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Though sensing the shift of hormones within her, her bodie’s taut figure and natural odor shifting more towards one of pregnancy, Aoves was still mobile, and knew that there was work to be done. With the entirety of one litter nearly entirely set lose upon the world, and the second beginning to venture further and further from the sanctity and familiarity of the house, moments of quietude were no longer quite the rarity that they had been before. As much as the woman might have enjoyed reveling in that delightful hush, Harvey’s head perhaps on her lap as she drifted off to sleep, and snowflakes swirled past the window with lavish flourishes, alas, she could not.

Jolie trotted some feet around her as she walked, the hefty mare aware, but not entirely concerned with the movements of her canid company. Aoves’ footsteps across the snow dusted pavements littered the ground, soggy imprints of darker brown that dirtied the white appearance of the snow, marking her haphazard trail from store to store to abandoned homes. The house was in perpetual need of something, whether it was more fabric to stuff into drafty cracks, more flammable items conducive to the creation of fires, or even the simplest, and easiest items to overlook. Night was falling though, and she shivered in the bitter cold, grasping her black cloak tighter about her figure.

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It was strange adjusting to the fact that he did have half-siblings by his father's mistress. At first, Pascal had been cruel -- taking out his anger and his pain on the girl, telling her those hard truths that had come about because of her conception. But he knew that Giselle wouldn't have wanted him to give into that meanness, and he'd recovered -- and hopefully not left the girl with too bad of an impression.

Still, though he'd warmed up a little to Abigail's existence, Pascal hoped that she didn't come back. He didn't like change in his world; it frightened him, and he'd gone through too much of it all at once. Now that she'd gone back home to Vinátta, the young man started to recover. He fell back into his usual routines, reading his stories and hunting for the pack and attempting little projects when he had the time, and soon the routine comforted him, and he began to regain his old spirits. Though there was no smile on his face, no indication of his happiness there, the fact that he was out and about, a little more vibrant and talkative than usual, would be enough.

Night had fallen now, and this usually drove Pascal to his room -- but he ventured outside now, in his Lupus form and curiously sniffing at the ground. He'd noticed that Skoll had left that night, and he attempted to follow the trail. He knew that Skoll often went about his own business, patrolling very often and chasing away any predators that could possibly threaten the members of the Court, but these weirdly rhythmic nightly escapades were confusing to him. They had become a routine of their own, and Pas wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on, if he could.

But somewhere along the way a nocturnal creature spooked him, and he chased it down -- and by the time he'd lost track of that, he was venturing closer to the town. He decided to roam, glancing at the first stars beginning to wink into existence, the last colors of the sunset starting to fade in the west. He twitched his ears and trotted onward, heavy paws roaming across the snow, before he stopped at the sound of hooves.

There were two figures in the dark -- a horse and a Luperci -- and Pascal lowered his ears before recognizing the scent of his fellow ranked member. Freifrau Aoves, he called out in greeting, and walked toward her.

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