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POSTED: Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:17 pm

She did not want to be back in the town hall to make another pack announcement... not so soon after the last one, and not about such a topic. After Micah had informed her of what the message had said, and said that he could show her, she knew that there was just one more thing to do before heading towards Halifax to destroy this creature once and for all: tell the pack of Lowry's death.

It was with a heavy heart that she stood up on the speaker's area in the hall; some of the pack had followed her to the hall after hearing of or seeing what had happened - others would have to heed her call, which had rung of sadness and unveiled anger. She looked out at the pack - seeing them again in the same spot far too soon - and began.

"Some of you know this already," she said, getting to the point (Lowry's death - Lowry himself - was worth far more than flowery, empty words preceding a speech), "but for those of you who have not... Lowry has been killed." She allowed the fact to sink in; Skye closed her eyes briefly, quashing down the pain, the unexpected sharpness of his death raining down on her suddenly. She had watched him grow - he had more confidence in himself after being accepted into the Guild, and she had been looking forward to seeing him unfold out of his shell, to seeing him grow into what she knew he could be.

Now that would never happen. She opened her eyes again, anger taking hold. "Micah knows where to find the one who did this. He and I will travel to Halifax and kill him." It was a simple fact - she would do this, and nothing would stand in her way. She was an accomplished fighter - she needed Micah to show her the way, but she wanted him as far from harm's way as possible. She could deal with this threat; she only wished that she could have done so sooner.

"We will leave immediately. None of you need to worry. I trust you to use your common sense - be cautious, and don't go out unarmed. Be safe, be smart, and don't forget Lowry," she said. She looked out at them all again - it was a caution, but she knew that they had capable fighters within their borders, and she knew that if they were safe and sent out extra patrols, they would not need to fear. She stepped down from the podium and indicated for Micah to follow her - they were going to find the killer and give him what he deserved.

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POSTED: Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:19 am

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Coming from the scene of the crime she too stank of death and of sorrow and unresolved, endless anger. The hybrid's paws were clenched at her sides as she listened to Skye talk. She had walked with the laeder here and had attempted, in vain she might add, to dissuade the quest Skye was about to send herself on and encourage her to substitute Jace in her place. Skye was having none of it.

The Mercenary was torn by obeying Skye and yet also keeping her safe, as was her job. Not that Jace doubted her prowess or skill but if Skye died then who amongst the assembled had the pure nerve to lead. The strength to carry on their traditions and pack. Jace's eyes passed over person to person and summized that not many, if an at all, were fit for the role. She disagreed with this on principle, and her stony gaze encompassed all who would dare look at her.

She also did not put much faith in Micah's ability to find this place that Skye had spoken of, she did not have much faith in the coyote at all. Her mouth thinned into a line, maybe once she had been swayed by pity for the male but no more, she eyed the hysterical fool, contempt coloring her vision. If Skye died from this then he might as well not come back, or Jace just might find herself running him off.

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Esmeralda felt the dull ache of an anger that had been sharp when she had first seen Lowry's body. As with many strong emotions, it couldn't last in that heightened state so it had slowed down to a more subdued flicker that she could maintain for a long time. It would fuel her through the next hours, when she would begin an intense plan for keeping the borders watched at all points at all times. Until the killer was brought to retribution, the Commander would have advised a buddy system too. Two heads together were less likely to be seen as a potential victim, since they could defend each other. Though she didn't want everyone quaking in fear, caution was certainly important. Especially for the very young and the very old, the weak ones who could not defend themselves. Though they had a few wolves in the pack who were weak just by merit of their personality - Micah, for instance.

Her tail flicked from side to side as she entered the town hall for the second meeting so rapidly after the last. At least Talisien had left; he was alive, presumably, whereas gentle Lowry was dead. Dead for no fathomable reason that Esme could comprehend, though apparently Micah knew something of it. In her heart of hearts, the Commander blamed the timid and strange dark Lykoi for the death of the other Lykoi. For it seemed the message had spoken to him. It was probably intended for him. How much better, she thought bitterly, it would have been for Micah to be the one strung up. It was a hateful thought but she was not inclined to hold back her thoughts, even if she reined in her words. Her distaste for the dark Lykoi wolf was certainly no closer to abating.

When her mother presented the fact that she would be going with Micah on an assassination mission, Esmeralda felt her heart leap painfully. Though she wanted to offer to jump in and help, too, she knew there was just as important of a mission here for her. She needed to stay where she was and keep the pack safe, as its Commander she was obligated to make sure this didn't happen again. "We will be increasing patrols, so anyone who is capable of patrolling even if you normally stick more toward the central part of the pack, see me. I'll get you set up as part of the rotation." she said after her mother spoke, figuring it was her place as Commander to make that call and not needing approval for it.

Jace's gaze came to hers and Esmeralda locked with it, as unrelenting as the mercenary in her own stare. There may be some who could not prepare to take on the helm of Cercatori d'Arte if it came to that, she was not one of them. Although she did not fear that. Her mother was strong, where Lowry had been weaker. She would also be prepared. They would not let another Artisan die.
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POSTED: Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:27 pm

Kenna's entire frame trembled with barely contained rage. Although she had not been one of the few who had come across the actual scene of Lowry's murder, the collie woman had been one of the first d'Artisans to intercept those who had upon their return to Thornbury. The vision of the Ringleader's broken, bloodied body being carried past her, lifeless, never to wake again was fresh in her mind. Who could have done this? And to Lowry of all people? The Foxleigh woman was cold as she almost mechanically moved to stand before the d'Arte alphess and hear what she had to say. One paw remained rested upon one of the blades at her hip, as if at any moment she would need to spring for an attack. These were dark times for Cercatori and she was not about to take any chances. With her ears pulled back, her blue eyes flinty, the expression upon her muzzle a mere line, the cowgirl listened as Skye spoke of the event and her plan to hunt down Lowry's killer and return the favor to him.

