Re: [m] a promise made of smoke in a frozen copse of trees

POSTED: Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:44 pm

As he stood in the waters, his body wracked with great shivers, Kynda pushed the body into the ocean. The waves washed over it like they had Holly at the moment of her suicide, pulling it in, and the motion of the sea allowed Loki a glimpse of pale fur under the cloak. And then it was gone—and Loki thought he wanted to laugh, or something, because he'd won and maybe the spirit of the tawny girl would be at rest.

But the young man only stared in silence, shivering, until his sister gently directed him back onto solid ground. He nodded weakly at her reassurance then stepped forward so he was pressed into her, his nose finding her cheek with a grateful nuzzle before he rested his head against her shoulder, shaking.

I'm sorry, Loki said, arms wrapping around her. He wanted to curl his fingers into her fur, but he couldn't feel them. He shook again.

With your feathers and thorns sticking to my hide
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