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a tiger can smile; a snake will say it loves you

Within the reason of the Law, defiance was amongst those most deadly of sins. One could rebel, of course, and she had found this most common in youth and in the wake of disaster, but such rebellion was oft short lived.

The more dangerous sort of rebellion was never-ending, and she could not allow it.

Salvia had meant to talk to him—she truly had—but the words had fallen on deaf ears. Even when he dropped the childish lisp, he had been defiant.

The more he demanded, the more that empty black space in her chest grew. Lokr had set her spinning, and now...now the force was unstoppable.

He hit her. That dumb little man had hit her.

It was too fast. Blows to the face, to the throat; her fist crushed the soft bone near one eye, cracking it. Her knuckles broke open and began to bleed. She was crushing him too, all of her weight, and she had known where to hit and how to hit to make someone stop fighting back.

By the time she had finished, blood was streaked in her hair and speckled on her face. It coated her knuckles.

She remembered Janos speaking in his own language, and how in the end he had just pleaded.

Let me take him, please.

“Don't ever come back here,” she had told him, and her threat hung in the winter night like the smell of death all around them.

lies make us evil


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