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POSTED: Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:35 am

RO between Saul and Teme. I could have done a self-thread, but I figured a RO would be easier!

Teme Optime is by Alaine!

The Stormbringer male had no idea how to vocalise what he wanted to say. It had started with a feeling, a small niggle in the back of his mind that was easily subdued. It had moved, travelling around his blood stream and lodging in his gut, a restlessness that kept him up at night. An aching in his bones, that no amount of running through Vinátta or swinging through the trees could sate. It had numbed his extremities, his fingers and toes tingling with impatience and he had no idea how to voice all these things. He'd tried to speak to Lena about it, to tell her what he was feeling. But he hadn't been able to verbalise it to her and had given up frustrated. The boy had tried to spend some time with his siblings and cousins, entertaining and playing with them as much as he could. Perhaps trying to ground him, to help his figure out what was happening.

Temeraire had been hunting, honing his skills, using his fathers bow to try and perfect the art. He was getting much better than his haphazard attempt when Eclipse had first shown him her bow. While Lena had reassured him she was an efficient hunter, he'd left meat by her door to make sure she wasn't starving. He'd made sure that Colibri got some and he'd left a fair amount for Lilin and his siblings. While he wasn't hunting continuously and he often moved out of Vinátta to hunt, he often found himself slumping in his bed at night, blue eyes searching the ceiling for something, anything.

This restlessness had grown until it had exploded out of him- he'd been hunting down a doe, on four legs this time. Instead of making a clean kill to preserve the hide, his frustration had burst forth and he's ripped into the animal, mauling and tearing at as much as he could. After, he'd finished, the boy hadn't felt much better about it and had decided that enough was enough. After leaving the carcass on the outskirts of the village so that anyone could get some food, he'd gone to see his father. As the boy had grown, it was a rare occurrence that he actually sought his father out for anything. They didn't have a very close bond, but every now and then they would catch up with one another and that seemed to be enough.

Now, however, he needed his fathers advice. Not knowing whether Lilin and the pups would be in the house, he approached quietly. He'd tried his best to clean the blood from him before he'd approached his fathers house. Knocking gently, he entered to find the house quiet. Perhaps his father wasn't here. His thoughts were corrected when his father called from inside one of the rooms, an inquisitive "Hello?" before his son called out. "Its me, Dad. I wondered if you had some time to talk?" Even to his own ears, his voice sounded uncertain and his father exited the room quickly. Green eyes searched his face, picking up on the anxiety and uncertainty on his sons usually carefree and arrogant face. "I always have time for you." His father answered, to which Temeraire was sorely tempted to snort at.

Still, he needed his fathers help and after a quick nod, walked back into the communal area. The boy sat himself down, feeling the familiar ache in his joints as he did so. It wasn't a pain, it was a lack of want to sit still. "I don't know what to do, Dad..." He started on a huff of breath. Rarely had Saul ever seen his boy so serious and whatever was bothering him was severely weighing him down. Remaining quiet, Saul waited for his son to gather his thoughts. "I feel... restless, all the time. No matter how hard I run or hunt or try to help someone else out... I still go to sleep thinking of... more?" He spoke quietly, the uncertainty written on his face clearly clinging to his voice as well.

"I love my family and Vinátta... but I haven't seen much of anything and I think thats why I'm restless..." He paused, glancing up at his father. He didn't want his father to think that he didn't want to be here. Vinátta was his home and he often felt that there was nowhere he'd rather be than between the boughs of the forest. But recently, it hadn't soothed him as it once had. Blue eyes connected with green as he watched his father think over these words. "Vinátta will always be your home, Temeraire... And we will always be here. Its not a crime to want to explore more of the world, you know that?" Saul's voice was soothing and for a moment, the boy was struck with a fuzzed memory, his dads voice, soothing and calming.

"I don't want to let you down... I don't want to leave you here." He said firmly, his throat tightening. Temeraire did not cry, but he found himself dropping his head to his hands and taking a shuddering breath. "I'm scared, Dad. What if I leave and something happens? To you? Or to me?" It was the fear that was most obvious in his sons voice and Saul wanted to embrace the boy. But it was plainly obvious to him that Temeraire was on a precipice, dangling off one end while trying to keep himself rooted on the other. He couldn't have both and Saul told him this. "You won't ever know, if you don't try." The Virding said softly, sympathy for his torn son evident.

"So you want me to leave?" Came the irrational accusation, to which his father gave a soft chuckle. Temeraire was rarely insecure, but it seemed these traits were dependant on this choice. "I would like nothing more than for you to remain here. You're my son and I love you. But you came here asking for my advice... and my advice is to go and find yourself." His fathers tones remained soft and soothing, an infinite understanding in his voice. Temeraire fell into silence, blue eyes searching the floor as thoughts turned to this possibility. Could he leave? Could he go and explore, go on adventures and hope that it would go for the best? Yes, he supposed he could.

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