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Her and Bardi went far.

There was something in the Court that had her insides rumbling – a vibration that had her on edge no matter how often she wandered the packs borders or inspected the space beneath her creaky bed. Solomon worked with the horses in his silent way – but he did not make friends as she had expected him too. He was too quiet, too morose, a quality that had followed him all the way from Onuba.

She wondered sometimes if he didn’t belong here – but she didn’t have the heart to tell him.

Solomon loved her and that was all that mattered. She had watched him protect her for her entire life, stand up for her against Mother, against Lucian. Odalis had done everything in her power to soften the man out, to buff his edges and have him come into his own... but somehow still he had managed to surround himself by stormclouds.

The dark horse dropped its head to graze as she leaned back in the saddle, propping her hands against his wide flanks.

It was so quiet out here, so peaceful. Here she didn't think of the coyote boys that paraded sneakily through her thoughts, nor the oily Tenebriso man that had followed her all the way from Onuba. Odalis swayed atop Bardi as he adjusted his weight, leaning to pick at tender shoots of fresh grass.

There was no construction, no creaking building, no crying children to wake her from nearby wind-whipped rooms. The pendant nestled against her throat gleamed as she tossed back her head, the rich auburn of her curls catching at the waning sunlight.

She thought of the poppies that Neith - no, Rust - had sketched in his book and compared them to the blood-red sun that began to drop behind the Halcyon. She pulled a cigarette from her saddlebag and lit it so that the ember burned bright between her hands, and she held the smoke for a long moment in her lungs before allowing it to billow dreamily from the corners of her lips.

She smiled softly, "Look at that Bardi," everything was silent and pristine, "It's beautiful."

Odalis is getting sentimental as the sun sets and will soon be making camp! Want to join her? She's headed North :>

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Suniva was restless.

She had, a few days prior, visited what she was fairly certain had been her great-grandmother’s once home. Even being fire-ravaged, the area had fit the description. The lake hadn’t returned full force to its original state, but had resuscitated itself just enough to begin to create just a bit of the mist to which the stories said Rashmi had referred. It had been... disappointing. She had left her home expecting some mystical dreamland of the past, befitting the tales of her recent ancestor, who had one day appeared, heavily pregnant and speaking in riddles, and then disappeared as suddenly once she had given birth to Suniva’s grandmother. What she had found had been emptiness. The former territory had been devoid not only of wolves - which did not in and of itself surprise her, considering the state of the place - and answers, but also of any real life at all to speak of, save for what stubborn greenery was slowly retaking its rightful place.

The silver wolf had thought to return home. She might as well; this land was full of strangers who might not welcome one from so far, even in their neutral lands. There was nothing for her here. And so she had started back west, returning on the same path which she had arrived, but found herself traveling more and more slowly, her path a bit more erratic, as she neared leaving the peninsula. What, really, did home have for her, either? The idea of facing her mother again sank like a stone into her lower belly.

As the petite female ventured into the mainland, she drifted a bit northward, instead of west and to the south. She would return home, of course - where else was there, really, for her? But maybe she would take her time. Her family, after all, had no idea how far away their ancestral lands really were. She had a few months before cold weather really set in and made travel impractical. Her yellow eyes turned westward - the sun was setting, anyway, and she should be making camp soon. She could sleep on it and come to a decision in the morning light.

As she began to cast about for an appropriate campsite, she caught the astringent scent of burning tobacco. Curious - it was a scent she recognized, but had rarely actually encountered, as tobacco was exceedingly rare back home - she picked her way through the undergrowth until she spied an auburn-maned female astride a massive, dark beast. Horses were something Suniva had heard of, but had not ever actually encountered, not ever having actually left the place of her birth before she’d set out east on this dispiriting pilgrimage. Her eyes widening slightly, her lips parted in a quiet gasp. What a beautiful animal!

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She stared at the sunset for so long that she felt the edge of her eyes begin to water, the perfect azure blue shiny against the pastel sky. The fluffy wisps of cloud reminded her of stories that her mother would tell of Edgar a grandfather that was as much a ghost as he was a legend. A man who had died much earlier than the beginning of her futile life – a masterful sailor with a scruffy beard and eyes that matched her own.

It was all she knew – but she liked to think she had inherited her love of adventure from him.

The ocean swayed far below, and the Onuban considered the rhythmic lull of the water on the air for a moment before turning to Bardi. The large horse was bobbing his head against his reigns, his long ears twitching as he waited for Odalis to make her decision. The woman pulled him round but paused as the horse straightened suddenly – blowing air sharply through his nostrils.

The wolf that emerged from the trees was a pretty shade of grey, her expression wide and easily readable. The horse stamped his feet for a moment before Odalis calmed him, her pale hand patting his neck as he stared at the stranger.

Odalis smiled easily, ”Oh! Thank you!” She took a step towards the woman and wagged her silky tail, ”He is a good horse.”

