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POSTED: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:06 am

O Come, All Ye Salsolans

➤ Yuletide in the Queen's realm

Year I in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis, l̵͍̏o̸̜̕n̴̦̉g̷̼̑ ̵̺̾m̵̰̕a̶̦͆y̷̤͘ ̶̣͐s̷̘͋h̴̪͆ë̸̠́ ̷̣̉r̶̪̆e̴̬͠i̸͎͝g̵̢̅n̴͙͆

It is a halfmoon since the first snow fell.

Now the white has great regularity. It stretches inland from the coast, brighter than the eye can truly understand. In places the drifts are deep enough to submerge a man whole, though the season is yet young. Eve after eve, it continues to fall. When the moon is at her zenith, the air becomes cold enough to sear the lungs, to confuse the limbs like fire. Icicles droop from eaves and awnings. The livestock have become big shaggy things, thick of hair and slow of movement, shuffling through the powder with the ponderous energy of those resigned to a long winter.

The kingdom enjoyed a late autumn harvest, but that which was not cured or salted for storage has now been consumed. It is a time for hunters, who search the brilliant white for the tracks of their prey, relentless and resilient. Each home has a hearth with glowing coals to stave off the lingering chill. Those unaccustomed by blood and line to the frigid north bundle up in many layers of coarse wool and fur, their skin pink and blood blue where the cold seeps in.

It is a hard time, but not impossibly slow. Salsola accepts the challenge of this season with the same ambitious brevity as all such challenges. They have, after all, weathered worse.

And they have, after all, worse yet to come.

➤ Portland Expedition

As the true winter snows begin to build heavy, impassable drifts that hamper travel between the peninsula and the mainland, a final delegation of Salsolans have been assigned to brave the difficult journey to the Outpost to conduct the last of the year's trading at the Portland docks. This is routine for the Thistle Kingdom, as a heavily-guarded caravan has been sent early-winter for every season in recent memory. The individuals chosen are well-prepared for their task, laden with heavy winter supplies and the last of the late-harvest goods.

Leaving December 10th and returning on December 28th, the Salsolan party will be staying for approximately six full days in Portland. If you'd like your character to join the expedition, please let us know by replying to this post.

OOC Note: It is standard practice for the Leadership to offload longterm aNPC characters to the Fort Preble Outpost to free up room in our on-board ranks. If you are the owner of one of the below-mentioned characters and do not wish to see them moved off-board, please contact us as soon as possible.

Current members attending the trade voyage are:

  • Jacquard Lefevre
  • Trident Collins
  • Duncan de le Poer
  • June Belgrave
  • Sari Belgrave
  • PepsiCola
  • Helena Troy Lykoi - caravan leader
  • Andrew
  • Emmett de le Poer
  • Cleome Valentine
  • Scorpius D'Angelo
  • Vesta
  • Serene Eternity
  • Sidious Eternity
  • Senua D'Angelo
  • Velimir Voronin
  • Igor Kotovo

➤ Winter Solstice

As the nights grow longer and the moon brighter, the coven prepares itself. Icy breath pours down from the Halcyon peaks, setting the Blackwoods alight with little crystal flames; They sparkle in the limbs of the ancient pines like small treasures, and sometimes drop unexpectedly with enough force to kill a man dead.

It is not the first year the icicles have grown so early, but certainly their size and clarity is remarkable. As with most things, the witches of Salsola look to nature for the signs they need to pursue their Crafts. Heralding the approach of the Longest Night, they prepare in each their own unique way, contemplating uncountable faceless gods or preaching to the spirits who grow restless in the dark.

On December 21st the solstice arrives, and with it a most portentous sign; Witnesses describe seeing tiny specks of snow falling in perfect prismatic shapes, like stars descending from the heavens. These snowflakes are no larger than a finger's breadth, but they are intricate and unlike anything else, most certainly the work of some benevolent creator. The witches make of this what they will, but determined to steer the narrative of the discovery in a way that best suits her, Elphaba calls upon them as darkness falls to gather in ceremony.

