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Faolan's Leaving thread

POSTED: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:02 pm

fore-dated for the 18th of March, just posting this up early so I can get a few replies in with everyone before I post up a joining thread ^^; anyways, friends and family are welcomed to say fare-well to the young male. :) I believe Lin will be joining with Mistral ? Possibly. :P

Faolan had made up his mind.

It was official. The multi-colored male was going to go on his own adventure for now, and he would be going to another pack to find another being that he sought after, it was puppy-love, sure; but Faolan knew that it was something he'd had to do from the beginning. He wasn't leaving because of anyone, or anything, mainly he was leaving because he thought it necessary for himself to leave his birth lands and go somewhere where his heart ailed him to go. Vinatta, or rather somewhere else where the small female might be. He just wanted to see her again, get to know her. But, if anyone was to ask the young male where he was going, he would have said "adventuring".

He slowly grabbed his things from his mothers' house- while it would seem that she was out with the newest additions to his large family, and put them on his back in a satchel he picked up on one of his Halifax trips. Placing his hat upon his head, he turned to leave his mothers' house, exiting it and then turning back to say: Goodbye. before he made his way towards the borders, he would call for everyone there, already having discussed with Esther where he was going- as the elder female seemed to be a nice woman who could indeed, keep a secret. Maybe his kitten would be ready, he picked out a small black kitten named Raven, a perfect name for a kitten such as herself.

Within his bag he had jerky, and some pelts from deer that he took from his "old" room, looking back towards Cercatori d'Arte, and figuring that it would be best if he called for everyone to come and say goodbye to him. Especially Skylee and his other siblings. Although Lee already knew he was leaving and hadn't really said much about it, he figured that the reason why, was because she was upset. He left the gifts from his recent outing towards Halifax- dresses and some cute capri's, for his siblings in their room. He would miss them, yes, but this had to be done. He couldn't burden himself with staying in Cercatori d'Arte anymore, it just didn't fit him anymore. He let out a loose howl, as he came to the borders and would set his stuff on the ground, hoping to at least say goodbye to his mother personally as well as his sibling, Lee. If anyone else showed up, well, he wouldn't really care.

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IC: The evidence was clear of her son's restlessness. He had been taking many long trips outside of the pack, come home injured a few times and of course returned with knew experience under his belt. As much as Kenna worried for her eldest son, she could no longer deny the fact that he was an adult now. She couldn't deny him his desire to spread his wings and fly, make a life for himself. She would miss him dearly, there were so many things she wished she could tell him. But it was too late. Faolan had made up his mind and rumors became confirmed of his decision to leaved Cercatori as she returned to the home she and her mate and children shared to find the Kido male's room cleared out and the boy missing. Kenna's ears folded and her heart sunk. It was time. Sighing sadly, vaguely noting that she had only just missed her son's departure as his scent was still fairly fresh, Kenna turned and rounded up her youngest pups, Oakley, Ty and Kjintora. If they were lucky they could all catch up to Faolan before he crossed the borders and say a proper goodbye. Kenna would never forgive herself should she miss the chance to hug her baby boy one last time before he set off on his own.

As rough as things had been since Adrian's disappearance, Kenna knew that she would always love Faolan and he would always love her. With the three pups bounding after her in excitement, occasionally tumbling over each other as they chased their mother, Kenna hurried in the direction of the howl that rang out at the borders of d'Arte. Thankfully Faolan had provided her with the perfect chance to say goodbye by waiting at the borders. As the male's patchwork pelt came into sight with his belongings all packed and ready at his feet, Kenna felt tears well in her eyes as she met the boy's eyes with a sad smile. Approaching him, holding her arms wide to embrace him, the Foxleigh woman found herself unsuccessful in keeping her tears at bay. "Faolan, baby..." She whispered, embracing her boy and holding him tight for a moment. "So you've made up your mind I see...?" She asked softly, releasing him to get one last good look over him. He looked so much like his father, it was almost painful. Rubbing tears from her cheeks the Shepherd sighed and gave a weak laugh. "Where will you go?" She asked. "I'll have to visit you sometime." She gave a hopeful smile and shook her head with mild amusement as Oakley, Ty and Kjintora piled at his feet, bombarding him with sad whines and curious questions of where he was going. "We're all going to miss you you know..." She said quietly, but continued to try to keep herself held mostly together. It was never easy for a parent to let their child go. But Kenna knew she wouldn't dare try to deny the boy's sense of wonder. She'd always want him to follow his heart and his dreams, whatever they may be. Still though, it was never easy saying good bye. Even if it wasn't to be forever.

