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Farewell. Pack thread - we're moving!

POSTED: Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:41 pm

Related to this announcement of AniWaya moving territories!

Please allow for Tammito reply first, then reply at will. The thread is non-mandatory, but we will assume that all are present (if your character cannot be referenced as present, just let us know).

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The council of two had been debating for some time. All the while, the sickness and absence of guidance continued, and Ulilohi found herself tired of their situation. Once they had found what they believe to be the cause of their problem, another question had risen; how do we fix this? One idea was to leave the lands behind, but where should they go? This was the only home Ulilohi had had aside from the family buildings in the Great Tribe, and she was reluctant to leave it behind if something else could be done to remedy the situation. What if anyone from the Great Tribe came seeking them, and could not find them since they had moved? And what of their buildings and burial mounds? It was not right to leave the mounds unguarded, left behind as if meaningless. Besides, were they even sure this problem would not follow them if they managed to get past all of that? What if it did, could it spread? She had considered seeking refuge in neighboring packs. They were on good terms with their neighbors, but she also feared bringing a problem to their doorstep, and bringing their friends down with them.

And so, they'd been stuck. Claudius' opinion differed from Ulilohi's, but she, too, had felt the tug of just running away from this land and seek another area to settle into. They'd decided now, and the councilwoman paced as the tribesmembers arrived, nervous about their reaction. Surely, they could not react well to being told to leave everything behind. But were they not, too, tired of this shadow haunting them?
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POSTED: Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:21 pm

Claudius was glad that they had finally come to a resolution. It had been difficult; Ulilohi sought refuge in the home she loved, while Claudius was keen to shed this evil past. Unlike the Council Leader, he had spent his entire life here; and indeed, he was the longest-residing member of the tribe left. Still, he felt that it was time to move on.

He had always relied on Ulilohi for her wisdom and too, he had relied on Saqui. She was gone now, departed to bring news of the sickness and the disappearance of the spirit guides. Claudius suspected that they had been chased out of the territory by the ghost of the scout in some fashion; they were by no means weak creatures, but he could recognize the instinct for self preservation. At their core, they were animals and animals knew how to survive. Sometimes it meant leaving.

Claudius would follow the spirit guides away from this place.

"Thuh-thank yuh-you a-all for guh-gathering," he said, once everyone had arrived. He looked to Ulilohi for strength. "A-Ani-wuh-Waya is muh-moving. These lands have buh-been puh-plagued buh-by sickness and wuh-we have lost our guh-guides. He must seek a nuh-new huh-home a-away fuh-from the memories o-of war, of p-p-pain, and o-of confusion. Wuh-wuh-we wuh-will.... go to... where our... once-allies... lived: E-east o-of Huh-Halifax, i-in the lands... Phoenix vuh-Valley c-c-c-called muh-Moonstone... luh... Lakes."
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POSTED: Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:57 am

Gemma Silvertooth
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She had come when called and so had her children along with Light. She was a loyal tribesmen and so when the declaration was made that they were abandoning their territory none of the thoughts plaguing Gemma's mind were of anger or of mutiny. She understood, their land was cursed, cursed by the war that had broken it and maybe even the humans who' ruins were everywhere. Preparations instead began to fill her mind, what would be needed to done, the livestock, the supplies, her eyes widened as the enormity of this task. Even for them as such a small tribe, it was still mind boggling. Besides her, her children were wide-eyed too for Aniwaya was their home, the only place they had ever lived. And now they were to leave for stranger lands.

Gemma remembered well the lands of Phoenix Valley where her father had once terrorized, where she had first met Jace and Noah. But to move there...it was almost unthinkable but, they needed saftey. and freedom from sickness and poisoned memories. Her voice rose above the rest and she stepped forwards from the small crowd; Aniwaya had saved her, had given her a home for the first time in her life and she was not to be the first to turn her back. After a second deliberation so too did Payne, and Nate-River and Nvda step forwards behind her, followed shortly by Light, and she asked but one question,

"When do we leave?"

