[MV] March Newspost

POSTED: Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:06 am

MV March Newspost

Subterritory Contest Winners!

First of all, we would love congratulate Kitty and Vida for winning last month's subterritory contest, as well as a big thank you to all those who participated! With so many creative entries, it was a pretty tough race! Our territory page will be edited shortly to include these two new additions, so be sure to check them out!

Pack Hunt

Following the official founding of the Vale, the Mistwalkers were kept busy fixing up homes in Winterwynd, fortifying scent borders, and exploring the newly claimed territory! And all of this hard work was rewarded by a celebration full of food, drink, and merriment that lasted well into the night.

While snow still blankets the Vale, the longer days have some of the prey animals scurrying about once more. In efforts to fill up the Vale's food storage, as well as create closer ties between packmates, leadership has decided to host a packwide hunt.

The hunt is dated March 15. The main hunting party will be tracking a deer herd for a good part of the day and well into the night. Though filling the storage is excellent, this pack hunt aims to bridge the cultural gap between feral and humanized Mistwalkers, and to forge deeper bonds among all.

The AW+ main hunt thread is non mandatory, though your character's participation is encouraged! There is also the potential of side threads, should your character steal away with another after the main hunt concludes, whether that is to check on traps, pursue smaller game, or something else entirely. Additionally, a good portion of this month's thread prompts may circulate around this hunt... ;)

Territory Expansion

We've recently hit 20 characters (yay!), and so our territory has been expanded to 6 squares. :) Keep an eye out for an updated pack map!

And Also...

Thank you all so much for being patient while we set up the website and the wiki! While things are mostly polished, if you see something that needs to be fixed, do not hesitate to alert leadership in Maintenance!

  • Have you checked out our awesome player owned adoptables? Spread the word with some adoptable pride in your signature, or add your own to the list! Feel free to contact leadership if you feel uncomfortable editing the wiki.
  • It's never too late to add your character's house claim or to add your character's personal animals to MV's Wiki! Once more, contact leadership should you require assistance
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