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Joiner for Trin/John; Raze and/or Ryan please <3

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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Your characters' precise species and species percentages: 62.75% dog, 37.25% coyote
Your desired Immunes rank(s), if known: Fera
Your characters' cNPC, if applicable: none
Your characters' animal NPCs, if applicable: Rosa (longhorn cattle mix)

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Trinidad exhaled slowly, a cloud of smoke dissipating in the air above him. The coydog took another drag from his crudely rolled blunt, holding his breath for a hot second to make the most of the cocktail of chemicals in his lungs. Behind him trailed Rosa, his ever faithful longhorn cow. The roan beast’s magnificent horns jangled with each step, adorned to the tips with various baubles for good luck. And lord, would they need it!

”Ey, chico!” Trinidad drawled lazily to his companion ”This is it!” The Casales drew his cow to a halt as the pungent scent of all things coyote, smoke, and fire hit his nostrils. Unlike the weak, fading scents of the clan back in the mainlands, these borders were familiar, fresh and strong. Almost too much so. ”Wonder who they’re tryna’ ward off with such a manly show of piss n’ shit!” The coydog remarked, allowing the blunt to fall from his fingers.

Which he stomped out - Trinidad wasn’t raised a complete heathen, that is. Despite the coydog’s drawling words, he was quite pleased that after such searching, he and John had finally found what they were looking for. For Trinidad, it was a place to settle down after months on the road, and for John, it was to be reunited with his brother. The Casales tilted back his head to release a rather doggish howl.

”You cool dude, you.” Trinidad spoke to himself as a pep talk of sorts. Who knew how the folks at Inferni would react to his return? They wouldn't throw a parade for him, that much was certain. During his first stay, it hadn't taken long for wanderlust to strike him again. But nonetheless, he was back, and here to stay. Hopefully for a bit longer than last time.

It wouldn’t be long until someone answered his call but for now….

”Might as well get comfortable while you can!” Trinidad remarked cheekily to John as he clambered aboard his cow, laying belly up astride Rosa’s back. Every bit as nonchalant as her owner, Rosa merely gave a twitch of her ear in response, quite accustomed to being used as a makeshift bed.

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Your characters' precise species and species percentages: 50% coyote, 50% red wolf
Your desired Immunes rank(s), if known: Mercatura
Your characters' cNPC, if applicable: none
Your characters' animal NPCs, if applicable: Sam & Sam & Sam (male and two female goats), Obstinado (Mule)

The Magnificent

Three fucking times he had crossed those god-forsaken mountains. Three. Fucking. Times. His brother better appreciate the fuck out of this, the motherfucker hadn't even bothered to send notice when their clan had move. How hard was it to be like, hey bro, we moved. Apparently too hard.

He sucked on his blunt and blew the smoke into the breeze. At least he had found Trinidad along the way, the male was chill and had the good stuff. They exchanged freely along the rest of their journey, and John lent Trin his knife because some bitch had mugged him or something. You never knew what was gonna pop out at you in the mountains. Fucking bears and shit like that.

He sniggered at Trinidad's comment - the smell of piss was rather overwhelming. The skulls on posts were also lovely bits of decoration. He blew out another smoke cloud and drawled,

"Maybe the wolves 'round here are extra spicy, like a bit of a rough and tumble, aye?" He laughed again and ran his free hand through his hair. Back on the homestead the divide between wolves and coyotes hadn't really been a.. thing. Mostly there were just traders wanting to get some tobacco, or bribe their way into his Ma's bed.

Trinidad called for someone's attention and John rooted about in his saddle bag, looking for the jerky that he'd stashed somewhere in one of the bags. He found it and chowed down whilst Trinidad got up onto his cow and laid down to nap.

His ears twisted as the goats started bleating again and he turned about to tell them to shut the fuck up. Sam was down though, vaguely concerned for the dumb creature he walked over and nudged it with his foot. The female goat bleated some more. He blinked.. there was something coming out of the back of her.

