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Active Pack Summary

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  • NOTE: Double check in the Game Statistics post to make sure your chosen pack lists joining as open. Encouraged packs are in need of members; Closed packs are not currently accepting joiners. Take into account whether a pack's joining is closed or open, though -- leaders may be more scrutinizing of newcomers if their ranks are very full.


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  1. Species: Accepting of all variety/specie of canines - non-luperci are rejected or enslaved, however!
  2. Gender: Salsola is currently considered a matriarchy and male newcomers may find it difficult to join; see Policies for details.
  3. Territory: Salsola's claim occupies the westernmost portion of Drifter Bay; the icy Pictou River spills down from Halcyon to protect its eastern border, and sprawling Amherst city lines its northernmost reach. The Family enjoy a high jagged coastline, dense haunted forests, a swath of central marshy plains, and make their homes among the ancient ruins of a castle.
  4. Ranks: Extremely strict IC hierarchy; Members are expected to show proper submission or dominance when interacting with one another as befitting their current rank. Holding a corank, also known colloquially as a 'Job', is a good way for ranked members to display their value and prowess.
  5. History: Salsola was formed out of two canines' desires for power, wealth and privacy. Many of it's original membership came from Anathema, though the Family has since swelled with multiple pariahs from all over the known world. It has cultivated a number of profitable (& taboo) cultural quirks, such as slave-tending and the harboring of a coven of witches. Multiple battles and bloodshed ensued over Salsola's growing infamy, though the Thistle Kingdom continues to prosper in spite of its enemies.
  6. Social Structure: Values rank, mateship, wealth and secrecy over all else. Whilst on the surface Salsola's social structure appears to be tightly-knit and fortuitous, not everything is as it seems - backstabbing, secretive trysts, blackmail and so forth are commonplace as a sinister undercurrent to the public persona of a cohesive, strong community.
  7. Demonym: Salsolan
  8. Scent: Seasalt, damp soil, smoke, bog and thicket; prominently feminine.* * Salsolans frequently disguise their scent when leaving the territory!
  9. Archetypes:
    • Welcome: Loyalists, witches (occultists), liars, the ambitious, the fortuitous, slaves
    • Unwelcome: Gentle/kindly folk, heroes, wildlings/feral types, vigilantes, artists, simpletons, non-luperci

Casa di Cavalieri

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  1. Species: Luperci-dominant, but any canine is welcome to join.
  2. Territory: Casa's claim spreads from as far east as the rich forests of Arachnea's Revenge and The Sugarwoods to the rolling hills and valleys of Overgrowth Sunrise. The most central part of the territory engulfs all of Whisper Beach and the crumbling old roads of the past. Overall Casa hosts a vast range of creatures and habitats. Thick forests dominate Casa's land surrounding the east, while rolling hills and valleys take of the majority of the west.
  3. Ranks: The pack is led by two leaders of equal power. Members do not need to have combat skills to join but all members must participate in training threads and earn a co-rank in order to earn the glory of knighthood!
  4. History: Casa di Cavalieri was created out of a need for a central group of protectors after the Aniwayan/Crimson Dreams/Cour des Miracles war. The original founders believed that by creating a pack focused on the training of fighters they could deter, as well as greatly increase the reaction time of packs to similar, future threats.
  5. Social Structure: Casa di Cavalieri is dedicated to training knights who follow a code of honor; as such respect is given to all who are willing to help their brothers and sisters. All of the Cavaliers are expected to perform jobs for the pack on top of their training to keep the pack moving smoothly. Pups and youths are held in high regard and are given Mentors in order to mold them into prosperous members.
  6. Demonym: Cavalier
  7. Scent: Metallic, Salty, Woodsy, and Horses
  8. Archetypes:
    • Welcome: Warriors, Healers, Diplomats, Equestrian Trainers, Hard Workers, Heros, Combat Trainees
    • Unwelcome: Thieves, Troublemakers, Murderers, Addicts, Hermits, Liars

Mistfell Vale

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  1. Species: Wolf-dominant, but all species are welcome - even creatures.
  2. Territory: Mistfell Vale hugs the St. John river to the south, and lays claim to parts of Fundy National Park and Camp Gagetown. From dense, misty forests to fair fens and even mysterious bogs, the territory is rich and varied.
  3. Ranks: Characters are ranked into 'houses' based on their dominant personality traits, and are promoted and demoted within their house. There are also council and leadership ranks.
  4. History: Mistfell Vale was formed by a group of loners who felt no sense of belonging or acceptance in other packs; they strove to create a place that emphasized their freedom, without sacrificing loyalty.
  5. Social Structure: The Vale strongly emphasizes loyalty and acceptance - once someone is accepted into its ranks, they are home. If they leave, they are always welcome back.
  6. Demonym: Mistwalker
  7. Scent: Pine, fresh snow, spruce, mist, wolf, soil
  8. Archetypes:
    • Welcome Archetypes: Loyalists, ferals, fighters, civilized, outsiders, adventurers
    • Unwelcome Archetypes: Traitors, slavers, murderers, criminals
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