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The sound on the borders made her shoulders stiffen for an instant of tension before the message came through clearly. "What the..." she muttered, frowning as she considered the voice. Faolan. Her little buddy who had grown up into a bigger buddy. It sounded like he was leaving. That was a complete and utter surprise to the teal-eyed Commander. Not that she had spent so much time around him that she should know. It would have been nice to at least have a courtesy notification, though. She had thought they were at least that friendly with each other.

Her ears flattened with displeasure, then rose again on her head. It felt disloyal to her, especially with the pack in need as it was. Still, it wasn't her place to condemn him and she wasn't going to do it. Though she was going to go see him off. She wasn't sure how she would feel when she arrived. Hopefully the walk would clear her head and help her be more or less kind toward him as he left. After all, perhaps he would be in an allied pack and she could utilize her friendship with him in the future. Kinship between packs was always a good thing; it kept them from wars like the one that loomed with Anathema.

Kenna was there before Esme and she caught the tail end of what the Foxleigh mother was asking. Her own ears raised and she remained silent for the time being, her gaze turning to Fao to see what his answers were to what Kenna had asked. For now, she wanted the answers to those questions and she certainly wasn't feeling like moving forward to be affectionate. Her face was placid, neutral.
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sorry about this book guys D; no posting order though, as some others will be joining as well ^^;

Fao felt tears welling up as he spotted his mother Oak, Ty, and Kjin bounding towards him, his mother looked a little out of place, and he sighed- wiping his eyes before she approached him. He had to look tough, it was tough on his mother- he knew this, but it didn't stop him from making the right decision. Lee must have said something to his mother, he figured- or Esther talked about the packlands, the rumors weren't unheard to his ears. After all, he'd just returned from his long journey that long and horrid scar across his chest the signature of what happened to him. He was still shy though, and that would probably never change.

Kenna approached him quickly, and he had a half-heart to tell her he wasn't leaving for good, but changed his mind and then carefully embraced her, long and hard. His thick arms encircled his mother's waist and then moved up to grip her shoulders, before he pulled away from her and placed his hands on her tiny shoulders. Oh mamma. He said, wiping a tear away with one hand, giving her a gentle smile whenever he saw she gave him a sad one. Don't cry. He murmured and then would pull away to embrace Oakley, Ty, and Kjintora all at once, accepting the wonderful puppy kisses from his siblings, whenever his mother said so he'd made up his mind, he smiled sadly and nodded his head, standing so he could face her- watching behind her as another figure showed up. Esme. He flattened his ears and gave a soft sad whine towards her and towards his mother, wondering if Esme would hate him.

I met a gal, momma. Came his soft reply, mine as well tell her the truth, he thought to himself sighing and then grinning towards Esme a bit. Vinatta, or Cour des Miracles. He started, and then let his arms hang loosely by his side, hearing his sibling's whines made him feel a little guilty for leaving them, and then when his mother said that she'd have to visit him and that they would miss him, he felt the tears stinging his eyes. He rushed his mother then, embracing her in a full on bear hug, hugging her from the waist and lifting upwards so he might pick her up, a bit- if she allowed him too, and would bury his face into her shoulder, a few secret tears escaping his face. Love ya momma. He'd whisper into her fur and then set her down, his eyes looking towards Esme.

Esme was his friend, and he felt bad for not telling her first, since she was like...his first friend, but hopefully that would change when she heard that he'd met a gal. Of course, that wasn't all the reasoning behind it, he knew- but he wouldn't tell them that. He would just offer her a sad little smile, and wait for a while hoping that they might say something else. His next question though, was because he was sad that his own twin wasn't here, not yet- at least. Where's Sky?

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411 yes hello it is me and I am here to pass out angry father cats and free sibling hugs

It wasn't Skylee who came streaking towards borders to say goodbye to her brother, it was Crowley. The black cat was weaving through trees and moving as fast as his petite black paws would carry him, mostly a streak of black against the slushy white background of the forest, slowly shifting to spring. "Faolan!" he screeched, and then again shouted out the boy's name, "Faolan!" The tomcat skidded to a halt and nearly topped over, his claws digging into the ground as he whirled around, the fur on his neck spiking up a little bit and his sides expanding quickly while he caught his breath. "You're not really taking my baby, are you? You can't!" he shouted, yellow eyes set ablaze.

