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Puppy Naming Ceremony: Ausa Vatni
Date: Jan 31, 2014.
Setting: Vinátta Pack Lands, Sveit Village Hall
Time: Noon
Info: The first round is only for leadership and participating family. Done! Second round is mandatory for everyone else, you have to post at least once or your character risks demotion. If your character has an IC reason not to attend, PM the VN account to let us know. Otherwise, all members (including NPCs and those on Absentee) are assumed to be present by the second round, and food and alcoholic beverages are available. Closing date will be March 7th.

Northern winter entrenched their coastal land deep in snow and ice. Bitter winds rattled the pine needles in the coniferous forests, and grew icicles like reaching fingers from the bare branches of the deciduous trees. It was a quiet time for most wolves as they focused simply on hunting and staying warm. Families and friends shared firelight and food, and that was the close-knit atmosphere Colibri hoped to accomplish in the grand hall that day.

It was time for the Ausa Vatni, to bless the next generation of puppies – her own were included this time, which made her heart swell with pride. Niernan would bring their trio by at noon, as Ascher would bring his pair of children, and Palaydrian her youngest, for the joint ceremony. It was much too harsh to conduct the event at the lake as was the usual, so she had organized the festivities indoors at the Vináttan built village hall.

Colibri had to prepare the hall first. It had not been used for a pack function in some time, so she enlisted the help of the jovial Jindabyne and Joondalup to sweep the cobwebs and set the table with firkins of drink and mugs for the toast. Axle and Grit hauled a fresh elk carcass between them, and set up a roasting spit on the frozen lawn outside. Once the meat was prepared and portioned in varying degrees of rareness, the burly Valds began carrying it indoors and piling it up for their packmates to feast on. There were already stacks of smoked fish and dried boar and rabbit jerky brought from the storage house, and seasoned packmates knew they were welcome to add their own refreshments if they had contributions to share.

Colibri carried in some simple decorations she gathered from nature – pine cones, sprigs of evergreen, bundles of potpourri – and arranged them throughout the hall to chase out the musty scent and make it feel more welcoming. The almanac was prominently on display at the center for those who wished to read up on pack history before taking part in it. Miskunn came sweeping regally in with a ceremonial bowl of water from the lake, ready to perform the Norse baptism once the sun reached noon. Saul would bring the hand carved pendants to induct the six youths officially into the ranks.

The hustle and bustle filled the air with anticipation. Coli slipped back into the cold for a brief moment to catch her breath, and leaned against the heavy door of the hall. She had not used her Optime form since the birth of her pups, and was already exhausted by the effort she had expended to act as Sannindi again. She had donned her only garment, the long rabbit-fur cloak, to fight off the winter chill as well as lessen the obvious weight loss due to her state of malaise. Most of the pack did not know of Coli's current health, and she would rather downplay it so that the children and parents got their special time to shine.

This day was much too important for Colibri to miss out on just because she felt weak. Not only would her mate and youngest children be participating, but her oldest children would all be there as well. Florina would keep her word and visit from New Dawn, which should be a lovely surprise for Fiora and Farina. All six of her babies, under the same roof for the first time. If only her heart would stop fluttering so rapidly, she could catch her breath and compose herself. She was as nervous as she was excited.

The Sannindi smiled and tilted her head to the grey sky, howling to summon everyone in their lands to the village hall. Her small voice was lost in the wintry gales of wind, but was soon bolstered by Miskunn’s melodic alto. Coli nodded gratefully to the Godja, as well as to non-pious Axle and Grit who excused themselves to faithfully watch the borders while the pack celebrated. Then she pulled her cloak more tightly around herself and shuffled indoors, where it was warm, to wait.

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Niernan Stormbringer
Why can't the moon stay full forever? Right now she's got nothing on her mind.

