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Mistfell Vale
    Welcome, stranger. You are home.
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  • Be sure to visit our website -- our rank page has a lot of useful information!
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  • Have any questions? Feel free to message leadership!
Felix Nightlark Big Game Trapper I
Calia Larsen Drakehund Tier I
Windcrest Risegard Starkhelm
Saga D'Angelo
Elkenfrey Hawkesond Wolverthorne
Ragna Eklund
Sineria Inventor I Zuri Acidic-Trombetta
Baelish D'Angelo
Cottongrass Malfoy D'Angelo
Dalia Nyla Silas
Falcon Bennett de l'Or
Posey Prior Denmother II
Raydiance Stryker Ares Knight Genevieve Auditore
Mystery Karria Featherwright
Pack NPCs
Brom Elijah Collins
Companion & Youth NPCs
Florian Aatte Lyric Harper Rupert de la Croix
Evelyn Nightlark Sandra Tremblay Caspar
Daniel Skadi Eklund Sindri Eklund
Steinarr Niequist
Absentee NPCs
Linden Aatte Ranger I Marsali Amarok Nicholai Cecil
Talon Takekuro Skylark Liev Morozov
Carol Maelstrom Elle Cormier Valeria Redpaw Farmer I
Sedona Whitesage Elizabeth Collins Cairina Diglosse
Alfie Brown

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Mistfell Vale
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Sunny & Vida

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Felix Nightlark Ragna Eklund Saga D'Angelo
Big Game Trapper I Scout II Pack Aide III, Diplomat III, Patroller I
Calia Larsen Baelish D'Angelo Sineria
Goatherd I Negotiator I Inventor I
Posey Prior Zuri Acidic-Trombetta Sedona Whitesage
Denmother II Bat Handler I Constructor I
Malfoy D'Angelo
Weapons Master I
Pack Game
Sunny El Raze
43 19 223
Songbird Vida Sami
685 1161 50
Nuki Sineria Ash
50 50 192
Westy Salena Rina
211 25 50
Daniel Nat
75 451
Mistfell Vale
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Sunny & Vida

Mistfell Vale