"Oh fuck me." He squatted down next to the doe, shoving away the buck that tried to playfully butt him with its horned head.

"Hey Trin, the goat's having a fucking baby." He'd not even known it was pregnant. Well shit, what timing.

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Accepting you now so we can carry on with shenanigans. ;)

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and weird fishes

When the stranger's call rose from the border, Redtooth was washing in the nearby river. He couldn't quite remember the last time he had taken a proper bath, but after the incident with the flowers and returning home a grimy mess, Redtooth was long past due for a good cleaning. First he thought to ignore the call and wait for someone else to answer, thinking that's not my job before realizing after a beat that this sort of thing indeed was a part of the job description.

Redtooth huffed and drew himself along the rocky riverbank. No longer having a horse, Redtooth was resigned to walk the distance. He shook himself dry and set a course toward the south.

It was usually Vicira's deal meeting strangers at the border, but Redtooth supposed it would be nice to give her a break every once in a while. Especially when it was kind of convenient (in the loosest sense imaginable).

Redtooth arrived to a chaotic scene; two men and a gaggle of livestock. And yet, all Redtooth noticed was a lanky coyote with a crop of thick black hair. He was looking at his mirror image and he couldn't believe his eyes. Awestruck, Redtooth stared on in disbelief. "J-John?" He stammered. Redtooth was sure he was staring down his own flesh and blood. "Holy fuckin' shit."

The goat went wholly unnoticed.

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Sometimes The Stranger had intended to simply wander from one part of the clan's new territory to another, one end to the other, slaking the growing need to move and stay away from people, a gnawing chasm of isolation that seemed apt at sustaining itself. Today, the man had been visiting what the locals called 'Ames De La Mort', and he... he found himself favoring this place for its youthful vibrancy.

The sun rested upon its peak now, shining down so gently, the clouds soft and gentle as they listlessly meandered. Sometimes the hybrid stopped and stared upwards, losing himself in the simple splendor of the skies, a wistful feeling overcoming him. Sometimes he could ignore the hunger pangs, or the worries in the back of his mind, or the tension that permeated in the clan recently...

I could lay down and sleep, sleep among the growth... let it cover me, for I am as lonely as a cloud in the sky-

Shaking his head, The Stranger huffed and blinked as he surely heard something, first it was a familiar cawing from behind, and secondly... yes, it was... a echoed greeting? Hadn't come from too far away - sounded... foreign, non-coyote... rather it seemed doggish?


It had come from the West... North-West? Not too far away, in fact, very close indeed, where-ever it was.

Reverie broken, the man realised he had already laid down while Maja hobbled about nearby, staring at her Luperci-companion worriedly. Oh no, all is fine, he'd sign to her lazily, rising up, dusting himself down and made the choice to investigate.

Walking-axe poked at the ground-cover lightly as he approached in a speedy fashion, parts of the Ames fading away to scrubland, but the occasional tree gave him just a little bit of concealment, just in case... and blocked his own line of sight too.

From a distance, he saw the river petering out and a haphazard gathering nearby; various animals small and large including two figures, one that seemed familiar, and one that seemed wholly foreign indeed, their voices giving the impression of confidence and calm, hrrm. Squinting lightly, Jhiral hummed and approached, trying to look as tall as one could, coming closer, entirely intending to try and greet visitors for once-

-Then he recognised Redtooth standing there with a strange fellow on a big beast. Strange. Then he saw Redtooth again, emerging from out of sight and swearing about something.

Stopping, The Stranger soundlessly blinked, considering himself, and whether or not his medication had afflicted the waking hours again with something as surreal as this. Blinking changed nothing, and frowning had the same result. Maja hopping after him with a shrill grumble reminded him to let his breath out and perhaps call for somebody suitably responsible. Yes, that would do...