Today was the big day, his youngest brood was being baptised into the pack and the Norse way of life. They had already had hundreds of the old stories told to them; of the Gods and the legends, but also the fairy tales, the stories that families told over warm drinks by the fire in the cold nights, when it was impossible to go outside. They seemed entranced by the stories, falling deeper and deeper into the lore, and he was happy about that, they were Stormbringers, despite Fionna's vin Haki moniker, and they should know of their ancestry and culture. So today, their true induction to the pack and their initiation in the Norse traditions was important, especially to him and Coli.

His mate had instructed him to listen out for her howl, to come along and bring the pups at around noon. She had gone ahead, as part of the leadership, to set up for the ceremony. He was more than happy to sit and wait with his children and pets, playing with them in the warmth of their home. It was as he was being pounced upon by his children that he heard the thin call, four sets of pointed ears swivelled to the familiar voice and suddenly he was three puppies lighter as they clamoured at the door. He chuckled as he watched them, though worry sank into his heart as he heard how weak Coli's voice was. She hadn't regained her strength after birthing their children and he was concerned. He wanted her back to the way she was before, with good weight on her and full of life, but so far she had failed to put any weight on and her body seemed to tire all too quickly. He was at a loss for what to do to help her. Perhaps he should go to Saul and air his concerns with his cousin, the medic Virding just may know a way to get Coli back to health, he was sure that Saul had helped her last time, after the flowers had been born.

And there his heart went again; the flowers. Coli's first litter, Fiora, Farina and Florina, had hardly taken to him. He'd had very little interaction with them, which he half blamed himself for, but from what he had heard Fiora and Farina didn't accept him and Florina pretty much hated his guts, but he could understand her distaste; he had been the one to find her after the accident with her mother and he had said some rather unsavoury things. He had tried to resolve it with her but she seemed adamant to dislike him. He could only continue trying, just as he would with Fiora and Farina, though he would never force them to see him as a father, that would be wrong of him, just like he would never force Teagan and Lochlan to see Coli as their mother. He sighed and tried to still his nervous heart, knowing the flowers, even Florina, would be at the ceremony made him anxious. He wanted them there, these pups were their siblings, he just knew that he would feel uncomfortable with the disapproving and perhaps even outright hateful looks he would get.

Attempting to calm his nervous heart he removed himself from the floor and grinned as he approached the pups, ruffling their soft puppy fur with his hand. Three sets of blue eyes gazed up at him, innocence and excitement shining within them, "We gon' see Mama now?" Russano struggled out, his juvenile tongue fumbling the words as he gazed up at his father. "Yes sweethearts, we're gonna go see your mama now, and lots of other people too. It's a special day for you; your Ausa Vatni. You're to be accepted into our way of life today, and you'll get your Frithr pendants." He showed them his own pendant and they all grinned and wagged their thin tails, eager to go.

He shooed the pups away from the door and yanked it open, letting the winter wind howl through the opening into the warm home. He looked at the high piled snow with concern and shivered in the driving wind. He looked down at his children, they may have been just over two months old, and well into their first growth spurts; their legs now lanky and their tummies less rotund, but they were still small. They would never make it to the village hall unaided, yet they were too heavy for him to carry all three. He turned to the room that Lochlan and Teagan had once shared, now the residence of Teagan alone. His eldest daughter stood in the doorway, smiling at her father and her young siblings. "I'll take Nin if you take Fi and Russ, she wiggles the least." He grinned at her, "Deal." The golden female strode over to her youngest and quietest sister and scooped her off the ground, snuggling her and tickling her. Ninian squirmed and wagged her tail, a joyous smile plastered on her face, she seemed to have really take to her eldest sister, just as Teagan seemed to have a soft spot for the quiet runt of the litter. Niernan gathered Fionna and Russano into his arms, hefting them up with a groan, "Gods you guys are heavy. Well, let's get going then."

