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Zuri couldn't help but narrow her eyes at Malfoy's comment. It didn't help that having the unwanted child with her was making her a bit more volatile than normal, but the way that he had made his statement just made it seem like the mother was being unreasonable. There was never any harm with having more precautions rather than just relying on skill. It would help out all of them to have someone that could watch from the skies and give a bit of warning.

At least then he could be prepared for it.

Upright ear pulled back as she snorted, "I never implied that I doubted your skills to protect my children and your family. My bats can be a useful asset to you and all the Vale yet you don't want to turn down something that could potentially give you prior warning? What if you were to be ambushed? What if there are strangers coming? At least you can know and not be standing your ground blind to the danger." Her eyes narrowed slightly, "But maybe that's what you want hmm?"

She let her words hang for a moment before she continued on, "Besides, the ones that are unnamed need this kind of training. If you take just one of them along with you, then it'll get the practice. It's not like I'm asking for that much."

Silence hung over them for a long moment. The pale woman had done her best to relax herself back to her usual demeanor, letting her gaze soften up a bit, just as his own fell back onto Callisto. If she seemed to help calm him down, then she was not going to try and take his attention away from her. She simply flicked her tail, watching the bats on her arms as they drew in closer to the tiny bundle in Malfoy's arms, "It doesn't have to be completely dark for them to go out. The earliest is probably just as the sun is starting to go down. Just do this for me this one time and I'll ease up next time."

She paused letting her gaze fall on the pup, "I don't want to take any chances right now."

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Malfoy rolled his eyes a bit "The whole point was to show Zelda the rest of the pack land...or what we could travel without her and Zansa getting too tired. It is not like I would be scouting at the same time, that would be utterly dangerous and ridiculous." This was proving a bit more troublesome than he had first thought. "I suppose I could ask her if your arrangement is fine, though I imagine she will be disappointed that she can't see as much." He shrugged "So right near sunset, bring a bat with me, and hope that what they get to see before it is too dark is enough to sate their curiosity."

He knew he was being petty, but he was rather too upset and angry to really care. Zelda had asked to go around, and the whole point was that his niece could see more of the land they lived in. Zuri was being rather paranoid about it all. Looking to the young girl he held he gave out a sigh. Zuri had a reason to be so overprotective if this child really came from where the pale woman said. Closing his eyes for a moment he shook his head "Fine...fine." Taking a bat was not that bad of a task and he opened his eyes and looked to them. "Which one did you want to go with us?"

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Zuri couldn't help but narrow her eyes more on Malfoy as he explained what he was really going to be doing with her daughters. If it was just a matter of showing them around the Vale, then of course there was no reason to get the bats involved, but that was not what he said now was it? He claimed he was going to be taking them to the borders, and said nothing more on the matter.

Surely from knowing the kind of woman that she was, choosing an approach like this one was a stupid idea. She uttered a small growl, noticing Callisto shift a bit when she had, "You didn't specify Malfoy. Do not test my patience like this. I would never expect you to take them scouting unless they were old enough to join you. Do not beat around the bush. A bat does not need to be with you inside our territory."

She gave a flick of her tail, lowering it slightly from its upward curl. The unnamed bat had retreated back a bit, probably not used to seeing the woman grow a temper. She held nothing back when it came to speaking her mind after all. Darion screeched up at her, drawing her attention down to him and then to the child.

Ears pulled back before she calmed herself down. The man was trying to downplay things, just giving in to her precautions. She gave a sigh, "Safety of this place is my top priority Malfoy. I take this training very seriously. You might not, but there may come a day when you'll be thankful it has been put in place."

She turned her head back to the deeper reaches of their territory, "I'll have Alexandros sent out after sunset to spot check if you are near the borders. If you are anywhere near there, he'll just be a lookout. If one of the other bats is up for following him, then I'll have them tag along."

Seemed like a fair enough compromise to where both of them would be getting what they wanted. At least now he wouldn't have to wait until sunset, even though both of her children had been out at night before. He of all people should have remembered that.