You will be notified of this non-mandatory all-welcome thread as soon as it is posted - a link and update will be posted in the Salsolan Discord ❅

➤ Salsolan Secret Santa (S3)

To honor the passage of another successful year, Salsola will be continuing a proper tradition - the yuletide gift exchange! Much like the board-wide exchange generally run this time of year, members sign up to give and receive gifts - Very unlike the board-wide exchange, however, the gifts will be In Character rather than graphical.

As Luperci have no idea who the heck Santa is, the coven and those likewise associated are more likely to use the old archaic term yuletide IC to describe this event and the general time of generosity and cheer!

How Does it Work?

Salsolan members sign up for this event by filling out the form below. When sign-ups end, the leadership pairs each participant anonymously with an unknowing giftee. Participants should then post their gift and IC delivery proposal in the drop-off topic!


  • You're required to reciprocate: you'll be receiving a gift, so you should be providing a gift.
  • You do not need to engage in an actual played-out thread for this exchange. It's primarily for fun and to encourage closeness/interaction/fun between Salsola members! You are welcome to keep your participation in the contest as OOC planning if you wish. It's up to you and your partners (person you are giving a gift to, and person you are receiving a gift from) to decide.
  • Please make sure your gift suggestions and your actual gift are reasonable and realistic. It is not very realistic or reasonable to request a trained Asian elephant, for example. c;
  • When delivering your gift, please reply to the drop-off thread with a description. Try to be comprehensive when describing the item.
  • You must include at least: a pixel icon OR a non-copyrighted photo reference OR a drawn image of your gift AND/OR a 100 word description! See the 'Souls Resources Page for places you can obtain non-copyrighted images. If you have any questions about whether your image or description are acceptable, please contact the SL Leadership.
  • December 13th: Sign-ups end
  • December 15th: Assignments given via PM!
  • December 16th: Drop-off thread will be created, and a link will be added to this post. IC threads must be started between this date and Dec 25th Dec 31st, if you plan to aim for the bonus 10 points!

Please reply to this thread with the filled out form if you intend to participate!

Code: Select all
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Gift Preferences:[/b] (List up to 3 items your character would truly appreciate as a gift -- try to be specific and descriptive so your partners have an easy time!)
[b]What is your character good at obtaining?:[/b]
[b]Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?:[/b] (Yes or No; Once or Twice)

➤ Points and Prizes

  • You can earn a maximum of 50 game points for participating in this contest (20 participant points, 30 possible bonus points)
  • Obviously, an awesome IC gift for your character!
  • 20 game points for overall participation
  • BONUS: 15 points for gift-giving IC threads - the usual Thread Prompt Rules apply, max 2x collection (one for giving, one for receiving)

Much love and Seasons Greetings - Team Salsola

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Mel & Alaine

POSTED: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:19 am

Character Name: Elphaba Revlis
Gift Preferences:

- Warm Clothing: Ya gurl has hybrid blood, so her pelt is much thinner than that of a full-blooded wolf. Any thick protective winter clothing would be great. Remember to keep within realism rules re: the materials used to make it!
- Fox Gift: Elphaba's apparently unnamed fox has become a symbol of her rule. Giving it a chicken, a bone, a fish, some preserved fruit or a warm place to sleep would certain sit well with both of them.
- Heartfelt Pledge of Fealty: There is no greater gift to an overbearing and undiplomatic young ruler than one's undying loyalty - or at least a convincing lie of such. Come tell her how great a queen she is and how glad you are she usurped grandma. Really. It'll make her whole week.

