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[+300] • Another AW for Drakehund II. Come join Zuri and her girls.

There was no possible way to contain the excitement that Zansa felt for being able to move about Mistfell with her mother. Zelda was less than excited, but so long as she was able to be around her family, she was fine to go anywhere. Their mother had taken a short moment to tie on their bandannas before they left the door, her turning her gaze on the setting sun.

It was hard to be a woman of the night, her body having grown more adjusted to being awake during the day. Even so, she could not stay out in the hot summer sun for too long. She still had her skin condition to worry about. She was thankful it seemed the same condition had not passed along to her daughters. Both of them would be able to enjoy the sun and the heat.

Even so, she could tell the pups were somewhat tired from all the energy they used up during the day. Even if they weren't outside of the home, they found their own ways to entertain themselves in it. Alexandros and Darion had even found times to interact with the girls when they were not looking after their newest guests.

Caspar had done well to assist her with gathering a couple new bats to bring into her fold. Now all she had to do was show them that she was trustworthy, and act that was much easier said than done.

The pale mother pushed the door open as she slipped into her lighter, lace sweater, it hanging loosely at her sides. Both girls seemed in awe at the color of the sky, having never really seen anything like it before. Soon enough, darkness would cover the land. If they were going to get to a spot before that happened, then they better move.

Zuri brought her daughters to the Emberfen Lakes, the colors in the sky reflecting off the surface of the water. Though it got cooler during the night, there was still some heat left in the air. The mother made her way to the edge of the water, sticking her feet in, soon joined by her daughters at her side. Zelda curled up at her mother's side while Zansa leaned down along the edge, pawing at the water with her front paw.

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Malfoy had gone out for a hunt early in the day, and with his mind so distracted he had not caught much of anything. So he was heading back empty-handed and found that the whole day was pretty much gone when he spotted the familiar white of his sister in law. Pausing he saw two others with her and realized those must be her children. Blinking he frowned to himself realizing he had not been around to see them yet, being caught in his own head and not really paying attention to much else. So much for being more present for his family. Giving a light sigh he approached carefully, looking over the two younger wolves with interest and curiosity.

Once close enough, he could see that they were both girls, so his nieces. "Zuri" he greeted and even offered a small smile for the three "I see you are...enjoying the coming of the night" he looked over the lake and saw it reflecting the changing colors of the sky. The grey wolf-dog had to admit it was quite beautiful and his smile warmed. "It is a nice image to be sure..." he then fell silent, unsure on what else to say right then.

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[+300] • Thank you for joining <3.

Zuri's eyes had been focused on the pups. Though the water was still and calm, there were still risks that came to anything with ones so young. Either one of them could fall into the water, Zansa the more likely of the two with her being so close to the edge. It was also getting late at night. No doubt the girls would want to get some sleep soon, so they couldn't be out here too long.

None of them had grown up like she had, being more awake when there was no light in the sky. How comforting it was for their mother to be under the dark sky again.

Upright ear turned to the sound of someone approaching them. The pale woman turned her head, spotting the figure coming towards them. In the fading light, she almost could have sworn she had seen her husband, him having come back from his trading trip. How she missed him so much, but as he came closer, it was easier to pick out the markings of his brother. It had been some time since Malfoy and her had been together. She was still pregnant during their last conversation.

A smile creased over her muzzle as he came closer, speaking to her, "It feels much more relaxing to me at night time, and it's nice to see you again Malfoy."

Zansa and Zelda had both turned their heads to the sound of the man's voice. The golden girl had turned her head inward, trying to hide herself a bit into her mother's side. The darker of the two on the other hand, was already up onto her feet, bounding over towards the stranger. He looked a lot like her, "Who dat?" Her head turned over her shoulder to her mother, looking for an answer.

The Hawkesond's smile grew as she gazed down to her daughter, "That's Malfoy. He's your uncle. He's your father's brother." Her head turned back up, "I don't suppose you've had the chance to meet them yet. Your nieces, Zansa and Zelda D'Acidic."

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Malfoy looked to the young pups as they moved and gave a nod "I have not met them..." he moved himself lowering himself so he was more at eye level with the girls. "Hello, it is nice to meet you..." he briefly wondered why his brother had not practically shoved them on him, and shown them off while bragging. Perhaps his brother had matured a bit, a brief huff of laughter left the grey male at the thought. "Are you being good for your mother?" he asked as his mind spun with how beautiful they were. If not for one looking like a copy of his own colors he may doubt his brother could produce things so wonderful. Smiling at the thought, he might tease Baelish this time around.

Looking up at Zuri he found himself feeling...happy? It was a good feeling "So...last I heard my brother went on a trip?" it had been a while since he had talked to either of his siblings. They all were leading their own lives now. That was fine of course, but he still felt a tug of guilt for not being more involved. "I could help out...if you would like?" it was the least he could do, but he knew the white female probably had plenty of help from the others in the pack. Still...he felt like he should offer, and maybe she had a task he could do for her that the others couldn't right now.

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Both girls had turned their attention to Malfoy when learning that he was their uncle. He was family, and looking so much like their father, it took them a few minutes to spot the difference when it came to the dark mask along his face. Had their sight not been improved by their age, they probably would mistake him for Baelish.

Zansa had been the one to approach first when he lowered himself to their level. He dark colors were so much like the both of them, save for the tan colors that rested along her legs and face. Zelda was a little slower, her much more shy nature still shining through, but at least she was more willing to come meet Malfoy on her own rather than sticking close to her mother. Most of the time, that was reserved for those not connected to their family. Once both of them were closer to him, they both nodded to his question, "Ya."