He started out the door, paws sinking deep into the cold snow, Teagan following behind him. Surprisingly they gained a tail of small furry animals; Ciaran led a procession of cats and one otter out of the door to walk in the wolves wake. The large feline simply purred when Niernan raised his scarred eyebrow at him. He shrugged and led the way, forging a path through the deep snow. As they walked he grinned; he could feel Fionna and Russano paying with his Frithr pendant and the beads that decorated it, mumbling in their broken puppy language about getting their own and being 'growed ups'. He glanced back once, briefly, to see Teagan talking to Ninian. The pale pup in her arms never said a word, her muteness still a mystery to them all, but she listened intently to every word that Teagan said, nodding and wagging her tail to convey her understanding.

Before long the village hall hoved into view and Niernan breathed a sigh of relief, speeding up the last few paces to get into the warmth of the hall, all anxiety over potential ceremony guests forgotten in his desire to see his mate and be warm. The pups wiggled furiously in his arms and he laughed as he put them down, watching them dash across the floor to scramble at their mother, Teagan appeared to have done the same as Ninian dashed past him to join her siblings. He looked down at his paws seeing the snow thickly clumped on his fur. He stepped outside for a moment to free himself of the heavy snow before re-entering and striding over to his mate and children. He smiled softly at Colibri, bringing a hand up to caress her face lovingly, "Hello love." He aimed a quick, affectionate lick to her cheek before settling beside her to await the arrival of the rest of the pack to the ceremony and celebration, the pups at their feet, shifting with excitement and anticipation. Nier allowed a glance over to his elder daughter, seeing her busy chatting with the young black cat that perched on her shoulder, three more cats, one black, one silver tabby and one large dark tabby, and a three legged otter sat around her feet. He smiled at his odd little family, a warmth spreading through his chest; it didn't matter now if he got disapproving glares from Coli's oldest children. Nothing would dim the joy of this moment.

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The Frithr pendant dangled from Ascher's closed fist, swinging gently as if it felt lost not being against the Eljun's cream-coloured chest. It had rested there for over half a year now, through everything; it had met countless wolves who wore its fellows, all connected under the friendly banner of home; it had witnessed every bad thing which had befallen Vinatta as well as every blessing. By far the greatest blessings for the Eljun Rikr were the pair of growing children who gazed at the slowly undulating carving, their scrappy tails – one straight and one painfully bent – stirring the air behind them. Bel and Orvar had seen the Frithr beads Ascher wore from the day their eyes had cracked open, but today they would gain their own – and of course, this seemed to erase any memory of the carved wood from their young minds, necessitating a close-up viewing.

“All right kids, you've seen it now and you'll have your own soon enough,” Asch murmured with a fond smile and a muzzle to forehead bump for each of his children. He replaced the pendant back over his heart, hoping that it might quell the frantic beating. Today the pack would see how far Bel and Orvar had come from the tiny bundles Ascher had hidden away that first night before taking them to Colibri. “Will our Mama be there?” Bel asked – one of a thousand questions she could have asked. This one hit a nerve, but Ascher forced his face to be impeccably smooth. “No, my little leaf, you'll have to make do with me.” Asch reached forward to ruffle his daughter's ears and Orvar moved closer to get in on the fatherly affection. “But! Colibri will be there, and Aspen - “ Bel's face lit up at that particular name; she had taken a liking to Aspen and even her cat, Major, who seemed at best disinterested in the pups and at worst disdainful. “- and your second cousins, and Drin, and Dagr..” “Everyone will be there, Daddy,” Orvar cut in excitedly. “It's an Ausa Vatni, and everyone comes.” Ascher nodded silently before leading his children out of the house.

It was only a short walk to the Village Hall, and one which was simple enough for Ascher to trust Bel and Orvar to make it there in one piece without his intervention – which was lucky, because the copper and beige man was a tense bundle of nerves. He still moved with a little stiffness in one leg, thanks to the porcupine spine which had lanced it, but his movements were as wooden as the beads hanging around his neck. Today would be a day of celebration, but the quiet man found he had to work himself into a celebratory mood. With all that had happened within and beyond Vinatta recently, Ascher had to actively search for thoughts to cheer him. The meeting of his friends and family to formally introduce the youngest members to Vinatta as a whole was as good a reason as any, but Ascher remained quiet as they approached and entered the Hall.