What is your character good at obtaining?: Many trade-related goods; Anything from the Salsolan coffers/storage; Freedom (if your character is one of the Servitori, leniency on their debt might be a possibility); Witchy things.
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes; Twice

we need a forest fire
The Boss
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Luperci Witch she hath or consulteth with a familiar spirit the queen is dead, long live the queen
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POSTED: Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:20 am

Character Name: Ankh D'Aabt
Gift Preferences:
  • Warm clothing: Mans got cotton wool instead of fur and is always on the lookout for warm things!
  • Smelly things: Incense, oils, fragrant herbs, etc, Ankh's all for that type of stuff!
  • Cat food: It's probably always a good idea to give Ankh's roving pack of semi-feral cats any meat scraps should you be heading nearby the hollow...
What is your character good at obtaining?: Alcohols, tobacco, various drugs, cats, teas
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, twice
Saga D'Angelo
Mistfell Vale
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ursa major

POSTED: Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:14 pm

Character Name: Kaeli Blacksun
Gift Preferences:
  • Weapons: Any kind would be alright, she collects them for her own arsenal.
  • Leather crafting supplies: Shears, nails, dyes, thread, stretchers (a wooden arch that stretches the raw hide to better remove the remaining flesh) or a fleshing knife (any good knife would do).
  • Anything for the house: Furs, spare furniture, decorations (nothing too girly or useless, Kaeli prefers useful over pretty). Her house is quite plain and unimpressive at the moment, help her change that?
What is your character good at obtaining?: Furs, leather gear and clothing, weapons of all sorts (luperci made and scavenged), bone and feather trinkets. Bonus: she can offer herself to do any task requiring brute force, intimidation or a warrior's skill. Get back at an Outsider enemy? Steal something or commit murder? She is your girl.
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, twice.
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Luperci Cavalleria Mate to Shaamah

POSTED: Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:33 pm

I'd like for Helena and Andrew to be added to the Outpost expedition please!

Character Name: Helena Troy Lykoi
Gift Preferences:Nice clothing, fancy jewelry, food prep things
What is your character good at obtaining?: Everything 8)
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, once

Me and Hydra would like to request that Helena and Kaeli have each other as their SS, for hilarious plot purposes 8)
Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii

Casa di Cavalieri
Labor Head
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Luperci Herdsman, Ambassador (MV) Mate to Guinevere

POSTED: Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:35 pm

Character Name: Shaamah

Gift Preferences:
~~Seasonings and Flavors - Shaamah can make salt out of ocean water, but lacks a few ingredients for specific flavors now that winter is in full swing. Basil, Ginger, Tumeric, Celery, Pumpkin, Spinach and Garlic (Which in small quantity is GREAT for a natural flea repellent!). Don't worry! If it has been dehydrated or ground, the better!
~~Weapons or Armor pieces - While a full set of armor might be difficult to obtain for a man his size, bits and pieces of armor are still acceptable gifts! A set of gauntlets, shin guards, or something for his neck would be great! (I have design ideas in mind, so you don't have to create it if you don't want. <3) As far as weapons go, he has a proclivity to close combat an melee. If you could obtain a thick metal chain, he'd take to it as quickly as he could to master it!
~~Recognition- The gift of recognition in Salsola is one that keeps on giving! Give him something to do, maybe a task you've needed done for a long time or something that Salsola would reap benefit from, and when the day comes that it is finished, you could sing his praises to Salsola leadership and make him a figure in Salsola's eye.

What is your character good at obtaining?: Natural goods such as pelts, large predator pelts, bone, antler and meats. He can make flavored salts and will perform a task such as body-guard, heavy labor or mercenary work for no cost.

Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, Twice
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The Henchman
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Luperci Mate to Kaeli
War is in My Heart

POSTED: Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:13 am

Could I have Velimir Voronin (cNPC of Kamari) added to the caravan trip, please? He'll be coming back, but, it's a good opportunity to get/trade more stuff for Kamari this way!
Asura Creo

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POSTED: Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:45 am

Oh boy here we go. Long post incoming.