The pale woman turned her attention back to the male as he asked about his brother. There was a slight moment where she turned her gaze down on her daughters before back to him, "Yes, he has. He had discussed it with me before leaving. His trip is only about half way done, so it'll still be a bit of time before he comes back."

She noticed the girls turn their heads to their mother. They were still so young when he had left them for his trip. She knew they missed him, having his familiar scent around their home. It would be a wait, but she knew it would be worth it to see his grown daughters when he came home.

A smile moved over her muzzle, "Thank you for your help Malfoy, but I have been able to handle things for now. Zansa can get a bit roudy, but it's alright." The dark daughter turned completely, giving a little bark, "Na uh! I am not."

"Zansa, you have far too much energy."

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Malfoy chuckled and stood to look to Zuri a bit more properly. "Well, you know where to find me if you think you need my help" he tucked away the fact that his brother would not be back in a while and then cleared his throat. "There was likely a reason for you coming out here? I am sorry if I am interfering" still he was glad that he got to meet the two females. Now he had to try his best to meet Saga's children as well. He doubted that would go over perfectly but they were his nephews, and he deserved to meet them. Right?

Pushing the thoughts aside to mull over later, he looked over the water, the sun down for the night and stars starting to come out and reflect on the surface. It was a powerful sight and he found himself looking to the actual sky. Stars were always an eye-catching thing and tonight was no different. The grey wolf-dog fell into silence, just enjoying the view for now, and enjoying the presence of family close by. Why could him and his siblings not have moments like these? Perhaps it was something that he would have to create himself.

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Zuri couldn't help but feel a bit bad for Malfoy. He had once confided in her about the relationship, or rather lack there of, that he held with his siblings. There wasn't much that could be done on this end with Baelish being away, but Saga was a constant around the Vale. The black and white woman's were older than her own, and no doubt more of a hassle. She had always expressed aiding out his sibling rather than herself.

But that still didn't mean she couldn't feel a little bad for turning him down all the time. She had grown used to taking care of Zansa and Zelda on her own, but at least she knew another who could watch over them if she were to go out. Her smile hadn't faded as she gave him a nod, "Of course."

Upright ear pulled back slightly. He had believed himself to be interfering. This was not the first time something like this had come up. He was family, and seeing as the girls had yet to meet their uncle, this was a perfect chance for them to do so. Rather than turning him away, she pat the ground next to her, more as an invitation to join them rather than leave.

Zansa was happy to have him there, having moved closer as he set down before pawing at the water's surface again. Zelda still kept close to her mother, but found her gaze wandering over to him.

The pale woman leaned back a bit, turning her head up to the sky, "It's so peaceful around here at night time. I used to only be awake at night and sleep much of the day. Now the way I sleep is all over the place, but it's nice to come back out here under the moon." She paused before turning her gaze on Malfoy, "Anything new since we last spoke?"

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Malfoy sat with a thankful smile, he pretended he didn't see his niece looking him over. Nodding in agreement with Zuri his gaze stayed on the stars for now. His ears moved as the white female asked if anything had changed. "No...not really" besides his mind being unable to focus, but he didn't really want to address that right now. Not with the two girls around in any case. Looking to Zuri he gave her a warmer smile "I will be sure to tell you if anything major comes up." She was a good friend after all and he saw no reason to not confide in her.

Perhaps though he felt more at ease telling someone he knew slightly better about James first. Like Dalia. Smiling more to himself he decided that he would confide in the hunter before he told anyone else. Besides he didn't truly know what his feelings meant and maybe his friend could help with that? Oh but he was getting distracted by thoughts again. Blinking and turning to the stars again he gave a light sigh. His life was changing, and it felt for the better. No reason to have his thoughts drag him down.

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Zuri couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Malfoy's words. He claimed that nothing new had changed, but it lowered as he assured her that if there was anything major, he would tell her. The two had been able to confide with one another on a number of things. Sometimes it was feelings about another, and Malfoy had been the first one to hear that she might have been pregnant, even before his own brother had.

He was as much family as Baelish, and even as Saga was now, and it was nice to have him around to be with the now extended part of his family, even if the girls seemed much more interested in other things than their uncle.

Crimson gaze turned up to the sky, looking over the stars, but they soon fell back down on the lake ahead of them. She could see the speks starting to form on the surface of the water. She moved one hand over to Zansa, who had still been pawing at it before bringing her attention up to the surface, "Look there Zansa. All the stars are on the lake."

The darker pup looked up at them, tail wagging fast behind her, "Can we catch them?" The mother didn't give her an answer right away, though looked over to the male at her side, and then down to Zelda, "I could help you catch them if your uncle doesn't mind staying here with your sister." Zelda was more soft spoken, and even though she was with family, was not as adventurous as her sibling. The golden girl turned her orange eyes on Malfoy, looking up at him silently before getting up to sit next to him.

Zuri gave her daughter a smile before turning back to Malfoy, "Would that be alright?"

Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

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Malfoy blinked and looked to Zelda for a moment before smiling. "No, I do not mind" it would be nice to watch over his niece while Zuri and Zansa tried to catch the stars. Though he knew that would be impossible, he supposed to such a young pup it would be fun. Thinking on it a moment he guessed that the closest to catching a star would to be those bugs that lit up and flew around. Perhaps some would come out tonight and Zansa would catch one and be content. Or perhaps his niece simply wanted to play in the water and get wet, since that was essentially what would happen in trying to catch the stars on the lake.

Chuckling to himself he looked to Zelda "What interests you then? you find fun?" Surely the young female had some things that already drew her interest. The grey wolf-dog was sure she was old enough for such opinions to form. Though truly thinking on it he guessed that he didn't really know the girl's age. Still, he needed some way to draw out words from the small female otherwise they would just sit here in silence...which he supposed wouldn't be too horrible an experience in the long run.

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