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POSTED: Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:13 am

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Image What is this madness? Image

We all know the Wiki is a rabbit hole of information, the Library of Alexandria for our lovely 'Souls! We spend hours and hours combing over our character pages, player pages, etcetera, and turning it into a hotbed of shiny up to date information! After a lot time weighing up the pros and cons, we've decided that Mistfell is going to take Salsola and Del Cenere Gang's lead and migrate our pack site onto the Wiki!

Image Where do we come in? Image

Well, there a digital ton of information that needs to be migrated, and not only that, various pages of information are out of date and need a little TLC! That's why we've decided that September will be host to Mistfell Vale's Wikimania event! For every update to the Wiki you make, you gain a various number of entries to the Wikimania raffle

Image What can I win? Image

  • Custom Titles! We have two fully customisable, permanent titles up for grabs.

  • Custom Icons! Two custom icons are in the prize pot for all Wiki addicts.

  • Artwork! We have several chances to win brand new shiny artwork of your character of choice, from a list of artists!

    • Avatar by Despi
    • Sketchy Avatar by Songbird
    • Avatar by Nat
    • Bust by Abby
    • Full Body by Nat
    • Silhouette Icon/Silhouette Scene by Jasmae

    NOTE: As Jasmae is an off-board artist, and one that only does in-stream commissions, it may take some time to receive this prize!

  • And what's more, all participants will earn themselves Mistfell Vale's Black Sloth Totem Image and, just for September, can earn double pack game points!

And as per your requests, we've added in some IC goodies! All OOC raffle winners will earn some IC goodies for their character!

  • Horses! A prize that is normally reserved for those that reach the Drakehund III level. Now you can get a rare chance to earn one before reaching that lofty rank! Choose from one of the Vale's communal horses, or request for one to be brought in for your character!.

  • Storage Items! Is there something your character has their eyes on in the Vale’s stores that they are not trading away? This is a good chance to earn that.

  • Have something else in mind? This is a great opportunity for your character to make a special request! Do they covet something the pack's merchants might be able to find? Maybe the Ursarchon can pull some strings!

Image How do I earn entries? Image

This point system will help to determine how many times your name will be entered into the raffle. Refer to this when submitting your edits to the event.

NOTE: Please make sure you have the owners permission if you wish to make updates to other character's pages, or anything belonging to another player! If you are given permission to update/edit, don't forget to run the updates by them to make sure they are accurate!

  • Editing a page with new information.

    NOTE: These are not stackable with each other.

    • <200 words - +1 entry
    • 200-500 words - +2 entries
    • 500< - +3 entries
  • Participating in any Jordheim Papermill thread- 1+ entry per thread

  • Migrating information from the Mistfell Vale website - +2 entries per page.

  • Update a character’s post log/archive if they have one - +2 entries

  • Editing any NPC or adoptable (Mistfell Vale only).

    NOTE: The same rule applies with the NPC character pages as they do with the normal character pages.

    • <200 words - +1 entry
    • 200-500 words - +2 entries
    • 500< - +3 entries
  • Adding any threads where these characters are present - +1 entry for 1-5 threads added, +2 entries for 5< threads added.

  • Add your Mistfell Vale character to the new Directory - +1 entry

  • Add your Mistfell Vale NPC character to the new Directory - +1 entry

  • Update or add a character’s living arrangement to Winterwynd’s page - +1 entry

  • Update or add a character’s animals NPC to personal animals page - +1 entry

  • Add to Mistfell Vale’s inventory page - +2 entries

  • Update or Add to Mistfell Vale’s History page - +3 entries

    • Adding missed joined members, passing members, births, and other such items.
    • Adding in pack plot events/threads that might have been missed.
    • Adding in any missed mateships within the Vale.
    • Anything that could affect the whole of the Vale, or is an important turning point for its members can be added to the history.
  • Creating pack pride. +2 entries
  • Create or source lupus icons for the directory. +2 entries
  • Formatting. +1 entries

Image How do I submit entries? Image

To be entered into the raffle, you will not only need to submit your entries, but also divide them up into which prize you would like to place your entries in. Remember to choose carefully as you can only enter the number of entries that you have submitted towards the event. You can put more than one entry towards one prize, as the more entries you put towards one prize, the greater the chance you have at winning it.

