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Wait...what?! Did I read that right?! Yes. Yes, you did, unfortunately. Please, take a seat -- help yourself to a drink in true Sapien fashion -- for this lengthy sit-down we're about to have.

Nearly four years after its initial founding in October 2014, Sapient will be seeing its end. It is a decision made with heavy hearts and one long prolonged with stubborn minds. We are sorry to do this, but, it is time. It has been fun, it has been a blast, and it has been crazy at this frat-house of a pack of ours, and we enjoyed the company we shared with each and every one of you all. Like the college metaphor we are often compared with though, everybody grows and moves on with their lives, and it is time that we all graduated and gone on to the next chapter.

Sapient will be officially disbanding on July 31st.

We apologize, this Newspost is rather lengthy, but, please be sure you read everything over!

The Skimmy

Things have been quiet lately within Sapient...perhaps, a little too quiet. There have been no major conflicts, no crazy pranks and dares posted around the Estate, no mysterious illnesses, no giant stars falling from the sky, no miserable weather to make a muck of things. Things have been, generally, peaceful, but such an adjective has never been a synonym of Sapient, at least, not for very long.

Children of resident hoarder, Tierney, decide that enough is enough when they stumble across their mother's mess of a room. They perform an intervention, and eventually agree to the hasty decision to take their mother with them down to the pack’s Portland location, the University of New England, in an attempt to stop her from undermining their efforts to get rid of the piles and piles of various items that she has collected in secret in her room.

Her belongings -- collected, pilfered, and bartered from all around -- are free to whoever happens upon them. In the midst of this clean up though, something peculiar -- a letter -- is dislodged from its long-forgotten resting place of many months.

The yellowed, crinkled-edged, dirt-spotted letter is picked up by an individual, and a ball is set in motion.

    • July 1st: Tierney, Ruari, and Kadir leave for Portland, leaving the pack to clear out Tierney's rat's nest of a room.
    • July 15th: Master Blacksmith Leonardo's body is found in his shop by his apprentice, Nieve, who hails for Asura. Leonardo's cause of death: strangulation. Along with his body though, they find a strange letter stashed in the pocket of his pants... Reading it, they discover the truth of the Dark Horse Conflict and Sagax Nivosus' involvement in it.
      • PACK THREAD: Driven by the traitorous words in the letter, Asura howls for an unexpected pack meeting where discussions are made about what she and Nieve have found.
      • When their leader, Nivosus, joins the meeting late, he is imprisoned for his supposed acts, and the pack is left to debate on what they should do with the Sagax given this new information.
    • July 16th: (PACK THREAD) The pack reconvenes and the conclusion is made; Nivosus Moineau will be forcibly removed from his station for his accused crimes against the pack: 1) through selfish action, killing packmate, Diarmid, and then deceiving the pack thereafter, 2) for being the -- now -- prime suspect for the more recent and unexplained deaths of Miwa, Marne, and now Leonardo, and 3) his constant alcoholism and overall absenteeism (due to, often, being inebriated) in the pack's times of need during conflict.
      • Upon going to retrieve their condemned leader though, they find Nivosus gone, having escaped, and any faith in the possibility of his innocence is shaken with his absence.
    • July 17th - 30th: (DISBANDMENT) Without a leader and with many no longer trusting the foundation that the pack had been built upon, the pack slowly disperses. Some go to Portland to seek the pack's Sagire, Ardoise, there. Others, linger, others move on.
    • July 31st: The pack is officially disbanded.

How this effects your Sapien

University of New England Outpost members:
Members of the Portland location will ICly receive word of the pack's disbandment a couple of weeks afterwards. It takes time for information to travel, even if members of the main pack were to make a direct trip down to the University of New England. Once they receive word, the location will, for all intensive purposes, dissolve and disband just as the main pack had. Any members currently there now will be assumed to have scattered for one reason or another.

Current members:
There will be two pack meetings, neither of which will be mandatory, however, it will be expected/assumed that most of Sapient's membership will be there due to the subject matter. As for the rest of the plot, it's really up to you all in what you do or don't do with your Sapiens. Below, we have provided a few Thread Prompts for some ideas if you want to be more involved with this disbandment plot. There will be no extra bonuses for doing these, only fun and character development for yourselves!

