[NEWS] June 2018

POSTED: Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:04 pm

News & Updates

The sun is finally out! All the flowers are dying though?? At least the big ones are.

Loner Groups

After a few-month-long trial period, we've decided that loner groups are here to stay! :) Why not grab a few loner friends and make something new?

Horse Weight Limitations

Due to the influx of horses over the past few years, we'd like to remind players about realistic rider weight when riding horses! Characters over 215lbs would likely need an extra large horse - like a draft horse - to carry their weight, and characters over 250lbs would likely need to forgo horses entirely.

In general, a horse can only carry about 20% of its own weight before suffering health consequences; and don't forget their tack, which can add up to an extra 30lbs!

Keep an eye out on the RP Guide for more detailed information on this soon!

SoSuWriMo Avatars

The avatar prizes for SoSuWriMo have been completed - check them out! :)

Spotlights for May 2018

Spotlight Soul

This month's Spotlight Soul is Julia (Dread)! A seemingly sweet and innocent young deaf woman, Julia has become thoroughly involved in the Court, and is eager to help her packmates out despite communication issues. However, beyond the Court, she harbors a dark secret that is bound to eventually come to light, and we're all eagerly awaiting to see what becomes of this intriguing character next!

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul this month.

Soldier of Love

The 'Souls Soldier of Love is... Mandi! Woah! Can anyone beat this voting tycoon?!

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