The black smudge on her nose reminded her of someone and she tapped her chin thoughtfully, "What are you doing out here?"

Weeeee! Thank you for joining!

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:D <3

Suniva was, undeniably, a little awestruck. The sable animal was massive, especially compared to her petite frame. She had known, obviously, that in theory, horses were big enough to carry almost all but the largest Luperci, but she hadn't grasped just how large an animal would have to actually be in order to manage that. The top of her head barely came above the thing's shoulder. She took a step back and smiled nervously as the animal huffed and stamped his feet – she had no desire to be on the wrong end of a startled beast that was who even knew how many times her size. He was quick, however, to calm under the gentle, copper-tinted hand of his rider. She took no further steps, but thought she might not come any closer just for now, either. The pale female marveled at the skill it must take to tame an animal who could, by all rights, just decide it didn't want to and take off and there would be little its handler could do about it. What a bond there must be between a horse and its rider, she thought. How amazing it would be to have something like that.

Her face broke into a warm, open smile at the other female's words, and she returned the tail wag in kind. This was the second canine she'd met so far who had greeted her warmly. Perhaps the denizens of this land were more welcoming than she had assumed they might be. In her happiness, her uncharacteristic reticence was broken and she fell into her trademark chatter. He is amazing, she agreed. And so big! What is he called? How do you get him to do as you ask? Certainly not by force, he seems to trust you so much, and if he didn't want to it doesn't seem you could just make him, not an animal of that size, surely. Does it take terribly long to get him to let you ride him? Suniva's fingers itched to touch the steed – his muzzle looked as though it would be wonderfully velvety – but she still was unsure that she needed to draw any closer than she already was. She was, with some relief, distracted from the urge by the apricot female's question. Oh! I'm sorry! My name is Suniva. I'm actually on my way back home. Well, kind of. I was back that way – she motioned east with her head – looking for – well, I'm not sure what I was looking for, really. I didn't find it, though. At least, I don't think I found it. I had family around here -- well, back the way I just came -- a long time ago. She's not here anymore, not that I expected her to be. It really was quite a long time ago, before I was ever born. No one is there at all, now. But there didn't seem to be much reason to linger, so I figured I'd head on. It's a bit of a trek. She tilted her head in thought. It would be a lot shorter on the back of a horse, though, probably. If one were brave enough to manage that!

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When the girl spoke it was as if a waterfall cascaded from her lips. Words upon words upon words, and Odalis listened carefully – cataloguing away the dark wolfs history so that she could better understand. ”Oh wow-“ She started with a careful laugh, ”You have a lot of questions.” Bardi was twitching his ears, chewing a patch of grass that still hung awkwardly from his pale lips.

”Where I come from horses like this are quite common – though many of them are considerably more beautiful.” She thought of the Andalusians her Mother and Grandmother had bred and smiled to herself. There were different animals here in Nova Scotia, but every once in awhile she would see something just as beautiful as the mounts in Onuba. Solomon had even managed to bring one of them with him - the silvery Bruma a creature that appeared to be made of mist and low hanging fog.

"His name is Bardi, and I am Odalis." She canted her head, "Honestly I am not sure - I am lucky that he was given to me already trained for a basic rider like myself." She smiled, "My brother trains horses - he would be much better suited to answer your questions." Bardi nudged her shoulder and she stroked his nose, inspecting the girl as she crept closer, her eyes wide and curious.

"Are you out here by yourself?"

Thank you for being so patient! <3

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No worries! <33 Thank you for yours XD

Suniva flicked her ears back briefly and smiled sheepishly at the lady's remark. Sorry, she said with a bit of a giggle. I know I do go on. She knew she could border on insufferable with her chatter, but it really was almost involuntary. It was as though there were a direct line from her brain to her mouth and hardly any filter in between. She'd always been that way; as a puppy, she had been a constant annoyance to anyone within earshot with incessant questions about everything in sight. Except her mother – she had learned at a very tender age exactly how short her mother's patience was. There were nights she went to sleep without dinner as she'd spent the day literally biting her tongue and was too sore to eat, the consequences of her self inflicted pain much less dire than those of falling on the wrong side of her mother's temper.

Well, I find that hard to believe! She laughed and took an unconscious step forward, becoming, as time passed, a little more comfortable in the steed's presence. An animal more beautiful than he is must be quite a sight to behold, considering. The gray female cocked her head thoughtfully as the hybrid before her, who introduced herself as Odalis, gave credit for training the horse to her brother. Perhaps I will meet your brother someday, then, and he can tell me all about his horses. I have found that people are much more willing to suffer through my company when it's their passion I'm asking about! She laughed again, poking at herself.

She nodded to Odalis' last query. I am. Not many from back home thought the journey I'm taking worthwhile. Not many likely to want to spend days at a time with me, either, she thought with amusement. She quirked a half smile. It's been... quiet, she chuckled.

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