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Malfoy frowned, had he said the borders? Thinking about it he realized he had. Sighing he shook his head "No...I apologize, I did word it the wrong way, and that is on me..." shaking his head he knew his temper had gotten the best of him. Adjusting his hold on the small girl he rubbed at his eyes a little. "I also should have said from the start that Zelda just wanted to see more of the pack..." Still, the pale woman did say she would send a bat to check on them. That would have to be something he had to just put up with.

At the mention of being thankful for the training, he raised a brow and looked to the small creatures skeptically. What could a bat do that a wolf could not? Well, besides fly in the air. Still, if Zuri thought it would be useful, then he would not debate her on it right now. Their tempers were already riled over a simple misunderstanding. "I will let Zelda know that you said it was all right to go explore a bit...I will make sure not to get too close to the borders and I will make sure we don't go anywhere dangerous." He did care about the young girls after all.

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Zuri let up on the tension when Malfoy seemed to have gotten everything to click in his head. So long as he was willing to back off on his temper, then so too was she. He had finally corrected himself, expressing that Zelda had simply wanted to see more of the Vale's territory. That was much more comforting than the first option.

The pale woman moved one hand to her head, letting the calm demeanor she carried herself with come back. She knew it would only last so long until the child that was resting in her uncle's arms was returned to her, but at least she should savor this brief moment away from the pup. There was no taking her gaze off it of course.

A sigh passed through her lips at Malfoy, standing tall again, "Yes, that's fine. I feel much better knowing she would be under your watch than out there on her own. Our territory is big, and there are many things she is not aware of yet. You don't need to worry about the borders. I'll have those covered." She paused, giving it a bit of thought before she spoke again, "It might do them some good to know where some of our borders are. I don't think I've gotten the chance to show them our scent marks."

Zuri let her gaze trail off to the side, trying to figure out a way to loosen up the tension that still seemed to hang in the air. Perhaps it would be better if they were to go their separate ways and return on another day. That would give time for things to settle. It could even be another time for Malfoy to watch over his new niece with that other male he was hanging around with.

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Malfoy nodded and then looked to the young girl in his hold, he smiled then moved to hand her back over to Zuri. It felt like it was more than time to move on and go to separate ways. Personally he really wanted to get back to James and maybe enjoy some cuddles. "Well, I will wait to see when a good time to take them is then?" He just wasn't sure what day would be the best right now. It was not as he could predict the weather so he just hoped it would be a clear day so that they could see more.

Hearing a sound nearby he moved his head and saw that James was coming over. Smiling his tail started to wag gently "James! We have a new niece" The taller male gave his own smile and was soon by Malfoy's side "Oh, a cute little thing..." Then the warm arms were around Malfoy and the grey male sighed happily. It was as if James could sense that his presence was needed. He truly loved the brown male. Leaning into the hug he felt a little better, though he knew he needed to talk with Baelish soon.

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Zuri was not the mother to be waiting with open arms for her child to be returned as she had been with Zansa and Zelda, but she welcoming Callisto with a gentle hold. As much as she disliked this child, she was still gentle, if only for Baelish's sake more than her own. She would not bring any harm to her, nor send her away.

She pondered over what Malfoy had said, wondering when a good time to take her out would be. Her tail moved slightly as she thought before turning her head back to the man, "Well, the weather looks like it might be well over the next few days. I'll be taking care of her," she said motioning down to the bundle in her arms, "So there won't be much we could do around home. I'm sure she'd much rather see the rest of her home than stick around with me."

She knew when her bats would need to be out, so as long as her children were outside when the moon began to creep into the sky, she would have eyes on them for any danger that might be around.

Crimson gaze moved up at the appearance of James. He must have known that the two of them were out here. Either that or he was getting tired of waiting for his soon to be mate to come back home. That was probably the more likely reason. Her gaze followed him as he came over to the child, then wrapped his arms around Malfoy.

She couldn't help but give a small smile. Where Malfoy found little comfort in those around him, he found it in this male. That was what truly mattered wasn't it?

Adjusting the child in her arms, Zuri gave a small wave to them, "It was nice chatting with you Malfoy, but I think it's time I got going. I wouldn't want to intrude on your time together. You know where to find me if you need me."

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