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Despite knowing next to nothing about births and pups, she knew both in mind and body when she woke earlier than usual that it would not be long until they came. She was budging as if she was a balloon ready to pop, and it was no question that they were coming sooner or later within the week, but she knew that morning that the day was the day. It was an odd feeling, knowing that the weight she had gotten so used to would be relieved very soon, but she did not spend much time focusing on such matters as she narrowed her attention solely on making a suitable bed for herself.

There was no confusion or questions asked as she settled herself within the medical room, taking what pelts she was offered and arranging them to please her needs. Much of the late morning was spent with her poking at the furs to optimize her peculiar comfort and waddling around the room, suddenly charged with energy that she had no other way to release but pacing. At times her patience ran short, and remembered snapping at one of the males (she could not remember whether it was Hadley or Jazper) when they had asked if she needed anything, but she did apologize afterwards. It was about midday when she began to consider maybe she was being paranoid and calling out on a false superstition when she felt the first contraction.

Needless to say, the first wave was shocking, and honestly, painful. The yelp surprised both the medic and her mate, and she had to assure them with a forced smile, adding a jibbing comment that she was right. She continued to pace about as her steps became more quick and restless, and while she began to feel even more short-tempered, she allowed the others to grab her as the contractions washed over her as they ran their course, more for their sake than their own she believed (she would never admit that there were a couple of instances where she did indeed nearly tripped onto the floor).

A few minutes of this passed, and the impending moment came; Alyssum felt a wetness on her legs as her water broke, and it was only Hadley's insistence that her feet stopped wandering and she laid herself on the bed. The moments that came next passed in a blur for the woman: she felt a unfamiliar pressure build up, and she vaguely remembered Jazper grasping one of her hands as she let instinct take over her senses. Some of the pressure was suddenly gone, and she was handed a bloody, wet bundle. She cleaned it off, and through narrowed eyes saw that there was familiar pale fur under all the junk. She heard someone say "girl", and a name tumbled out of her slackened mouth, "Annabeth." There was no uncertainty that the first born who looked like the woman's mother was going to be named after her, that much she knew.

She held the wailing thing close to her chest, and while she wanted to bask in the happiness of holding her first child, there was no grace period and the pressure rose again, though this time she was more accustomed to it. Again the pain faded, and another pup was handed to her to clean. She was confused for a moment, and thought it was Jazper's hand and that she had mistook it for another child, but it indeed squealed like Annabeth had, and she could not help but give a weak smile. It looked just like Jazper. She had half the hope that it was a boy, but after cleaning and inspecting it, it was another girl. No matter, she thought, and held her just as close as her sister. Two, strong, little girls, and she could not be happier.

Another contraction came, and Alyssum had to refrain from huffing out in annoyance. Was it ever going to end? Her energy was nearly spent, and she was not sure if she could keep it up any longer. But, she did have some relief. She could feel that this one was smaller, and when it came, she knew that it was the last one, and allowed her tensed body to finally unfurl and relax. Again, she cleaned the pup, and she was a bit surprised: it was a boy. She had assumed that she was going to have all girls, what with the streak she was having, and to find that she was really a he, she managed a short chuckle. He was dark as well, but there was paler patches on him, and he somewhat large ears despite his tiny body, but he must have been crying the loudest to make up for his size.

Two girls, and a boy. It was a good, successful battle to add to her record, she supposed with a grin. She curled up closer to the sun king as she allowed the pups to feed, and it did not take long for her to drift off into sleep as she was surrounded by her loved ones. They could decide the names later, but all the woman wanted to do now was rest.

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