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POSTED: Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:15 pm

Claudius had seen the doubt in their eyes. When he and Ulilohi had announced their intentions to move the tribe, they had worried. AniWaya was by no means small; they were nineteen members strong, but even then, could they make the move? Aranck was old and only just recovered from the sickness and many in the tribe had been plagued by its effects. Still, it was a necessary evil. They had to start anew and find their spirit guides once more. It would be a grueling journey, yes, but he hoped that they would be able to count on their friends.

He arrived at the borders of Cercatori d’Arte carefully optimistic. He wanted to hope that they could help them. After all, their friends were known for their trading and their creativity. Certainly, if anyone could think up an idea for a move so late in the season, it would be the artists and thinkers to the north.

Claudius could only hope that Skye would be receptive to his pitch. If he was lucky, he might be able to mention his friendship with Esther or remind Skye of AniWaya’s hospitality when they had extended their invitation for games and food during the game of Anejodi.

He howled for the leader, identifying himself and seeking her assistance.

Until she responded or arrived, he would wait.
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"Yes, you can come," Skye told her son. The three-month old pup yipped in response, but not really affirming nor denying her speech - Skye rolled her eyes but continued to walk towards the call that had sounded. He was growing up, and was growing more and more curious by the day, although he was by no means anything other than a puppy. She did not mind him coming with her to answer what she assumed to be Claudius's call; AniWaya had been an old friend of theirs, and had never shown them any animosity before, even when they had attacked Cour des Miracles and Crimson Dreams.

They arrived at the border shortly, where Claudius seemed to be waiting anxiously. Yes, Skye had sent Lowry to spy on them, but that was a minor detail, and AniWaya didn't even know - therefore, Skye looked at Claudius with nothing other than a smile. It was nice to have an amiable interaction with a leader for a change.

"Hey, Claudius," she said casually, gently waving her tail. "How are things?" Azazel looked at Claudius in amazement - he was really tall! And he smelled weird. "You smell funny!" he exclaimed, wagging his tail. Skye whacked him with her tail gently, looking at him briefly yet somewhat sternly; he grinned sheepishly and stayed quiet.

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Attention span of zero because PUPPIES

Skye arrived quickly—or as quickly as one could when they had a tiny little puppy traveling with them. AniWaya had not been home to a great number of litters when he was older, so he had never had the opportunity to interact with a young luperci. Although slightly distracted by the young boy, Claudius was not too swayed to reply politely.

“Huh-Hello, Suh-Skye. Thuh-things are wuh-well, but I a-a-am a-fraid—” he said, pausing when the puppy piped up. He hadn’t realized that the boy would speak and his words overlapped a bit.

Now fully distracted, he replied: “o-oh wuh-well, I huh-hope so, I am… from another… p-pack,” he explained. “You know, yuh-you suh-smell funny t-t-to muh-me t-too,” he added, with a lopsided grin.
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