Skylee had been following after the cat, trying to keep up with him but he was fast and she was not nearly as fast on two legs. She had debated not even saying goodbye to Faolan at all, making a point that she was really furious with him for leaving, but she wasn't mad. She couldn't hate him. Skylee was just... disappointed, maybe even sad, because she couldn't loose anyone else. It wasn't allowed. "FAOLAN! Dammit!" She said as soon as she was at the place on the borders where he, her mother, and Esme were. The Foxleigh girl stopped for a moment, catching her breath and standing for a moment, bent over with her hands on her knees, cursing under her breath because Crowley was pretty damn fast when he was upset. "I wasn't gunna say gudbye because I thought ya wouldn't really leave me and ma, but here ya are, so here I am," she said, still somewhat out of breath. After she'd caught her breath, which only took a moment or so more, she ambled over towards her brother and wrapped her arms around him in a giant hug, squeezing as hard as she possibly could because Faolan was her brother and only of the only people she had left.

Crowley, meanwhile, lashed his tail back and fourth and looked mad, and sad, because he was oddly attached to the litter of kittens he had sired and most definitely did not want them leaving home. Definately not. "You better tell me where you're going at some point," Crowley threatened, claws flexing and digging at the snow, "Or I will most definitely find you and you most definitely will be scared witless."

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Micah's NPCed with Mistral in this thread.

It was Faolan's call from the borderlines that completed the conversation between granite coyote and his adoptive, soon abroad, daughter. For a number of hours they had chatted, Mistral assuring and reassuring her guardian how she would keep safe and what her intentions would be and how she would keep a back-up plan or return to him if something went wrong. Again and again Micah tested her, requesting the information she had gathered on status of the Court, what she would do if the bloody-eyed man appeared, how often she would visit. She promised she would not only learn to defend herself, but Micah wished something more: She needed to finally learn the flute.

Mimi did not understand. The interest had always been there, but without availability of instrument or mentor for Micah did not know the wind instruments. "Just do it for me," he'd said when she asked why. "You always wanted to and you'll need it. Just find a way."

The howl had been decisive, like the confirmation to Micah all that had been said was truly to occur. After the hours spent talking they walked to the borders together in silence, the young woman plagued by doubts and fears and second thoughts. She voiced none of them. Micah was allowing her the opportunity to grow, after all. She need not make him regret it.

Quiet and lingering away from Faolan and his distressing familiy members, Mistral and Micah joined the gathering, embraced, and waited. When the Spitz mix opened her mouth to rush Faolan along—if only to release herself of the unbearable torment of hurting Micah any longer—the granite coyote cleared his throat and shook his head. He looked as if he might remind her of patience, but the words must have been lost in his throat.

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Her ears flicked as the boy whined, a soft noise of plea that she did not address directly though it was aimed at her. The answers to his mother's questions were what Esme wanted. Of course she respected that the boy hadn't just left. That he had called from the borders and asked for wolves to come see him off. He hadn't just abandoned them, but it stung to think he was leaving nonetheless. Though she had considered the same thing, she had come to the conclusion that loyalty to pack was more important than some passing fancy.

When he said he had met a girl, she snorted lightly. Typical. Young love, which apparently trumped family and pack obligations. The places he planned to go were close with Cercatori d'Arte, though, so at least he was not leaving them for Anathema or some pack that was mostly unknown to the Artisans. The soft noises of the puppies who seemed upset at their brother leaving caused her to glance at them. They would have to get used to the abandonment of wolves they had trusted and known since childhood. It was probably easier for them to lose Faolan now rather than later.

He hugged his mother, looked at the Commander. The thinnest of smiles ran across her lips. "Good luck." she said, her tone ambiguous. It was hard for her to really know how she felt, much less express it wholly to him. Before anything more could be said, Skylee darted onto the scene with her usual energy. Along with a cat who seemed rather angry about something. Apparently, the kitten that was at Faolan's side was in some way attached to Crowley. Cats. They were weird creatures.