Character Name: Idrieus Eternity
Gift Preferences:
  • Book-making Items: Due to the state of her collection, Idrieus is in need of some items so that she can make her own books, copies of what she already has. Items could include paper, thread and wood to make the covers/spines, writing utensils, or even some items to help with cleaning and upkeep of the current books she has.
  • Weapons: Though her rapier is her primary weapon, in the past she has worked and studied various types of weapons, at least enough to help with teaching new members to combat. Maybe a weapon she has not used that often or something new for her to test out and add to a collection.
  • Decorations: Idrieus doesn't spend much time with decorating her home. Scorpius gave her some lovely woodwork last year, and now is a good chance to add in more on top of it. Something hand-made or of good quality to help spruce up her personal living space in the wing.
What is your character good at obtaining?: Various amounts of traded goods, Idrieus still has a good chunk of her inheritance left to spend on quality items to give away. Books from her collection. Natural goods such as meat, furs, bones, etc.
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, Twice

Character Name: Dahlia de le Poer
Gift Preferences:
  • Eden/Evelyn Gifts: Dahlia is not very good with children, and doesn't really know what to get them. Small gifts that can be given to her to pass on to her sister's children as it is heir first celebration within Salsola proper. (Both pups will be two months at the end of December if that helps to come up with gift ideas.)
  • Clothing: Dahlia really only has one outfit, but is not opposed to getting more than one if there is a chance for her to. She prefers red colors, and not really any dresses, unless they fit the kind of style she likes. Sort of the punk look she is already going for would fit her nicely. (Reference Image)
  • Alcohol/Drugs: Not just for herself, but to share of course. She doesn't really have any of her own, so this is a great chance for her to start a small collection. Any kind of strength of drug or alcohol would be great.
What is your character good at obtaining?: Natural goods such as meat, furs, and bones, as she is a fairly good hunter. Stolen goods with assistance. Items scavanged in nearby cities or over the mountain in Inferni's old territory.
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, Twice

Character Name: Silas del Morte
Gift Preferences:
  • A Home-Cooked Meal: Not very original, but still something nice for a servant to get as a gift I think. Rather than a simple cooked meal or something raw, something more suited for a special occasion like this one. Can be any kind of food preparation.
  • Sketchbook/Writing Book: His small book for writing can only get him so far before he will need a new one. Why not see about getting him another book so that he can not only communicate with members of Salsola, but also make drawings and use some drawings to help teach reading and sign language movements. Writing/drawing utensils to come with it also help.
  • Freedom/Debt Reduction: (Reserved only for those who can give it.) This is third because it is really not very high on Silas' list. Quite frankly he doesn't care much for his freedom, rather it be used on others before him. That being said, if it is still a gift to be given to him, then he will not deny it.
What is your character good at obtaining?: Natural goods such as meat, fur, and bones, as he too is a fairly good hunter. His services to special events or tasks. (Tasks can also be used in exchange with ranked members to have something made for a ranked member gift.) With assistance from ranked members, scavange nearby areas for items to either give away or put together. He can draw too.
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, Twice
Dahlia Winthrop

Del Cenere Gang
El Probado
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Luperci Mate to Boone Chaos Star You have to love yourself a fire

POSTED: Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:08 pm

Attendees to the Portland Expedition have been updated - as the highest ranked Merchant Tier faction member accompanying the convoy, Helena Troy Lykoi is now in charge of the delegation. IC, your characters must defer to her judgement as they make the difficult journey to Fort Preble.
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Mel & Alaine

POSTED: Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:31 am

Character Name: Brocade Valentine
Gift Preferences:
Brocade does collect items to display around his home; but he values simple objects that are well made. As leader of the shield tier he appreciates weapons, armour, and shiny pieces of gold. Some gift ideas for him:
    * A leather grip for his spear.
    * Anything shiny to attach to his armor - badges, pins, etc.
    * A new Bridal for his horse
    * A new Blanket for his horse perhaps in Salsolas colors ?

What is your character good at obtaining?: Brocade does go out for trade occasionally and acquires locally made goods such as; food, garments, and jewelry.
Are you planning to aim for the bonus IC thread/s?: Yes, Twice!

As well, I would love to have Symre Rask added to the delegation - she will be visiting her mommy but returning with the caravn. :>
The Inquisitor
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