He set eyes on Niernan first, and went over to clap him on the shoulder, directing a warm smile to the circle of family close by. Orvar and Bel beamed, delighted to see Colibri in particular, who had been the first and closest thing to a Mother they'd known. The Eljun dipped his head to Aunt Miskunn, his ears splaying; suddenly he felt a child again himself, and he had to crouch down and whisper softly to his own children. “You two will be fine.” The words were more to reassure Ascher than Bel or Orvar, both of whom were dancing in place excitedly. Asch glanced to Niernan and Colibri again, wishing he had a hand to hold.


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So don't you worry your pretty little mind . . .

Ma! Come on, he looks fine! Whined Leaf, a grin spreading across his long whiskered face when he poked his head into the bedroom. “Eaf-eaf-eaf!” Dagr squealed, his mother softly sighing, as she withdrew her bathing lick from Dagr’s head, his fuzzy hairs looking like the soft down feathers of a chick, sticking out at odd angles as if he’d been electrified. Hey buddy! The fox called. “Uddy! Dagr chirped back, his brother gracefully leaping atop the bed and occupying the newest Soul with his bushy tail. Palaydrian could never seem to get the pup’s incoming coat to settle just right, but the squirming toddler didn’t seem to mind, barking “Me kean!” in his puppy speech to Leaf and pouncing on his big brother’s tail. Drin started collected her things and fashioned the carrying harness to her chest.

He’s still favoring that leg? The fox asked, Drin bobbing her head “yes” in reply, a bit of a frown playing on her lips and staring back at her from the water damaged mirror as she hastily braided her hair. She couldn’t worry about it today though, it was meant to be a celebrating time, the Ausa Vatni of her newest child and the ones of her dearest friends. I hope it’s nothing, she murmured, fastening Freya’s armband that Jiva had made her about her bicep and taking one last look around the room. I’m sure it’s nothing Ma… Leaf offered, nipping playfully at Dagr when he bit a little too hard.

Are we going or what? Called a moody Tyris from the living room, sparking both fox and mother into action when Colibri’s call began to fade away. The combo child of Drin and Aedan had a mouthful of fire red fur when the Aor scooped him up in her hands, his happy tongue frantically licking at the air between them before she brought him closer to her face. Ah yes kisses, momma loves your kisses, she giggled. “Isses!” He squee’d, as she indulged the child with her own affectionate licks before swaddling him into the carrying sling. Well whatever it is, this will have to do for now, she replied, knowing a walk through the snow to the Hall would be a fun adventure for the little pup, but ultimately it would only exhaust the toddler before the ceremony could even begin.

Accustomed to the harness and still so featherlight, Dagr fell into his usual behavior, glancing about wildly from his snuggled perch and barking at anything that looked mildly interesting while occasionally chiming “Mum-muh, ma-muh, mum-muh, ma-muh!” in time with the Aor Vald’s steps. Leaf ran ahead, most likely to meet up with Ivy in the Hall and find a good spot for the entire family. Tyris lagged behind, occasionally running his fingers through his natural mohawk and making faces at Dagr each time he caught the pup’s eye. The Soul child loved it, erupting into antics of “Ris-Ris!” and flailing his little legs.

The frown from earlier had completely disappeared at this point as a throng of vikings came into view. This would be the second Ausni Vatni she was participating in and it warmed the Vald that her sons had taken so kindly to the arrival of Dagr. They were more helpful than she could’ve ever imagined. Drin felt the press of her pale son’s lips against her cheek before he disappeared into the gathering, possibly in search of his twin brother as she made her way towards the participating families. She was beaming by the time she’d manouvered through the crowd and stood by her friend, Ascher, dipping her head in respect to Miskunn, Colibri, and Niernan. Her eyes swept over the young with warmth, so many would be recognized today. A tentative lick came from beneath her chin, she hadn’t realized Dagr had fell into a nervous quiet, crowds seemed to diminish his already boisterous personality.

