Self-Inflicted Achromatic

POSTED: Sat May 04, 2019 2:56 pm

Cidro 1 year · 5ft 6in · 140lbs
Thị Ánh 4 years · 5ft 8in· 170lbs
  1. Gravity
  2. [M] Come have a taste, you deserve it
  3. [M] When will I feel this, as vivid as it truly is.
  4. When I was just a little girl…
  5. We are beginning
  6. Gold and Diamonds
  7. Spill the T
  8. Dumb and dumber
  1. Peeping Tom
  2. Cotton Mouth
  3. the accusing cups and stubbed-out cigarettes
  4. think of something you love but not too dearly
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