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OPTIME - Estella's moving, but so is the nasty weather. Who will help? D: (494)

Moving day. She'd told her mother of her plans to move out of the family home only a week ago and after some deep conversation, her parents had agreed that she was plenty old enough to do so. She'd settled on a shabby little two-room hut not far from the family home, but far enough away to offer some privacy. She'd already strung up beads along the front door to claim it and the day before, she'd gone in to clean. It wasn't the prettiest or best built little house in the township, but she was proud of it anyway. Her first home.

Estella got up early that morning, moving about her room in what could've looked like a frenzied panic. In reality, she was just packing in her own bubblebee way. As she packed her things into a crate she'd burrowed from the hotel. She didn't have much to bring over from her room here, but there was plenty more to do to make her new home livable by the end of the day and only a single day to do it.

She packed the last of what she could fit into the crate and paused, taking a moment to breath. Inside the crate, her trinkets and hand-made crafts were neatly tucked between fabrics she'd yet to use and small cuts of rabbit pelt that was left over from her attempt at making another cloak. The ruined thing still hung stupidly in the closet, left to die there when she'd gotten the rest of her clothes and fabrics. Some tools and such also littered the top of the crate and as she took one last look over it, she nodded. Time to go.

The room she left behind would still have a bed and furniture in it, for her siblings to use if they chose to. She took only what had always been hers and heaving the crate up with a grunt, made her way towards the stairs. Somehow, with a lot of help from the railing, she managed to get down to the front door, but as she stepped outside, her cloak quickly got in the way. The wind was cold and stronger than it had been the day before. She stopped, shivered and set the crate down on the step.

"Oh, parfait. Il serait d'assaut aujourd'hui." She growled, crossing her arms and tucking into her cloak further. The darkening sky threatened all sorts of nasty weather and the hum of static in the air told her just how bad it would be. Of all the days she'd picked to move... Maybe I should just go back upstairs, wait until tomorrow... She sighed into the fur of her hood and leaned back against the house, staring in the direction of her new home thoughtfully. ...but I did promise myself I'd be moved today. Oh, what to do...


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326 words. Hi there!

From the time she left the house to the time she got a couple miles from it, the winds had picked up severely. If she had known what type of day it would be when she left the Catori manor, she would have stayed inside and hung out with Aithne (yes, even Aithne). She had left the toddler with his father like she usually did, and made her way out to collect the fishing nets from the docks. She passed several houses on her way towards them, not thinking much of anything. But when the winds started to pick up and the sky grew grayer than it had been, Rio slowed her walk. Did she really want to be stuck by the docks when it started storming? She'd be soaked more from the wind and the water crashing than the actual rain.

Rio paused in the middle of the path, unsure whether to actually continue and hope that she didn't get soaked or give up on the plan altogether and head back home. She looked around, and noticed Aoves and Harvey's house and a girl standing outside. She had recognized the girl only to be one of their daughters, and seeing that she seemed stressed, Rio's legs led her over to help. It seemed that neither of her parents were around, and somehow, she wished either one of them would appear to talk the girl out of carrying this crate outside anywhere.

As Rio approached, she didn't understand any of the situation any better. All she saw was Estella carrying a crate outside in the pending storm. As she neared, she could point out that the girl was somewhat dainty like her mother. "You're not thinking about going out in this, are you?" She had to speak somewhat loudly to carry her voice over the gusts of wind. In the back of her mind, Rio hoped Acciai was in the stables somewhere safe from the wind.

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OPTIME - Ohai! :D (330)

Estella was about to turn back when Rio appeared, her dark pelt ruffled by the wind and a look of confusion and concern in those blue eyes. Estella offered a quick but polite nod, then leaned back against the doorframe. She grinned despite herself, a pretty expression that only suited to make her all the more fragile.

"Une bonne journée à vous, missus Rio." She called in turn, her voice barely carried over the wind. "En fait, oui. I'm moving today. My new place isn't far, but this storm..." She looked into the wind with squinted eyes, scanning the darkening skies with a grimace. "Temps fou. I promised myself today was the day, but... I don't know if it's such a good idea anymore."

She lowered her head in disappointment, shoulders slacking with the weight of the crate. Her eyes met the ground and then, after a moment, she looked back up at Rio with a puppish pout. "Please, come inside!" She ushered backwards into the house and set the crate down once she was inside. The creaking building was quiet besides the wind against it. The family had gone out for the day and Estella had the house to herself- for the last few hours she'd live here. As soon as Rio was in, Estella would turn back and smile, brushing hair from her face as she did.

"Forgive my manners. My name's Estella Butler. What brings you out to Lunenburg today, missus Rio?" She gave a more proper bow as she spoke, respectful of the older woman's higher rank and status. She'd never really spoken to the dark furred woman before, but she'd seen her around and the young Butler girl made a point of knowing at least the names of her packmates. Rio was a Countess, if she recalled correctly. A good rank to be in, with mostly stress-free expectations and plenty of options to be of use to the Court. Better than her own rank, anyway.


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365 words. ooc text here.

As the girl acknowledged her back, she answered in a language familiar to Rio, but one she couldn’t understand. Rio spoke Italian, not French - but French was common in her household as it was spoken by both her mate and daughter, and soon, Aithne would speak it as well. Even though, she hadn’t understood what Estella had said, Rio dipped her head to her anyway in some sort of greeting as she approached the porch in attempt to hear the young Butler better.

Oui was a word she heard a lot, and it was one she grasped the meaning of quickly. The others were still lost to her. Just as Rio was about to make a desperate decision, she was invited inside and the Marino woman didn’t hesitate. The wind was wreaking havoc on her naturally curly and knotty hair. Entering the house, Rio formally bowed to the young girl she already knew as Estella Butler. She had the sweetest accent; it was one very similar to the one her mother had. ”It’s nice to meet you as well, Seigneur Estella.” Where titles hadn’t mattered with Charlotte or anyone she was close with, Estella was someone she had never met before and she was careful to use her title in addressing her.

”Ahh, I was hoping to pick up a net from the docks, but since the wind picked up on my way there, I really didn’t want to get stuck by the water when it started storming. It could get really dangerous out there, you know,” Rio warned. She didn’t know how bad it would get by the water and the wind was always worse in the city, and from knowing those - she didn’t want to risk it anyway. She would assume the danger lay near the waters during a storm.

Rio glanced out the window to see the sky turning gray, and the wind seemingly still present, but there was no rain yet. ”How far is your new place? We could possibly make it if we hurry. I’ll help you,” she offered, hoping Estella might take the offer quickly so they can be on their way and hopefully miss the rain.


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