Under most circumstances Kenna would have tried to talk the cream colored leader out of such a journey (especially without a real fighter as backup, as far as she knew Micah was too timid for such a task). She would have offered to go herself if it weren't for the fact she had not only her own pups to look after, but someone would need to be here, protecting their home should anything else go amiss. It was her duty to protect her friends and family and she would do so with every ounce of her being. Meeting Skye's eyes in just a flash of a second, the Shepherd silently vowed to the leader that upon her return, Cercatori would still be standing strong, no harm would befall it, she wouldn't allow it. As Skye passed by her after stepping down from the podium, Kenna dipped her head to the alphesss and then, after making brief eye contact with the rest of her packmates (Jace and Esmeralda in particular, her fellow high ranksmen), she followed her out of the hall. Kenna had every confidence in Skye's abilities. She would return home having successfully avenged Lowry's death, and when she did, Kenna would be right there, ready to stand at her leader's side as she always did, no matter what.

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He had been there, at the scene of the crime. He wasn't much help, Lowry had been dead when he had arrived. Still, he had been there and that was more than he could say for Taliesin. His momentary relief that it hadn't been his sire who had been murdered had ebbed into a cold anger that he even needed to worry about that. His face was neutral, a simple belt on his waist holding a dagger and a small pouch of herbs. He was no warrior, but he would begin to pay more attention to his training. He wouldn't leave the pack to visit Jazper again, but he could have Esmeralda teach him more simple defensive skills. If he dared, he could even seek out Sophia and have her teach him, maybe it would do her good to get some aggression out.

He felt eyes on him for a moment, he didn't move his eyes to meet theirs. What others thought of him didn't matter at the moment. As Skye gestured to Micah, Myr walked over to Esmeralda. "I want to be added to your patrol rotation." He paused for a moment, then added, "And maybe you could help me up my training, too. I'm no warrior, but I think D'Arte would benefit from me learning what I can."

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Lowry—his friend, his cousin—was dead. They had not been inseparable nor sworn like comrades to one another, but the two Lykoi had been similar. Lowry had understood Micah in ways most d'Artisans simply did not attempt. Had any other member been killed in the same circumstances, Lowry would have known Micah's innocence, might have plead it. But he was dead—the one man who had started to understand him was dead, and all those left behind turned to Micah a critical eye.

They didn't know him, and Micah could sympathize. It did not surprise him to be under scrutiny of Esmeralda, whom he had never gotten along with, but Jace? The wolfdog had sworn they were packmates, that she would protect him, but her trust had been evidently tainted. Her stare was the most terrifying of all, but in his hollowed grief Micah could no longer display on his face how he might have been fearful for his life.

And hollowed he was. A blubbering, tearful mess the Lykoi had been at the murder site, but in the time since quieted to silence. He stared as if empty at the dirt and regarded his fellow packmates with a vacant awareness, with eyes connecting but void in sight. He would not claim his innocence when he did not have it. He would not ask their forgiveness, or admit fear of harm from his packmates. He would not plead for his life as he had against the Inferni coyote. He would not be so pathetic again. There was nothing to be said.

Micah added no words as Skye spoke and glanced at no one when he departed obediently behind her.

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POSTED: Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:54 am

Slow Kitty is slow [439]

As usual he was late. It was intentional, he just had an order of things to follow, I need to have everything within his own domain perfect before he left it, a need to be presentable, otherwise his nerves would wreck havoc with him. Thankfully this time it didn't seem as if he was the last to arrive, noticing only a few that had gathered around the pale pelted leader. Looking to Skye, his tail swayed softly behind him, content that he for once wasn't seeming as incompetent as he felt. Sure, it wasn't a major deal to arrive when he was meant to, yet at the same time, it meant a great deal to him.

Eyeing the others who had gathered, a few faces were familiar, yet he didn't feel close enough to any to approach them just yet. Lingering back, he looked to Skye, awaiting for the message to be delivered. Ignorance was a blissful thing; it would have been better if he had broken a plant pot or spotted a cobweb, something trivial to delay him from reaching the meeting, delay him from having the words that caused a hollow pit to form in his chest, like a punch to the gut.

Maw dropping open a section, his head slowly turned side to side, the motion concealed within the vast depths of the hood that sheltered him. She was lying, perhaps a sick joke in some twisted attempt of entertainment. Because that was not possible; Lowry could not be dead. He was too nice to be dead, he had been the one to give Rei a home, the first one to ever say that Rei had good skills, to encourage him, to talk to him like he wasn't some piece of dirt to be stepped on.

Stumbling back he continued to simply turn his head from side to side, shock preventing any real further reaction from the runt. At the mention of Micah his mismatched eyes darted to seek out the other; Micah was the last one he expected to be accompanying the alpha on a hunt to kill someone.

He wanted the safety of his house, to escape the pain and panic, to be able to mourn the loss of Lowry where no prying eyes would be able to view the pathetic mess he would crumble into. Others spoke, but he did not contribute. He was a non-combatant and really, he was too numb and withdrawn to process much.

Stepping back some more he turned without a word and headed home, to deal with this by himself, to process what he had just been told.

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He pondered at there being another pack meeting called and Temo made his way to the meeting hall. It was unusual to have another meeting this soon after another and he wondered at what could be wrong. Several possibilities went through his mind as he approached the group and listened to the leader make her announcement as he walked up behind the others.

It saddened Temo deeply to hear that Lowry's life was cut so short. Whenever Temo saw him, he was always so full of life and energy. It was only with half of his attention that Temo listened to the rest as thoughts and memories of the young wolf bounced around in his mind. Whispered to himself, Temo said "You will be remembered."

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