    Fun Thread Prompts:
  • "You go to help with cleaning up Tierney's room, and, oh my god, how can someone live like this?! Help throw out the "trash," maybe keep a thing or two that you like! Maybe sift through an-- wait a minute! Didn't you lose this thing some time ago?! How long as this crazy warrior woman been at this anyway?!"
  • "After the initial meeting called by Asura, you're left to your thoughts. This was...not what you had expected...or, maybe you had all along? Discuss with a packmate on what you think about the startling information revealed at the meeting, maybe talk about what it might mean for the pack."
  • "The Sagax is gone, conveniently, when shit hit the fan. Try to track him down."
  • "It's over...Sapient is without its leader, and the higher ranks have shown no desire to pick up the pieces. A few of your packmates have packed their things and left for greener pastures. Do you stay? Do you go? What happens...now?"

What this means for you

Be sure that you collect all of your Game Points and claim them to our Maintenance Thread if you have any desire to keep them or transfer them to your new home post-Sapient disbandment. Alternatively, check out our later section regarding Game Points for an Icon if you'd rather not go through the headache! If you decide to have your character remain as a Loner, it is your responsibility to keep track of your points for if/whenever you do join a new pack. Keep in mind though! Some packs have time limits on Game Point transfers! Please be aware of these so that you don't lose all of your hard work!

You will not be able to collect SP Game Points on posts made after our official disbandment date, July 31st. All Game Points on posts made after this date and those that are not claimed before July 31st will be forfeit (unable to be claimed) by our pack's Game Point system.

Be sure to copy for your records any personal Adoptable or other information you may have our Wiki page(s). Some of the wiki pages may be changed as the territories are reclaimed by the forum, as well, we don't want your personally-owned animal NPC information lost when we do our post-disbandment clean up!

Start browsing the market for where you'll want your Sapien to go next! There are plenty of good packs from which to choose from that would likely take any one of you amongst their number. Make plans, maybe backdate some plots or get some underway that will make your transition from Sapient's disbandment to your new home that much easier. Just be sure to plan around accordingly if you plan to participate in Sapient's disbandment plot!

Communal Animal Claims

    With the pack disbanding, Sapient will have no use for our communal animals any longer. Rather than be irresponsible and cruel and leave them to fend for themselves in the great wilds of Nova Scotia, we will be allowing active Sapient characters to claim at least one horse, should you desire a mount for your Sapien to own and ride off into the sunset with. These will be given at on a first come, first serve basis.

    If there is a large interest in the other animals, we may limit the claim per character/player. Any communal animals not claimed by Sapient membership will be given to our allies, Krokar.

Game Points for Icon

    Is collecting your final Game Points too much of a hassle? Never fear! Like many disbanding packs have done in recent times, we, too, will be offering a permanent icon that Sapient members can claim for mementos to keep on their Sapient character's profiles.

    If you have an aNPC, you may cash in your points if you have any. Unless you have notated Game Point claims on our rank table and can buy the icons with your cumulative points outright to be added across multiple characters, these "free" icons are per player. You are free to make the hovers whatever you like -- within reason, of course.

    You may choose between any of the seven choices below:

    Unfortunately, we can't just give these out for free! You may choose one of two options:

    • 1) Trade in ALL of your current Game Points in exchange for one of the icons no later than July 31st. Note! Once you do this, you cannot collect any more Game Points from Sapient's pack game!
    • 2) Keep your Game Points and buy the icon outright.

    If you would like to cash in your Game Points for an icon, please reply to this thread and we will have the icon added and Game Point scores adjusted accordingly!


And it is from here that we part, Sapiens. Our Discord server will be closed down in the coming weeks, but that doesn't mean we will lose contact with one another or the memories that we had there, on AIM, on the forum, or through our plots. We had fun while it lasted, and hope that you all had fun with us too.

Go forth and prosper and start anew! Party eternal, wine-red and chrome~!