It’s okay little one, she whispered, intuitive aura picking up on the Eljun Rikr’s nervousness as well and slipping a gloved hand into his. She gave her friend’s handpaw an assuring squeeze and waited for the ceremony to begin.

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-- sorrysorrrry! also, excuse grumpy-saul, his bubby has been kidnapped!

He had to go. It was his duty as Virding and Uncle to most of those that would be attending. But the weight of his loss pressed him further into the furs upon his floor, crushed and broken. For the past three weeks he'd been up before dawn and out, looking. But this morning, he'd woken and he hadn't been able to move. He'd lay in the darkness, the brightening light shining against the tears that slowly leaked down his face. He couldn't keep his family together, couldn't keep them safe. He couldn't keep hold of his own mate, drove her from the pack with their eldest son. His nieces and nephew had been kidnapped by a nasty group of mongrels and while they'd got them back, Saul still felt the weight of it upon his chest. And then, forever after they seemed to be plagued with bad fortune; Carya, Aspen, Rúni and now his own beloved sunshine girl. The weight of his grief had floored him and he hadn't moved for the six or so hours in which he'd been awake, staring at the ceiling.

Even Colibri's call, echoing through the lands and through his empty house, didn't rouse him immediately. His head turned, bloodshot green eyes flickering over the stark light of the day, the snow and frost pressing against the small window in his bedroom. As the minutes ticked on, he knew he had to go, had to get up. Heck, it should have been he who'd called for the pack, not poor Colibri. Even so, his thoughts swirled constantly around the absence in his house, his poor child who must be so afraid, alone, wondering why she hadn't been rescued yet. Swallowing past the lump in his throat, Saul managed to roll and rise out of his furs, his rather-more ragged appearance uncared for. He shifted, pulling on a pair of shorts before hooking the row of necklaces that had been hanging in his living room for a month or so now. Palaydrian's surprise had warranted another necklace that he hadn't counted on, but Ascher and Colibri's had been accounted for a while ago.

He was the last to enter the hall, a ghost, a ghoul of grief. Relief washed over him as he realised it was just family, pups in arms that had gathered. By now, he classed Drin within this sphere and offered only a cursory and brief smile. He tried, he really did try to let the joy of the day wash over him and as he crossed the length of the hall, pulling together a semblance of functionality so that by the time he reached them, he could manage a small but more sustained smile. I am sorry for my lateness, but I've got the necklaces. His throat felt a little hoarse and he coughed slightly after, guilty green eyes lifting to brother, cousin, closest friends for a moment; he didn't want to ruin their day.

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The great hall was soon filled with a buzz of conversation as packmates filed in from the snowy outdoors. Coli found herself swallowing nervously and picking at the hem of her cloak. She would never be comfortable with public speaking no matter how many times they hosted gatherings for her friends and family. It took such a concerted effort just to keep from stuttering when she felt all eyes on her, which was why she relied so heavily on Miskunn and Saul to do the orating. She had made some improvement overall, but she didn’t expect it to be noticeable. If only her heart would race a little slower – surely everyone could hear it pounding.

Her pulse skipped when she saw Niernan’s dark form enter the hall in a flurry of snow. Fionna and Russano squirmed in his arms and were soon released to scamper along the floor toward her. Coli beamed as she knelt to nuzzle them, and they were soon joined by the smallest, Ninian, once she left her favorite sister’s grasp. Smallest was a relative term, of course – their pups had grown so quickly, it was already difficult to carry them all. Strange to think how much she missed them after such a short absence. She busied herself by licking the snowflakes from their rumpled fur, and they protested and wriggled to escape. "You have to look perfect for your special day," she intoned, and her daughters rolled their eyes. "Daaa-a," appealed Russano as their father made his approach. Coli quickly straightened and flushed at her mate’s presence, leaning into the warmth of his fingers as he touched her face. "Hello, love," she murmured in response, ears falling back. Already she felt braver.

