Forging Ahead


POSTED: Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:56 am

An ear shattering clang rang through Casa as Isac, the burly butcher, dumped a load of scrap metal onto the ground outside forge. The Coblentz brother looked at Ryuu, scratched his head, grinned and shrugged. For his part, the white pelted male nodded politely, seemingly unperturbed by the cacophony. Of course, the same could not be said of Jonas who rushed out, looked at Ryuu, then his brother and finally at the metal debris. The scowl, a permanent feature of the Baker’s, deepened.

”What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Jonas demanded of his brother. Ryuu, unwilling to stand and listen to another unseemly outburst between the brothers, re-entered the forge.

The Japanese had been granted another chance. The fates, working through Alistair-sama had broken the bonds confining his soul, and the removal of his ban meant that he needed to carve out a new niche for himself in this foreign land. So Ryuu had decided to turn his hand to weapon-smithing, deciding to pursue perfection in the blades he produced. The War Lord had been gracious enough to grant him access to the forge, and while it remained the property of the pack, the blue eyed male was determined to bring the space a semblance of order, unwilling to toil in the squat gloom that his western cousins seemed satisfied with. In his mind he had seen the most efficient way to use the space, that would combine the greatest elegance. He had no experience of the kami in this land, and so he had set up the space in a way that he was certain pleased the kami from his birthplace.

He knew this task would move more quickly with greater numbers, so he had petitioned the two brothers for their aid. Isac-sama had been most gracious and had taken little convincing, his brother however, had needed more convincing, and while it might seem shameful, Ryuu had used the lessons of his masters and deduced that arguing that the forge would allow for better production of weapons, and thus better equipped pack members should another attack happen. The argument had been met with a curse and a scowl, but Ryuu had seen in the other’s eyes that Jonas-sama had been won over, though he had not come quietly, but the white pelted male appeared to have endless patience.

For now, the heart of the smith was quiet and cold, but cinders had been raked and every inch of it had been scrubbed, as had the floor, and yet Ryuu’s fur did not appear to be marred with dirt. There still was a great deal to do, but already the space was far more pleasing, lighter and cleaner. Racks for weapons and tools still needed to be placed up on the walls, the floor would need to be cleaned again, equipment needed to be moved, and eventually the scrap metal that Isac had moved outside, would have to be stored somewhere out of sight. Despite all this, there were several beginnings here, one for the pack, a new forge and hopefully a new weaponsmith soon, but perhaps more importantly, for himself.
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