-- Your Leadership

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POSTED: Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:47 pm

Animal Claims

Note with Claiming

As stated in our Newspost above, these are for currently active members of Sapient! You are allowed to claim one horse per player, should you desire one. Be sure to reply to this thread of which animal(s) you'd like to take and make your own.

Any animals that you do not see here are not for claiming.

    Communal Horses
    • Kebira (Mare) - CLAIMED! Moon Moon Damaichu
    • Viola (Mare) -
    • Soot (Colt/Stallion) - CLAIMED! Hibiki
    • Agatha (Mare) - CLAIMED! Nieve Ortega
    • Cresum (Mare) + Foal (Undetermined gender) - CLAIMED! Shaamah
    • Pickle (Mare) -
    • Filch (Mare) + Foal (Undetermined gender) -
    • Hex (Mare) + Foal (Undetermined gender) - CLAIMED! Mads Ibsen
    • Pyro (Mare) -
    • Acuizar (Mare) -
    • Banshee (Mare) -
    • Domino (Mare) - CLAIMED! Tzila Napier
    • Snicker (Mare) -
    • Talon (Filly/Mare) -
    • Cinder (Filly/Mare) -
    • Orange/no-name (Stallion) -

    • Prescilla (Doe) - CLAIMED! Moon Moon Damaichu
    • Alphonso (Buck) - CLAIMED! Shaamah
    • Princess (Doe) (pregnant with geep) - CLAIMED! Mads Ibsen

    • Tsinka (Cow) -
    • Calf/no-name (1 yr old Calf / Undefined gender) -
    • Marlowe (Bull) -

    Sheep (MS link)
    • Older Ewe/no-name1 (Ewe) -
    • Older Ewe/no-name2 (Ewe) -
    • Younger Ewe/no-name1 (Ewe) -
    • Younger Ewe/no-name2 (Ewe) -
    • Younger Ram/no-name (Ram) -
    • Lamb/no-name2 (Lamb/Ewe) -
    • Lamb/no-name2 (Lamb/Ram) -

    • Chickens (MS link)
      • 5 Roosters -
      • 35 30 Hens -
          5 - Shaamah
      • 17 Chicks -

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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:08 am

:( :( :(

I’d like to claim Agatha for Nieve, please.

:( :(

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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:35 am

Can Shaamah claim Alphonso?
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Luperci Spring Spree 2020
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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:12 am

Can Moon take Kebira? Seeing as Emmett isn't on the list. Still trying to get my paws on him. ;)

And Prescilla the Goat, please. She will likely take and trade her.
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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:28 am

Also, Can Shaamah take Cresum?? (Noticed members can take one horse plus one animal, so I'd like to have her too, if I can. <3)
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Luperci Spring Spree 2020
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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:35 am

Can I snag Hex for Mads? As well as Princess the goat? <3

Can I grab the globe icon for Mads with the hover over;
"CPH -> ???"

Trading in 255 points!

ty guys <3
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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:08 am

Seems so many wonderful packs are disbanding. Thank you to Kitty and Songbird, and others, whom have put so much time and effort into this amazing pack.

I would like to claim Soot for Hibiki if I could please. I will have to check my points when I get home (whether that be cashing them all in or buying out right) but I would like to claim either the SP icon, gem, or silver feather (I will let leadership pick and I may regret this... but Kitty give me some hilarious but memorable SP hover?)

New Caledonia
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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:55 am

Since Rowtag is still deathly afraid of horses, he'll leave the available ones for his packmates to claim ;)

But I'll cash in all the game points I have for that lovely red SP jewel icon! And I'm going to follow Salena's footsteps in letting Kitty choose a memorable title for the icon. Because, why not

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POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:01 pm

ALRIGHTY, after my points in Maint have been added, I'd like to purchase an icon! I am not exchanging all points and have a transfer request pending as well!

Characters: Shaamah
Prize: Pre-made SP icon - SP Jewel/Original Top Poster
Hover: Knowledge is Immortal
Placement: Luperci icon, Ruby icon, Paw icon - In that order, please. <3
Points: 300
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