetown. Subterritories are now magenta so they're clearer on the map. Subterritories that are also cities or mountains are not magenta to avoid "double marking," but they're still subterritories.

Any geographers out there might notice that the landscape we've added isn't exactly faithful to New Brunswick's real coast. In order to help fill in the map with something other than ocean, we've altered the area a little. Additionally, we've changed up the territory divisions a small bit; notably, Western Tangles is gone (see below) with Seabreeze Brink expanding to encompass the remnants.

Western Tangles

All the shattered islands slowly sinking in the aftermath of the meteor have finally sunk, meaning Western Tangles is no more -- but some delayed aftershocks have done something odd to some of the scattered rocks and islands. An archipelago of sorts will slowly form over the next few months to create a "land bridge" across the Bay of Fundy -- which will affect the wild tides that have made ship travel too dangerous for Luperci.

We're hoping that linking this areas will breathe some life into Seabreeze Brink by making travel just a little easier! Just note that miles still separate most of the tiny islands of the archipelago, and any sailing should be done with realism in mind. It's not recommended that Luperci attempt to swim between islands. The tides may be calmer for ships and boats now, but they're still incredibly dangerous for swimmers!


'Souls Soldier of Love

We've recently noticed that some voters have been keeping logs of their votes in a single post. As per the instructions, we'd prefer if people posted once per day detailing their votes - it makes it easier to count and verify, and has the additional benefit of bringing visibility to the voting thread! :) We've added this information to the voting topic.

Spotlights for April 2017

Spotlight Soul

Our April Spotlight Soul is no other than Arlen (Kris)! Congratulations! Arlen is definitely sweet as sugar, and has been a very active youngster! He has been busy his fortifying relationships with family and his pack mates, and has also been meeting loners and members from other packs in neutral territories. Having recently shifted for the first time, it seems as though nothing can hold him back... except maybe for birds! With plenty more adventures to be had and experiences yet to encounter, it will be fun to see what direction life takes Arlen as he grows up!

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul for April.

Soldier of Love

Sylvey dominates again for the third month in a row, edging out some dedicated competition by voting with a registered account on RPGFix. ;) Thanks as always for everyone's hard work on the topsites though. Every little bit counts!

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