[NEWS] February 2019

POSTED: Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:07 pm

News & Updates

Brrr, we hope everyone has been staying warm! There's plenty happening despite the cold~

Luckily, an ancient prophet has foretold the coming of an early spring! We sure hope he's right!


Whoa, check it out! We had a total of FOURTEEN winners for the 10th Annual SoSuWriMo! Big congratulations and thanks to all participants and winners! January's always a crazy month thanks to you guys!

(Winners! Be sure to claim all your prizes by the 7th!)

Staff Update

It's with much gratitude and appreciation that we announce the departure of Raze and Libri from the 'Souls Assemblage. Both are retiring from administrative duties to focus more on real life, but they'll still be sticking around to hang out and roleplay. Many thanks for their dedication and time over the years. <3<3<3

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


Though it faced some technical difficulties, the 2018 'Souls Yearbook went up a few weeks ago! If you haven't already, make sure you check out the characters and events that shaped the last year.

Spotlights for February 2019

Spotlight Soul

February's Spotlight Soul is Milos Parhelion (Mandi)! After his years in Krokar, poor Milos was forced to witness the destruction of his home and soon found himself and his daughter the unwilling prisoners of a cult preaching the end of the world. Most horrifically, Milos was forced to participate in events leading up to a murder. It was only after this gruesome act that he and his daughter were reunited and, remarkably, freed. While they seek out the remains of their pack and family, we have have our fingers crossed for a happy ending!

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul this month.

Soldier of Love

The Soldier of Love of this month is Shannah once more! Shannah totally dominated the vote logs for January while everyone was busy with SoSuWriMo! Thanks again for your dedication! Mandi is this month's prize artist, so PM them for your prize!

Featured Pack Adoptable

The featured pack adoptable this month is Halcón Rovira, the estranged older brother of Paloma Rovira who was a merchant before arriving in 'Souls. Joining Cour des Miracles to be with his little sister in Summer 2018, Halcón has proved to be hard-working and suave yet secretive about some aspects of his past. There are some things about him even his nosey sister doesn't know... but he seems to have her back regardless.

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