They were soon joined by Ascher, Orvar, and Bel, to whom Colibri greeted warmly. She was proud to see how well the little ones were doing – they too had a special place in her heart, even if they didn’t come by as often as they once had. She knew Ascher would be a good parent, and he was family to her now. Palaydrian arrived with the youngest Aeska, Dagr, safely swaddled in a sling like a chick, and Coli couldn’t help but wiggle her fingers in greeting to the golden infant she was seeing for the first time. Coli had been surprised when she first learned of Dagr’s birth, as she hadn’t known Palaydrian had taken a suitor since Jiva’s loss. It was obvious that the father of her child was not Vináttan, and so he would remain; no name was offered or necessary. Her surprise was shortly replaced by solidarity – their pack had always been supportive of the single parents, herself included. It only reminded her how thankful she was to have Niernan this time around. It had been dreadfully lonely to stand in front of the crowd all by herself those seasons ago. As Drin took Ascher’s hand reassuringly, Coli quietly smiled.

Miskunn caught her eye and nodded austerely, indicating that she was ready to begin. The priestess radiated calmness as always, with a faint undercurrent of pride to once again baptize some of her Stormbringer relatives. Coli bit her lip and peered through the faces gathered at the assembly – they were still missing their Virding, and she wouldn’t want him to miss this. Finally she saw the familiar timber-grey figure sweeping toward the head of the table, last to arrive. Saul’s haggard appearance brought a soft whine to her throat. Coli knew she didn’t look much better right now, but it was worrisome to see him taking such poor care of himself. It was Nier who first told her of Solieri’s abduction – so soon after recovering Runi, it wasn’t fair to the doting father. They had to put on brave faces for the sake of the pack, though, and worried blue eyes lingered on his before flicking back to the waiting Godja.

"Thank you for coming through the cold to join us, everyone," Coli called, raising her arms to draw the attention of her packmates. "T… today we welcome six of our Aeska into the Vináttan family. We give them our blessings and their own Frithr pendants, as is tradition. We f-feast to celebrate the joyous occasion." She bowed respectfully to Miskunn, who raised her staff and brought it down against the floorboards. A hush fell over the hall as her clear voice rang out. "Through the Ausa Vatni, we bless them with the elements of our home: earth and water."

Coli stood beside Niernan, Ascher, Palaydrian, and Saul, and felt as though the crowd behind them faded into the background. The puppies sat at their parents’ feet, wide-eyed and silent. The sharp perfume of pine caught in her nostrils as Miskunn raised a freshly cut switch of evergreen. "The Aeska are laid upon the ground, recognizing the source of all life, 'jord'. Then each child is raised to receive the element of water, a power of healing and good. It is sprinkled three times -- once in the name of Thor, again in the name of Freyr, and lastly in the name of Njord."

The Godja waited patiently for the parents to comply. Coli stooped down to pick up Nini and nestled her daughter comfortably in her arms, knowing her mate would carry their other two. Miskunn brushed the branch over the glassy surface of the water in the bowl, gathering droplets which she sprinkled on the foreheads of each babe three times. "Ek verp vatni þetta barn a, ok gef honum nafnit... Bel," she chanted flawlessly, gracing her nephew’s daughter first, then "…Orvar," she repeated the process with his son. She turned to face Niernan and Colibri, repeating the process for their triplets. "…Russano, Fionna, Ninian." Then the robed priestess flicked the spray of pine across the bowl once more, for "…Dagr."

The magick had been invoked, and they would receive their pendants from the Virding who carved them. Coli turned back to the long table with its sea of faces, and picked up her cup to signal the toast. The Godja had already replaced her pine branch with her staff, and brought it up toward the rafters of the hall. "Heilir Aesir! Heilar Asynjur! Heil su in fjolnyta fold!" The Sannindi chanted the familiar prayer in the old tongue along with her, adding one last "Hail!" for the Vináttans to cheer. Coli edged closer to her mate, relieved that everything had gone without a hitch and they could now relax and enjoy themselves. The feast could now begin in earnest, and they were free to remain in the warmth and company for as long as they wished to evade the winter weather.

