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POSTED: Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:17 am

This place was weird, and Rami was already uncertain as to whether he liked it here. First, it was cold. He had on so many layers and he was really missing the heat of the desert. Sure, it got cold there at night, but this was a different sort of cold. There was also white stuff on the ground, which he had been informed was snow. He didn't like that either.

At least the trees were pretty here, or at least, the ones that didn't look dead were. There were some strange ones as well that looked like they might be young trees, though they looked quite different from many of the ones around them. Maybe that was just how the trees were here.

Rami pulled his cloak tighter around himself and sighed, watching the puff of air that formed in front of his face. Maybe if he made big, sad eyes at someone, he would get more clothes and be able to warm up a little more. That would be nice. Too bad this Freetown place was no longer a bustling trade area; that was something that they left behind in Portland. Rami wished he had thought about this before heading out to catch up with his adoptive brothers.

"Maybe there's some stuff here we can scavenge," Rami said to Tarik, nudging a board with his foot. There was a rumbling, cracking sound and he let out a squeaky yelp as the wall he was looking at crumbled in front of him into a pile of rubble. He stood still with wide eyes and then slowly looked around while backing away, hoping that no one had seen or heard that.

POSTED: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:31 am

The contrast between what Rami considered cold and what Yuka considered stifling hot was comical.

Where he was shivering and unable to keep warm, her double-insulated coat seemed to be too much for her, not to mention the humidity. It wasn't just the change in temperature here, the very air was different. The North was known for its dry air which made bare skin flaky and white - but that also meant if one was dressed properly for the cold they were safe. This kind of cold, as Yuka would come to find next winter, was the kind that seeped right through your fur and made it impossible for most to keep warm. Still, she was quite comfortable in -40 C and used to summers that hovered around what the current temperature was. Her body was reacting already, tufts of fur bulking up beneath her guard hairs ready to be scratched and pulled loose. Soon she'd look a disheveled mess.

As for the trees? Well, they still creeped Yuka out so she was doing her best to avoid getting too close to the untrustworthy giants. That's why she was in the town where the trees were kept at bay, looking around for things she could take and trade, maybe make some connections somewhere along the way. When she heard the impending rustle and then crash of old wood on wood her amber eyes snapped towards the sound, and she spotted Yami. Curious, her lithe Lupus form started towards the man and his companion, her body language giving off a flighty, almost skittish air.

"Hey, you there - what are you doing?"

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POSTED: Tue May 01, 2018 1:03 am

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Right, okay, it was just a wall and it probably hadn’t belonged to anyone. Really, who would own such a crumbly wall anyway? If they did, they now owned a fabulous pile of rubble. It was lovely, really. Rami was just about to poke a particularly wonderful piece with a toe when an unfamiliar voice caused him to jump.

“Nothing!” Rami squeaked and automatically took a step away from the perhaps not so lovely pile of rubble. What if it was her former wall? Oh that would be bad. Very, very bad. With slender fingers, Rami pulled his cloak tighter while turning wide eyes to the new canine as she approached. “If this was yours, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to knock it down. It just fell over. Really I think the next strong breeze was just going to take it down anyway.” He was rambling, but sometimes it helped. It was t even an act, really. He just did that sometimes when he was nervous and Rami thought he had plenty of reason to be nervous right now.

“Uh, I’m Rami, by the way,” he added, shifting from one paw to the other. “If this is yours, we can just move along.” Rami didn’t want to deal with any trouble.

POSTED: Mon May 14, 2018 4:57 pm

Yuka’s eyes were studying that pile of rubble and thinking of all the things she could carve that into! It wasn’t sandstone or soapstone, nothing pretty or glamourous that she’d carved from before, but she could certainly pick through the pieces and find things to make use out of. She came forward, trying so, so hard not to giggle at the squeaky voice the male turned around with, looking to her like he’d stolen the cookies from her jar.

“No no! It isn’t mine, it’s…it’s okay, really!” she said, laughing softly. He seemed so panicked she couldn’t help it.

“If anything you’ve helped me out. I’ve been looking for pieces of rock for carvings anyhow, you just…sped up the process a little.” There was an easy smile on her face as she crept forward again, picking up a few select pieces and tucking them into a bag she’d slung around her back. The ease with which she did this with her mouth was fluid, well-practiced.

“I’m Yuka,” she said, looking him up and down before she glanced to his companions. “You don’t need to leave, honestly I’d rather you didn’t… I haven’t talked to anyone else in days, really. What’re you guys doing out here?”


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POSTED: Thu May 31, 2018 11:13 pm

"Oh, okay!" Rami silently admitted that he was relieved that this female didn't live here. It was nearly a pile of rubble anyway before he turned it into an actual pile of rubble, and he would have felt bad for her if this was the state of her home prior to his klutzy actions.

He almost suggested that he help her out more, and his foot stretched out slightly to nudge the pile before he thought better of it. It probably wouldn't be as funny as it was in his head, but he filed away the knowledge that this female carved things from rocks for later.

"Well, we just arrived recently in Portland and now we're looking for our family who arrived before us and headed up this way." They may not be related by blood, but they were still his family. Rami wasn't certain how much to say about them. He doubted that Yuka had seen them. That would likely be too much of a coincidence.

"Is it always so dang cold here?" He asked. Maybe it got hot at some point and he wouldn't feel like he wanted to add five more layers of clothes. He didn't even have five more layers of clothes to add! He'd have to steal-- borrow them from someone. That someone likely being Tarik. Or maybe he could just get Tarik to cuddle later.

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