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POSTED: Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:28 pm

Your Character's Name: O'Riley Eternity
Giftee's Name: Idrieus Eternity

Gift Title: Book-making supplies and a sling
Gift Description: Having finally finished with a borrowed book, O'Riley returns this alongside his entire collection of book-making supplies -- an abandoned hobby being "regifted".

  • - Stack of previously acquired Luperci-made paper. These are generally thick and crude, though some are of better quality than others.
  • - Spool of waxed thread. Made of plant fiber, a thin coat of wax was applied to help maintain the thread's strength and lifespan.
  • - Six thin pieces of wood cut into rectangular boards. Intended to be used as covers, these are all of similar size and make.
  • - Bone folder. A smoothed piece of bone used for folding paper.
  • - Bone piercing awl. Crafted by the same man, the bone awl is sharp but delicate enough to pierce paper without damage it.

In addition, O'Riley gifts a leather sling and ammunition pouch. He has provided a few stones.

IC Delivery Plan: He will deliver it to her house.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Potentially!

Your Character's Name: Grievous Eternity
Giftee's Name: Sebastien

Gift Title: Furs and cloaks
Gift Description: Grievous, despite his apparent apathy to everything but his girlfriend and horses, has heard about the misfortune that befell Coaxoch and his family from his cousin. Dutiful to the idea of supporting fellow Family, he gathers up a collection of furs and hides and even manages to fashion some simple clothing for the collective. He will also provide a pre-mixed medicinal herbal tea.

  • - Two deer pelts; fur-on, these are not yet cut and could be fashioned into material or used as-is.
  • - A very plush sheepskin rug
  • - Two leather hooded cloaks with wooden toggle clasps. Though lacking embellishment they have been waterproofed, giving the outside a slight shine.
  • - A medium-sized bag of dried herbs to treat sore throats/general "cold" symptoms.

IC Delivery Plan: Grievous would likely pass these gifts along himself.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Potentially!

Your Character's Name: Morgana Revlis
Giftee's Name: Brocade Valentine

Gift Title: Horse gear and charm
Gift Description: Morgana, true to form, makes her talents for acquiring things very obvious with her gifts. She provides Brocade with a saddle-blanket and bridle, as well as a talisman of her own making.

The saddle-blanket is woven out of several differently colored wools and fibers, accented by its intricate design. Though it mostly features a chevron pattern, the colors form a gradient in their weaving that suggests the work put into its making. Alongside this, having crept around and tried very hard to match, Morgana provides a bridle of similar color to Brocade's current saddle. It is notable in the metal pieces used, as they are a bright brassy-gold color.

In addition, Morgana crafted a “good luck charm” for Brocade. Made of pieces of leather, fur, bone, glass, and metal, the elaborate carved beads and colorful accents help detract from some otherwise macabre features and curious sigils.

IC Delivery Plan: Morgana would either come to his house or attempt to find him at the stables
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Potentially!
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POSTED: Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:30 am

Your Character's Name: Elphaba
Giftee's Name: Helena!

Gift Title: Glass claw-foot salt cellar filled with mineral-laden salt harvested from a deserted old salt mine in Nova Scotia
Gift Description:

The salt cellar is a relic from across the ocean, brought to Portland by traders from Barbados. Resembling a small glass pot with three clawed feet, the glass is foggy and chipped in places with age, though impressive to a Luperci nonetheless. Perfect for storing the heavy crushed grains of rudimentary unrefined salt; About as large as the palm of one's hand.

The modest stash of salt flakes it holds are an extreme luxury this far north, where salt-panning ocean water is a time wasting endeavor for minimal reward. Instead, this salt is scavenged from a salt mine in a deserted area of Nova Scotia that was originally made by the ones who came Before. It is strong in flavor, though not purified, and as such the color varies from snow white to marble grey. Can be crushed and ground with a mortar and pestle to a finer powder if required.

IC Delivery Plan: Elphaba wants Helena to cook a fantastic meal for her, so the gift is a selfish one! She will bring it by Helena's home with the intent to invite herself along to a family roast. All the better for her to get a sharper understanding of just what goes on in that chaotic household...
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes pleasum!

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