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The family had traveled together, at least the majority of it. Anu stood beside her sons, Oak and Cypress towering over her and Auggie standing even taller then they did. Though only by a hair. The presentation of the pack's new youth was the Aeska's favorite, and she moved towards the front, stopped short of the parents that gathered close to the Godja and the pack leaders. The woman could not help but notice that the Sannindi looked brighter, fuller and with a greater sheen to her coat then she had when the two had stumbled across each other.

Blue eyes looked to Tayui, a soft smile coming over her as she thought about the day that they two women had brought up their large litter of four. The parents would be bursting with pride, joy that could hardly be contained. Yet they all knew what to do and what to expect. The ceremony was their most frequent, another point of pride for the pack as a whole. Their litters meant they flourished, the young being the life blood of their ranks. It was the most important aspect of their lives together, the most precious and the thing that needed their protection, guidance and love the most.

Blue eyes looked at the priestess, the words she spoke ones that Anu recited along with her in silence. It wasn't until she raised the cup that Anu took one for herself. She raised it among her family and her pack mates, toasting and cheering to the newest Vináttans. Hail! She cried beside her brethren and fellow Norse believers.


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The family was mostly together. Anu and Tayui were standing beside Auggie, Cypress and Oak, and Carya found herself being tailed by her kitten, which given the choice would have been left at the house. Instead the small feline trailed her heels as Carya gently came to a halt wondering where her newly acclaimed House-mate was at. Probably with Lily. She couldn't help but bite back the acid that she could almost feel at her lips, and instead replaced it with a gentle smile as she came closer to her parents as well as her siblings. A hug would be distributed upon her mothers' and her brothers' as she would gently settle to the very end of her mother Anu's side.

Her blue eyes glanced around as Carya caught her mothers' giving one another gentle, yet loving looks. Carya couldn't help but hide her smile behind a white hand, it was the most gentle and loving thing Carya could ever wish for. For Lochlan and her, it would be different, but perhaps that would change in time. For now the Rirk female placed herself with one hand on her hip, listening to the words of the Stomrbringer family- that Carya secretly wished to be intertwined in- as well as their Godja. The ceremony had been one that Carya attended with her family whenever it was held, and one that would be for her children, and her children's children. Carya actually felt like it would be a ceremony worthy of tears, when the time came. The Ausa Vatni was blessing the next generations of puppies into the pack, and all of which made Carya's heart flutter. She remembered her own Ausa Vatni, well not quite but otherwise it was a blur. Now she was ranked as a Rirk Starfa, and would soon climb within ranks and already towering in ranks over her mothers' she would soon tower over her entire family.

For now though, Carya was settling in with her own glass in hand that Carya had taken, and raised her cup with her mother, family, and fellow pack-mates. Hail! Carya bellowed among her family, and fellow Vinattans. Hail, indeed. As she walked gently to grab some food, and consume herself with a full mouth. Wherever Lochlan was, Carya surely hoped he was happy. He would show up shortly, and she would probably give him a gentle smile, with eyes that read danger.
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Florina leaned against the back wall near the doorway. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and silver eyes stared coolly out over those seated at the long table. Her mother made her promise, and so the faithful traitor arrived to see her little siblings on the day of their ceremony. Her own battered Frithr pendant still hung around her neck, same as it had since the day of her Ausa Vatni. Prying eyes might mistake her for a newcomer until they caught the wild scent of New Dawn thick in her pelt. Older Vináttans might remember that she was the Sannindi's daughter who fled last spring.

