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OOC: A Note for the reader. This is set in Souls in a pack called Twilight Vale. About 08ish. Noah is the mirror image of his father Lucifer, the beta of this pack.
WC: 506

Youth, it was a wonderful thing. It was the one time in life where a pup could be just that...a pup. The young black Sawtooth child was just that. HIs mother’s books where his playthings, and her alter was a source of interest for the dark coated boy. Sure he wanted to be like his father, strong and a fearless leader. However, as much as he wanted that. He wanted, his mother to look at him with that shimmer in her eyes that she looked at his brother Taliesin. Noah did not know that she had favorites. It wasn’t hard to see, but Noah was blind. The black furred child lowered his nose to the ground as his thick pup body moved through the pack house. Nose to the ground he sniffed around, like he was on the tail of a mad coyote. Out trying to hurt his momma. ”Stoopid Ki-otes! Sin, Sin! Come help me! Ki-otes wanna to hurt Mamma!” Noah barked out at his *always* well behaved litter mate. The dark boy pushed open his family’s oversized bedroom door as he pounced the white brother taking his ear in his mouth. Taliesin grunted and pushed his brother off his ear. ”Noah, you is being silly. No stupid things here. Be good, Mama and Dad where up late again.” Noah and Taliesin were still young, but Tal was far more worldly smarter then Noah was. The black child grunted as he rolled off his brother, looking over at his mother’s books. His pink puppy like tongue dropped out of his mouth looking at the books then to his brother. ”Wanna?” Noah asked with that impish like look that anyone that so happen to see it, would know that something was up in the young Sawtooth’s mind, and he knew it was trouble.

Taliesin shook his head, as he sat up his back leg kicked up digging at his ear. giving a shake of his head, and then back to digged at his, now wet ear. ”Oh no way! Mamma be soooo mad! Some books are Dad’s. Mama want them.” Why must Noah always be the one to get in trouble with their mother’s books. Why couldn’t he just simply want to lay down and look at the pictures, or even go outside and play tag with the butterflies. Taliesin watched at Noah parted his jaws taking one of Deuce books in his mouth and treating it like a chew toy. Taliesin, gasped in horror. ”Mamma going to be mad!”

Noah didn’t care, this was fun and it beat chewing on his brother’s tail. Paw’s crossed as he flipped the book to have the bottom corner sticking up the Sawtooth male growled away and chewed on the book. Making sure that the book was nice and marked up with teeth mark. The black child was so wrapped up in destroying this book aka the coyote that he didn’t even hear Tal call for their mother.

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((WC: 544))

The pale healer was out back, watching Sirius and Apollo for Naniko as she tended the small herbal garden she was cultivating. Her grandsons were younger than her boys, and yet so similar at the same time. All four were milk brothers, since Deirdre had disappeared in the fire. She rubbed her neck, then let her hand drift down to the rich earth, watching the soil slip through her fingers. It was a metaphor for life, she mused, having a rare lucid moment. She had a mate, and pups, a family... and still... things were not as well as they should be. She swallowed, suddenly craving a drink from the brown glass bottle hidden on a high shelf in her closet, suddenly missing the comforting weight of a pencil in her hand as she wrote her thoughts in her journal. Hell, she even missed the whispers of Shadow and Erik at times. Well... more Shadow than Erik. She had come to love the boy too late, and he had been stolen by the coyotes.

A jarring yell came to her ears, and she looked up, her mismatched eyes narrowing. Taliesin's voice was shrill. She glanced at Sirius and Apollo, then stood, brushing the dirt off her knees before racing to the house, her heart thudding painfully in her chest. A hand grasped at her throat, fluttering there nervously, seeking an amulet that no longer lingered at her throat. "I'm coming, Tal! Hang on!"

She bounded up the stairs two and three at a time, ignoring the looks of curious pack mates in her haste to reach her son, who's sharp calls had not ceased. Paws slipped on smooth wooden stairs, her hand flying out to catch herself on the railing. She glanced down the stairs, fearing to see herself laying there, neck cocked at a strange angle. Her rest lasted a brief second before she resumed the ascent at a somewhat slower pace, unwilling to break her neck. They should have taken a main floor bedroom, but she liked the light in this room.

She arrived to see a scene that caused her heart to stop. For a moment, she imagined blood staining the wooden floor, her sons torn open like half eaten prey. Her wild eyes blinked, taking in the true sight. Her hands fisted at her sides, gripping the fur as if clutching an anchor. Anger filled her at the sight of her black child, his sharp teeth embedded in a prized volume of handwritten herbalist lore. A scarlet haze misted her vision, and she found herself clutching the second son by the nape of his neck, jerking the book out of his mouth. "Noah Sawtoothson, how DARE you treat a book like that!" She shook the boy like a rag doll, yelling at him about what a naughty puppy he was being. "Why can't you be more like Taliesin or Jazper? They would never mistreat my books in that manner! Why do you have to be so ignorant?"

She didn't mean to be so mean to him, not really. But really, who used a perfectly good and valuable book as a chew toy when their father was always making sure the boys had bones to gnaw on when they were teething?
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WC: 429

The black boy was in love with the taste of the book, the nice aged leather was bliss upon his tongue, and it was hard enough that it felt great upon his sharp, aching pup teeth. The Sawtooth male’s rear lifted up as he pushed down further on the book trying to get more of the tasty leather into his mouth. Try it, you’ll like it!” Noah taunted his milky white brother. He let go of the book as a paw came smacking down on the book, a shirll pup bark, as he twisted his mouth to the side as he went back to chewing upon the book. He just could not help it, the book just tasted so good.