Resting upon the walking-axe, Jhiral fiddled with his facial-wrappings, freed his muzzle and let out a discordant, broken call that sounded out over the soft hills, a summons for more backup as it were, in the eventuality that his eyes were deceiving him once-more, a urge of caution in the strangeness of the situation before he'd cover his face up and advance slowly, sniffing and perking his ears, detecting a mixture of species both Luperci and rather not - 'muffled' as it was to his less-than-perceptive nose.

Odd bleating elicited curiousity while the man came closer, peering and wondering why -

"Gooat!" Came the avian call, as the large female suddenly hopped up and took flight, effortlessly closing the gap to circle the gathered nearby, fluttering to and fro, she'd spin for the sake of it, getting a better view of the matter. "Lil' goat! Butt goat!" A raven's helpful cawing aside, perhaps the man could offer help somehow, he had taken his doctor's bag with him.

Gods no - Maja, behave. He wordlessly sighed, tapping his walking-axe and tilting his head, feeling unsure now, glancing to the two Redtooths - yes, two Redtooths, before simply staring at them, dumbstruck, frozen between merely standing and gazing, and holding up a hand in greetings. His chest grew tight as a gnawing sense of something prodded his currently-lucid brain.

(Arriving, calling for a responsible adult, and Maja helpfully announcing the apparent.)
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”Nah, I don’t think so.” Trinidad mused outloud, although he didn’t bother to prop himself up to a seated position upon Rosa’s back. ”The wolves back in th’ Ismuth left us alone well enough.” Well, until the Salsolans came. Besides, in the Eastern Realms, the pair and their beasts had not come across a single Luperci. Then again, perhaps that was the point. From the tales the dark furred loner had spun, the Casales reckoned that the clan was not quite keen enough yet to delve into another spat with the Thistle Kingdom.

And, hell, it seemed like Vesper had taken her coyotes to the edge of the world to avoid anymore bloodshed.

Trinidad tuned out the rest of John’s words as a fog of sleep descended upon him. The coydog found his chin dipping into his chest, slowly nodding away as the WInthrop’s voice served as white noise. It wasn’t until the sharp call of ”Trin” that jolted him back to the present did the Casales move...only to fall in an ungraceful heap at the feet of his cow.

Hijo de puta!” Trinidad swore as he spat out dirt, rounding on John ”The hell was that for?!” Then Trinidad found that, upon his return to the waking world, he was being greeted by a scene of chaos. John was crouching besides one of his nanny goats, watching as something came sliding out of her butt.

Well, Mierda.

”Shit, hombre, I told ya she was looking fat!” Trinidad exclaimed as he joined John to watch, although he had, in fact, said no such thing during their travels together. If a goat birth was anything like what he’d witnessed on the ranch with his family’s cows, there wasn’t much to do but wait and watch. There would be no telling the nanny goat to shove her baby back up where it came from, and to cross her legs until they got accepted into the clan. ”Miracle of life, eh?” Trinidad ribbed as he nudged John, barely holding back a bout of raucous laughter.

Neither man had noticed when their call had been answered by a rather gawky looking fellow. Trinidad’s eyes flickered up as Redtooth stared down at John, speaking his name. ”Well, shit!” Trinidad called out, standing up to greet the fellow ”If you know John, you must be that Redtooth!” The Casales beamed, proud that he was able to connect the dots himself. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the pair’s green eyes, Trinidad would not have noticed any resemblance. Guess John got all the good looks in the family.

”Name’s Trinidad, and I’ve come to return to Inferni!” the Casales announced lavishly as he strutted up to the borders, abandoning his travel companion and the laboring goat. ”And this cabron over here is John.” Trinidad jutted his thumb back, for a moment forgetting that the Winthrops needed no introductions.

Another figure emerged from the treelines, accompanied by a rather obnoxious bird. Yet another Inferni member he didn’t recognize. And this time, Trinidad was sure that he would remember folk dressed head to toe in bandages with a screeching rat upon their shoulder. ”You know anything about goat births?” The Casales asked bluntly, not caring enough to reintroduce himself to the odd smelling fellow.

”And where the hell is Vesper?”

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