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Word Count → 551 :: Set outside of Amherst, December

The wintery chill was beginning to set in and Roz was finding it harder and harder to withstand as each day passed by. Noel, her companion of a few months now rolled his eyes and gave her a solution to her problem that she didn't want to hear. Clothes were cumbersome and garish unless done in absolutely the right way.

Noel had returned to their base time and time again with various articles of clothing he'd procured in one way or another, but each time she turned it away either because it was too tight or too ugly or just not quite what she wanted. She was an impossible woman to please, but Noel wouldn't have her any other way. He'd learned to live with and love Rozenn for who she was, as annoying as she may be.

So alongside the clothes he knew she would discard, he'd also made a habit of always bringing at least one thing he knew she'd love, whether it was a ring or a scarf or anything bright and shiny. He'd managed to keep her happy one way or another.

Today though, as the sun set and their firelight began to dwindle, Noel was out doing business as usual while Roz tried on the latest batch of clothing and jewelry. One by one, they were each thrown away until her eyes lit up on a strange little piece. She held it up to light, letting it dangle before her pale purple eyes before smiling eagerly.

The next morning, Noel still hadn't returned, but Roz didn't care. She was ready to take on the town anyway. She donned a wine red wool skirt that had to be cinched up beneath her breasts so that it only barely brushed the ground. Across her shoulders, she threw a dark brown shawl, almost black in the dimmer lights, and at the base of her throat lay the strange pearl necklace that had been Noel's gift to her that night.

She waltzed through the latest town's streets, crying out news that she would be dancing for them tonight and providing entertainment at the local bar. A few of the locals smiled and promised their attendance but she wasn't sure how many she believed. It didn't matter how many showed up, only that she was able to dance for those that did.

The day passed and she tucked her new necklace away beneath the roots of a tree where she and Noel usually hid their treasures, far away from camp. This was one she wanted to keep and couldn't risk it being lost in the fray.

This time, she dressed in a thin - almost see through in the right lighting - white skirt that settled low on her hips and wore only her long, beaded necklaces to cover her ample breasts from leering eyes. She would have danced naked if Noel wouldn't throw a hissy fit. She didn't quite understand the problem. Art was made to be looked at wasn't it?

Taking only herself, Roz doused the fire and left the remnants of the camp for Noel to clean up as he usually did. It was but a short walk to the pub where she was due to dance at tonight, but Roz still managed to be late. Fashionably so, as always.

Gave away her soul to buy a bit of pleasure, the bitter pleasure

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312 Yes, I am late forever
To find them a fortune, chests filled with gold

She didn't know how it had occurred and quite frankly she did not care. Anger seethed, burning up through her veins and scorching in her throat. The large, black dog cowered from her, and the woman was in a small way thankful that it was him and not Andrew she had brought with her this time. The red flickered behind her vision, she grabbed hold of something and threw it. It shattered against the far wall into millions of crystal shards.

She had checked, it was not misplaced. It could not have fallen from her grip, and thus the only option remaining to her was one that fisted a sharp grasp about her throat. She searched for scents, and found one that did not belong. Her memory cast back to a dancing girl. Tactics she ought to have guessed at. The luxurious life in Salsola must be wearing away at her skills. A distasteful thought that curled her lips into a terrible, awful smile.

Her fingers were gentle as she took hold of the fearful Serf's hands and soothed away his worry. Phobos was an enigma to herself sometimes, and yet she was bound to treat him kindly. He was a simple creature, she held much fondness for him.

In her search she caught a glimpse. Her teeth were a lovely countenance against black lips. The girl was swallowed up by the crowd, a scintillating scent drifted back. Helena was patient, once her ire had been promised an eventual revenge.

The house closer in Amherst, from the outside it was run down and derelict. That was the way she liked to keep it. Inside, the only light came from a single candle, it spluttered, throwing shadows and light across her face.

As night fell, sun disappearing behind the distant horizon, Helena sent dark Phobos out into the deep gloom. Alone in the room, she waited.

I can't help this awful energy
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Word Count → 283 :: Set outside of Amherst, December

The rustling of her beaded "bodice" was music to her ears. The swishing linen of her skirt provided a subtle harmony to the beads' melody, but the heart of it all was the steady pat of her feet on the cold ground. The hairs on her leg lifted as the cold set in through her paws. She would soon be warmed by her dancing body and the heat of the bodies surrounding her, but the trek was leaving a lot to be desired.

Roz hummed a simple tune as she walked, but the pitch was cut short as her music came to a sudden stop. Huffing with irritation, she turned to find her skirt caught on a dead bramble bush. She rolled her purple eyes and tugged it free, smiling at her own irrationality. When she turned back around, a dark figure stood before her. "Hey! You coming to the pub tonight?"

He didn't answer, but instead grew nearer, sniffing at her as if to determine identity. Roz wondered if he were one of those poor saps afflicted with "night-blindness" as she'd hear it called. "I'm the girl who dances there on some nights? Sir?"

He grabbed her outstretched hand by its wrist and her voice seemed to fail her as he twisted her into a kneeling position. With ease, he pulled her tight into his grip, pulling her close. "N-no- NOEL!" Finally finding her voice, she screamed as he brought her to his chest, her mouth near to his face. Phobos winced at the sound and lifted a fist that silenced her. He sighed at the relief, lifted her in his arms, and took her back to Helena as ordered.

Gave away her soul to buy a bit of pleasure, the bitter pleasure

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