NOTE: Be aware that you will only have until September 30 (11:59PM EST) to submit your entries and prizes. Any forms submitted past that time will not be counted towards the event.

Entry Submission Form:

Code: Select all
[b]Player Name:[/b]
[b]Wiki Edits/Updates:[/b]
[list][*] Edit here
[*] Edit here
[*] Edit here[/list]
[b]Total Entries:[/b]

Prize Submission Form

Code: Select all
[b]Player Name:[/b]
[b]Prize Entries:[/b]
[list][*] Prize - # of entries added
[*] Prize - # of entries added
[*] Prize - # of entries added[/list]

Image Special Thanks Image

Mistfell Vale wishes to extend a special thanks to the artists who have donated pieces as prizes to this event. We thank you so much for your time and assisting us in helping to bring this event to life. And a massive thanks to Salena for suggesting this amazing event idea and having a big hand in running it!

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POSTED: Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:47 pm

This is a running tally. I will be editing this as the event goes on!
I hope I'm doing this right...

Player Name: Westy
Wiki Edits/Updates:
1. Added Sedona & Baelish's trip to DCG to July 2019 History (+3)
2. Added Alec to Aug 2019 Joiners (+3)
3. Updated Hee Haw Orchards territory description <200 words (+1)
4. Removed Felix from Residences (+1)
5. Removed Calia from Residences (+1)
6. Migrated Thread Prompts Page To Wiki (+2)
7. Added Sedona to the Mistfell Vale Directory (+1)
8. Added item to pack Inventory (+2)
9. Added Dalia and Yvonne's mateship to August 2019 History (+3)
10. Added Malfoy and James' mateship to July 2019 History (+3)
11. Added Sedona and Phoenix's trip along the coast to Aug 2019 History (+3)
12. Updated title of MV Ranks page (+1)
13. Updated title of MV Co-ranks page (+1)
14. Updated Drakeside Hollow territory description <200 words (+1)
15. Updated Rum Bridge territory description <200 words (+1)
16. "Migrated" Pack Projects page to Wiki (+2)
17. Formatted Mistfell Vale Image Placeholder on Pack Projects Page (+1)
18. Populated MV Gardens page with Sedona's contributions x3 <200 words (+3)
19. Formatted MV Gardens page (+1)
20. Added Catnip to MV Gardens <200 words (+1)
21. Created/sourced 4 icons for MV Gardens page (+8)
22. Created/sourced 3 images for Communal Animals page (+6)
23. Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3 particpation in Jordheim Papermill. (+3)
24. Updated Rum Bridge images on Territory Claim page. (+1)
25. Updated Sedona's entire Wiki. 200-500 words (+2
26. Created/sourced images for Einarr, Glade, Gawai, and Fiora's Pigeons on Personal Animals page (+8)
27. Updated Hee Haw Orchard images on Territory Claim page (+1)
28. Created Lupus Pixel for Sedona for Directory (+2)
29. Added Sineria to Directory, Created Lupus Pixel (+3)
30. Added Malfoy to Directory (+1)
31. Added Yvonne to Directory (+1)
32. Added Rialu to Directory (+1)
33. Added Tora to Directory (+1)
34. Added Dalia to Directory (+1)
35. Create a Pack Pride image (+2)
Total Entry Points: 75
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POSTED: Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:50 pm

Player Name: Raze
Wiki Edits/Updates:
  • Added Posey to MV Directory (+1)
  • Added Lyric to MV Directory (+1)
  • Migrated Houses page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Houses wiki page (+1)
  • Migrated Coranks page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Co-ranks wiki page (+1)
  • Added new info to Co-ranks page (+1)
  • Updated Lyric's thread log (+2)
  • Edited Lyric's page with new info (+2)
Total Entries: 13 entries
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Mistfell Vale
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Luperci With Great Distinction

POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:28 am

Player Name: Dark

Wiki Edits/Updates:
  • Added Ezra to Directory [+1]
  • Added Arrow Lee cNpc to Directory [+1]
  • Updated Wyvern Church residency [+1]
  • Updated Ezra's Personal animals - Sheep [+1]
  • Added 3 items to inventory [+2]
  • Added Arrow Lee to missed Joiners. [+3]
  • Migrated Ranks page to Wiki [+2]
  • Formatting added to Migrated Wiki Page [+1]
  • Edited Mistfell Vale NPC (Arrow Lee; cNPC to Ezra Vahn) [+3]
Total Entries: 15

Dark's MV Wiki Raffle Information
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Luperci Spring Spree 2020
War is in My Heart

POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:22 pm

Player Name: Myst
Wiki Edits/Updates:
  • Added Ginny to MV Directory (+1)
  • Added Rupert to MV Directory (+1)
  • Added living arrangement to Winterwynd (+1)
  • 560 words to Ginny's history (+3)
  • Added DCG interactions to pack relations (+1)
  • Migrated Totems page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Totems page (+1)
  • Updated Totem instructions and URLs for unearned totems (+1)
  • Updated the totem template on the Pack Game Templates page (+1)
  • Migrated Drakehund Ranks page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Drakehund Ranks page (+1)
  • Thread Prompts page: added MV links & category, updated Drakehund link (<200 word edit) (+1)
  • Migrated Pack Pride page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Pack Pride page (+1)
  • Migrated OOC Policies page to wiki (+2)
  • Migrated IC Policies page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Policies page (+1)
  • Drakehund page: updated thread completion link (<200 word edit) (+1)
  • Links page: updated OOC Policies to Policies (<200 word edit) (+1)
  • Migrated Pack Game page to wiki (+2)
  • Formatted Pack Game page (+1)
  • Ranks page: updated image links (<200 word edit) (+1)
  • Co-ranks page: updated image links (<200 word edit) (+1)
  • Thread Prompts page: updated links for completion guidelines and pack game (<200 word edit) (+1)
  • Papermill threads (+2):
Total Entries: 34
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POSTED: Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:40 am

"Added" Saga to the directory. Skeleton already there, info added. +1
Added Dan to the directory. +1
Added Cas to the directory. +1
Added Ram to the directory. +1
Added Calia's goats to Communal. +1
Added to the history page. +1
Added to the main MV page. +1
Updated Elijah's page. +1
History page updated. +1
Created Reuben's page. +1
Added MV NPCs to NPC page. +1
Added Eli's falcon to the Wiki. +1
Updated NPC directory. +1
Edited pack projects + formatting +2
Added more info to Territory. +1
Added more info to Winterwynd. +1
Added to the history page. +1
Added to Saga's history. +1

Saga D'Angelo
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Luperci the crowned bear

ursa major

POSTED: Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:23 pm

Cashing in now. <3

Player Name: Westy
Prize Entries: 75
  • Silhouette Icon/Silhouette Scene by Jasmae - 50 Entries!
  • Full Body by Nat - 25 Entries!
  • Avatar By Despi - 25 Entries!
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POSTED: Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:11 pm

Player Name: Dark
Prize Entries: 15
  • Sketchy Avatar by Song - 2 Entries
  • Avatar by Nat - 3 Entries
  • Horse - 10 Entries
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War is in My Heart

POSTED: Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:20 pm

Player Name: Myst
Prize Entries: 34
  • Avatar by Despi - 25 entries
  • Fullbody by Nat - 5 entries
  • Sketchy Avatar by Songbird - 4
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POSTED: Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:22 pm

Player Name: Raze
Prize Entries: 13
  • Sketchy Avatar by Songbird - 7 entries
  • Avatar by Despi - 6 entries
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