[NEWS] January 2018

POSTED: Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:11 am

News & Updates

Happy New Year! It's time for 2018! Break out the sparklers, fireworks, and champagne, because it's time to celebrate a whole new year!


Did you know that this is our NINTH annual SoSuWriMo? Woah! If you're not familiar with this yearly contest, you can read all about it here! And when you're done with that, post here to participate! :) Good luck, everyone!

Yearbook 2017

Our 2017 Yearbook is now live! Go and check it out!

16th Birthday Topsite Raffle Winners

The topsite voting raffle has ended with a whopping 1,003 entries - wow, guys! We rose on quite a few topsites thanks to you. Hooray! And now for the winners!

  • Custom Titles: Silverfrost, Gen, Mandi
  • 'Souls 15th Anniversary Charm: Sammiie, Myst
  • Reginald Writing Charm: Melissa, Sammiie
  • Sigpose by Gen: Kiki, Nina
  • Avatar by Despi: Myst
  • Avatar by Libri: El
  • Fullbody by Kitty: Gen
  • Avatar by Kiri: Mandi

If you've been listed as a winner, please PM the appropriate person for your prize! Title and charm requests (along with addresses!) should go to the 'SA, and art prize requests should be PMed to the corresponding artist. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Map Update

The map has changed yet again from when the meteor hit and scattered the end of Western Tangles into the Broken Occident! Yet more small islands have sunk into the sea, shifted, and even merged together to create more solid landmasses:

The Bay of Fundy is much easier to sail and cross now, as the strong tides and currents are mitigated by the new landmasses - a Luperci may even be able to swim across this new narrow channel. This development has also caused the Bay to recede from the Wastes and the Isthmus of Chignecto.

Spotlights for January 2017

Spotlight Soul

This month's Spotlight Soul is Brocade (Amanda)! Brocade's interesting character development was accelerated by the SL/IF war, and continues to evolve! In spite of first appearances, Brocade is much more than just a mercenary or a soldier - his consistent and active involvement this past month in the pack has placed him in the position of teacher, family man, gift-giver and much more. We can't wait to see what becomes of him next! :>

Community Soul

January's Community Soul is Mandi! Mandi's been all over the place this past month - she opened a Yearbook Studio to help others crop and prettify their character images for the 'Souls Yearbook, helped with the Yearbook by posting the polls and picking up slack, and has been voting consistently nearly every single day! She's an excellent mod, and we're glad to have her. :) <3

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is also Mandi, who voted almost every day! Woo!

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