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POSTED: Sat Nov 16, 2013 3:13 am

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Moving? Duyugodv sighed. He had just gotten his herb garden set up and covered for the winter. Duy growled quietly in frustration. This would mean so much more work for him but, his exasperation subsided when he saw the pale fire tender step forwards and in no uncertain terms declared that she was standing behind the council. He hmm'ed thoughtfully, the waters here were tainted from rotting flesh and he had lost a patient, something that had never happened to him before. Uwolata was still gone, maybe leaving would be the best way to re-find him. Another spirit journey of sorts. The giant stroked his chin thoughtfully, living without Uwolata had been hard but eye opening for him. It had changed him in some basic way although he wasn't sure yet just exactly what that entailed.

He would follow then, his sister knew what she was doing, he hoped and Duyugodv's brute strength and height would be useful. He had followed her out of a desire to start his new life. This was the start of it.

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POSTED: Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:27 am


Attila's pushing off to AT for a few months, cue small breakdown, sorry this is short

He slunk along to the call in his feral form, head low, tail low. He was not prepare for the news and characteristically lingered around the edge of the small group. Props to Claudius, he didn't linger. Straight to the point. Or as straight as he could with his nervous stutter. Moving... His face fell immediately. He was frozen for a second and missed where exactly they were moving to. Attila backed away slowly, AniWaya wasn't his home anymore, not with this move in place...

He ran shakily towards his old den, scooping up what little he had. Where was he going? Where else could he go? He would not run to his mother's home. He didn't want to be the coward again and again. Where else but Anathema. A place he knew. The place he'd offered himself as foundation.

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POSTED: Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:02 pm

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He arrived in response to the request of a pack meeting. The air seemed to hang thick and heavy around him and he thought it was from all the sickness that had been going around and that those that had not gotten sick were busy with caring for those that were and in keeping the animals and gardens tended, especially with the short days and cold of winter on the approach. His thoughts pondered over the sickness and other happenings that he had heard about and if that had any bearing on the reasons for the meeting.

Ibycus felt a wave of sadness flow through him when the announcement was made. He may have been in the pack a few months but felt that he had only recently arrived. There were still places he had yet to visit and explore. There was still a lot of Aniwayan ways of life and culture that was still to be learned or understood and he wondered what would change, if anything, along with the location. The sadness was replaced by mixed emotions over the thoughts of what was proposed for the future of the pack.

After the initial shock of the announcement for the pack to pull up stakes and leave the territory, he pondered over the concept and decided that he had no significant attachments to the lands, only the residents, that he was ok with the move and only had some regret at not having the chance to explore everything. He then turned his thoughts to the move and considered his stuff and that he was essentially ready as he had always traveled light, only a few prized books and tools to load into his bag. As he had spent many months on his own and on the move, he had not acquired much in the way of possessions. That pretty much would leave him free to assist Gemma and the others in getting ready.

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POSTED: Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:46 pm


At the call of a meeting, Océane turned her head from the border to inland, immediately leaving her route to follow the call. Her lupus figure easily found its way to the gathering place, arriving alongside the others. A certain white figure called attention, and she stood next to Attila, bright eyes upon her other brother as he made an astounding announcement.

Océane stopped, her eyes wide for a moment. Her head lowered, thick fur tugged by the wind. Aedus immediately sensed her distress and found her in the form of smoke, quickly solidifying into a white serpent at her feet. Her eyes were unfocused as she drug a paw against the soft earth- the earth of her home. She may have lived her on and off, but it was still hers. She had been born and raised here: it was always a solid place for her to return to to feel comfort. It was just earth and trees, why did it matter? But it did. The spirit guide quickly found the source of depression in her thoughts, and his black eyes met hers, sympathy there. The snake had not been born or raised here: but through their connection he could feel exactly as how she was, and knew that it hurt. The snake lifted his head to curl around Océane’s neck gently, and somehow the cold scales behind her ear comforted her. She lifted her head from the ground to Ulilohi and Claudius, nodding quietly. The land had served them well, but it had grown worm. Too worn. War and curse hovered here, and it was time for them to find somewhere new.

It was about this time she noticed the white figure of her brother turn and vanish in distress. Océane turned, almost to follow him, but she only got as far to raise a paw. She didn’t know where he went, and she would have made it worse, probably. She’d left home for too long: She didn’t know what was going on with her family’s life, and she didn’t want to pretend that she did. She sat facing the trees, running over the game plan in her head. This was going to be a huge project.

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