Florina stood alone, knowing better than to intrude on her family on a day so important. They could come to her if they had something to say. She still looked for Farina, Fiora, and Sólieri in the crowd, though a crop of sunshine-blonde curls was conspicuously absent from those seated. At least she had managed to convince Kerrian to stay behind and wait for her return (though it had required more teeth than she anticipated, given the newest facet to their complex relationship and his subsequent possessiveness). She missed the simplicity, and wondered if things could ever go back to being simple once they became complicated. Her searching gaze lingered on the backs of the Aston family's heads, and a subtle twitch marred her otherwise expressionless face. No, simplicity was hard to hold onto.

Ecru nostrils flared at the tempting scent of the elk roast on the table, though she remained frozen in place as Uncle Saul blustered in over the threshold. He was in too much of a hurry to notice Florina standing there, it seemed, though her eyes widened and tall ears fanned back at the sight of the Virding breezing past her. She almost spoke, but her teeth clicked shut as he hurried to the front of the room with a fistful of necklaces. Saul probably didn't know Florina had been invited. Her arms tightened, jaw clenched, and she stared fixedly at the Godja readying her props for the ritual. She had not promised to socialize — she was only obligated to bear witness.

Florina watched her stammering mother make a faint attempt to command the room's presence, small and lost in the folds of a voluminous cloak. Colibri's worn appearance did not seem much improved from Florina's visit a fortnight ago, she noted impassively. The parents and children assembled around Miskunn, and the priestess took over with rich silvery tones colored with notes of the old tongue that Florina had once demanded to learn when she was little. Miskunn had taught her the names of the gods, the runes, and other half-forgotten prayers and incantations that struggled to resurface in her mind.

Florina felt no connection to the little sisters and brother being sprinkled with lake water on their naming day (they were Niernan's, not hers), but there was an undercurrent of power that bound her to the ritual itself. She missed that feeling, rare and fleeting as it was. Hail, she uttered strongly, devoutly, but did not uncross her arms.

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Another naming ceremony. Aspen was pretty sure she had been to a different one very early on after she came to live in Vinatta. At the time, she hadn't known anyone, so she stayed in the back and couldn't see anything. Or maybe it was a different ceremony. Either way, this one was more important to her because it was for Ascher's children, and Colibri's but she had not met them yet. This time, though, she wanted to be able to see what was happening, or at least try to, so she was in her Optime form.

It wasn't quite time to leave yet, and Aspen sat on the floor of her house looking at Major. He had a confused look on his face after her explanation of what the ceremony was. She knew he understood some of what she said in high speech, but since they were unable to carry on full conversations, it was difficult sometimes and they often simply gave up when they both became frustrated.

"It's for Bel and Orvar and some other puppies," she tried again and he sighed at the mention of Bel and Orvar. He would never admit it, but Aspen was pretty sure he was starting to like those two puppies. She already liked them quite a lot. "I'm going, but you don't have to."

"Strange wolves. Let's go," was his simple reply and Aspen couldn't help a small smile. He was antisocial, and she would neither want nor try to change him. At the same time, she was glad he seemed to be embracing the life he had in Jordheim, and even starting to get to know a couple other residents, though he still seemed bitter about Cody leaving, and she understood that.

Major started heading for the door and Aspen stood up to go open it. Once both were outside, she pulled it closed and started heading to where the ceremony was being held. Major walked in silence at her side, and she didn't feel the need to say anything, either. When they got close, she found herself feeling shy, knowing how many others were going to be here. As they approached the gathering, her shoulders hunched forward and she made no attempt to correct her posture. She crossed her arms in front of her as she glanced around with her ears folded back, looking for someone she knew, and unconsciously looking for Ascher specifically. She spotted him up with the leadership and her stomach fluttered. Aspen blinked, and then Major distracted her by sitting on her foot.

"See them?" The feline grumbled and Aspen looked down at him with a nod.

"Up at the front," she replied in a small voice and then the ceremony got started. She watched as the puppies were sprinkled with water and given their beads. “Hail,” her voice was quiet compared to the others, but it always was. With the ceremony complete, Aspen wasn’t sure what to do next and decided to wander over to the food, hoping she would eventually find Ascher.

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