Feeling the quick and sharp grasp upon his scruff, and suddenly a white lightning fast hand pulling his “ki-ote” smelling prize out of his mouth. The black child yelped, pulling his back paws up into his body and pulling his tail up into his body. But Momma..” Noah whined as he looked at his mom and then lowered his eye to look at the floor that was once under his feet. Yelping as she shook him like he was a rag doll that had just gotten in her way. ”I just wanted to make you happy.” He felt a little sick to his stomach after being shook, but did not want to upset the white mother any more than what he had done. He really did not mean nor did he want her upset with him, it just always seemed to happen. And, happen to him. Further crushing insults came from his mother’s mouth. The female that he looked up to and wanted to find a lady like her to be mated to for all of his life.

With a sulking whimper, Noah flattened his ears against his head. ”Because….I don’t know…” He just wanted her to let him go. She wanted him to be as well behaved as his other siblings, but he just could not simply do it, no matter how much he wanted it. It was like he did not have the ability to be good.

He wondered that if she had knew why he had done it, if she would be happy for him. Praise him, like she did the other children. Noah just wanted to be loved….Ideally from her, like she did Taliesin and Jazper. He wanted her to look at her that way. ”I was just killin’ ki-otes, like you wanted…”

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The healer shook her head in disgust, still holding the offending pup by the scruff, her eyes on the teeth marks in the book's cover. She had worked hard on the volume, trying to make something to pass to her son, something the young white male could be proud of in the cold winter to come, when she was gone from the earth and in the good spirits arms. Now the hand crafted leather cover was ripped and torn, the wood inside dented and scarred. She looked at her black son, dangling from her hand, feeling exhausted again. His excuse made her feel drained of anger and energy, and she sat down on the floor, releasing him. "Noah..."

She sighed heavily, shaking her head. "Damn it Noah." She cradled the book to her chest as if it was a wounded pup in need of comfort. "I was going to pass this book down to Tal when he got older. I've been working hard on it. You knew that. A book is different than a coyote, Noah, and you should know that by now." She had set the book aside now, out of reach of careless fangs, staring at the boy, her eyes full of a dull anger and hurt. "You could be such a smart boy if you would just think sometimes." She sighed again, shaking her head. Her voice dripped with disappointment. "If you can not be more gentle with things that aren't yours, I'll have to start putting my books up higher, out of reach of both you and your brothers."

Tal's indignant squeak was met with the mother raising a hand to hold off an argument. She didn't glance at her white son, keeping her eyes on her black son. She did not purposely play favorites, but it was so much easier to understand the son who mirrored her in every way, it was easier to love the boy who was her opposite gendered twin. "I know Tal would not be happy if he were no longer allowed to read because of your actions. Honestly Noah, you need to start thinking about how your actions will affect others. Both Tal and Jazper can think ahead, think about the consequences of their actions. Why can't you?" She shook her head again, repressing the urge to thump the offending pup in the head with the book he had destroyed.

She stood then, turning her back on the pups. The urge for a drink had become too strong, her will power lost in the face of disappointment and stress. It was a few steps to the closet, to the balm to sooth her troubled soul. She paused for a moment, her hand hesitating. The spell was broken as she lifted her hand, grasping the smooth cool bottle of alcohol. She lifted it to her lips, letting a small stream of the fiery liquid spill down her throat. She closed her eyes, relishing the bite and burn of the liquor as it slipped down to her stomach. A ripple passed down her spine as the sharp fluid went down, and she let out a soft relieved sigh. She replaced the bottle, turning back around to face her sons again.

((WC 538))
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WC: 493

All any child ever wants is to be loved, and find something that their mother or father praises them for. Noah..he had none of this. He always always told, do this or do that. Be more like Taliesin, be more like Jazper. No one ever told Noah that he was good for something. It crushed him, but he would never stop loving that family that he was given. He could not help it, he knew that his mother and father loved him. They just did not understand that he was just a kid who wanted someone to play with him, and needed them to play with him all the time. The boy whined as he was brushed to the side for an old paper thing. Noah sat down lowering his head and folding his ears against his head. He could not help him-self. It was just not with in him.

Tal, Tal, Tal. It was like the Marsha Brady of the family. Noah was just second fiddle to his snowy brother, and of course every word out of his mother’s mouth just seemed to cut him down more and more. Each word cut deeper and hurt more than the last one with him. He moved back into the corner more and more, with each verbal attack she blew onto the tender ego of the child, he pushed his body closer and closer to the corner. "Yes Momma, sorry Momma.” Noah was really at a loss for what to say to his mother at this point. He was scared that no matter what he would say to her would be wrong.

He knew that he had messed up once again, and he didn’t want Taliesin to be upset with him, nor did he want to get him or Jazper in trouble or make them lose anything. He would fix this, he knew how. He would run away, go find some where that it wouldn’t hurt Taliesin, or Jazper. Decue had made it clear to the only Sawtooth child that he was nothing but a mistake. Blue eyes watched as his mother walked over and took her bottle. With a whine he stood up with his tail tucked in between his legs . He looked at his white mother then to the mirror image of her, with a whine. He took off running as he tumbled down the steps. Falling head over heals. He knew that if he stuck around that he would only mess things up for his brothers. He knew his mother would be happy that he was gone. With him gone, he knew that Taliesin and Jazper would finally be able to have a normal life.

The child whined as he finally stop tumbling down the flight of steps. he sat up looking around, as he shook his head with a whine. He looked around totally confused. Black coated child, shook his furry head, his head was thumping, and stung.