Esme looked as two others arrived; Micah and Mistral. She nodded briefly to the Lykoi and the girl who she didn't know. It didn't matter to her if Mistral left, she had never even gotten to know the child who had indirectly caused the death of Lowry Lykoi. She backed up a bit to watch the gathering for a moment. "Best of luck to you both." she said to the two departing Artisans, before heading back to her patrol. No reason for her to linger longer. She had heard what she needed to know; she'd visit Faolan to see how he was settling in the future, but for now, the borders needed her more.
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OOC: Gah, this is a really crappy post. x__x My brain's all over the place today. Sorry. XP WC: 918

IC: Kenna held her eldest son tightly as he embraced her. He was so much like his father the way he'd grown and was almost taller than Adrian had been. As a tear rolled down her face still a soft smile found its place upon her muzzle as she listened to Faolan's answers and the boy gently wiped the wetness from her cheek. "Dont cry." He said and Kenna nodded, chuckling a little and stepping back to watch him hug his younger siblings, feeling a bit silly. It wasn't like she was losing him forever, she could always visit him at his new home. It was then that she noticed Esme and gave a slight incline of her muzzle towards the other woman, acknowledging her presence before returning her focus to her son. "I met a gal momma." He said and Kenna's expression softened in understanding. "Ah...Well then, it would seem my baby boy's all grown up now and got himself a lady." She smiled a little and nodded. "You just be sure to treat her like she's the most beautiful, precious thing in the world, alright?" She said in a more serious, motherly tone and gently took his paw in hers a moment and squeezing it. As she learned of where he intended to go Kenna's heart settled a bit more. He wouldn't be too far then if he went to the court at least. She could live with that. "Both good choices.." She said, trying to sound more in control of herself than she felt. But Faolan wasn't fooled, she knew he would see right through her trying to be strong. With a soft gasp and a laugh her son grabbed her up in his arms in a hug, lifting her from the ground, just as his father used to do with her. He nuzzled his face against her fur as Kenna gently stroked the back of his head soothingly, a soft rumbling sound rising from her chest, a sound that came natural to a mother when comforting her child. "Love ya momma." He whispered before gently setting her back down and Kenna gave a small whine. "And I'll always love you too Faolan..." She said softly, meeting his eyes with love.

"Where's Sky?" He then asked and it was just then that a black cat streaked into the field meowing in distress. The cowgirl recognized the tom as Crowley, Skylee's cat. And then as if on cue, Skylee herself appeared looking flustered. Stepping back to allow the siblings to have their moment, Kenna ushered Ty, Kjintora and Oakley closer to her side in the meantime. The pups didn't quite understand what what happening, but they knew that Faolan was definitely going somewhere. With soft whimpers the three youngest stayed at their mother's side, their sad gazes fixed upon their big brother. Kenna remained silent through the rest of the conversation held between Faolan, his sister and Crowley, simply observing. She was glad to see her children all in one place, together again, even if it was only for a little while longer. From the corner of her eye, Kenna noted Micah and Mistral arrive and stay silently behind, watching the scene before them. Kenna gave them both a soft smile, still trying to hold herself together. It appeared Mistral would be departing today too. Although she didn't know much about the younger girl, Kenna knew that if Faolan's heart had chosen her, then she would be happy for them both.

Sighing softly Kenna glanced back the way she'd come. She would have to get the little ones back to Thornbury soon. They were starting to get cold. Although she knew this day would come, saying goodbye was never an easy thing. She knew that it wouldn't only be her that missed Faolan, that much was clear. He would always be in her heart, and a small journey away should he ever need her. Esme spoke again, wishing Faolan and Mistral luck in their journey ahead before departing. Kenna watched her go with concern. She knew that Fao and her had always been good friends. She'd have to catch up with her a little later and make sure she was okay. Faolan's departure was going to be hard on everyone, but all Kenna could do was remind herself that he was an adult now and he could make his own decisions. No matter what, she would always encourage that he follow his heart. Stepping forward once more, tears still shimmering in her eyes, the collie mother embraced her son one last time. "Go on and chase your dreams baby...Take on the world. But always know the road that'll lead you home again...I'll always be here." She said giving a gentle kiss to his cheek and stepping back, taking one last good look at her baby boy before nodding and turning away, rounding up the pups and slowly heading back to Thornbury. As she passed her eldest daughter, she met Skylee's eyes with sadness and gave her a look that invited the girl to join her at home should she need any comfort of her own. Kenna knew that even if Skylee didn't need a shoulder to cry on, she herself would not be able to be that strong. As soon as she got back home, the mother would break down and let the tears flow in hopes that somehow they would help to heal the pain she felt in having to say goodbye to her eldest son.

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OOC: Raven is now Faolan's, feel free to play her, Adel! :D

After hearing Faolan's call, Esther gathered up the small bundle of things she was giving him to take on his journey, along with the kitten he had picked out. She had made him a pair of knitted gloves that the tips of his fingers could stick out of, and picked out two blankets from the ones she had already made. These went into a basket with the blankets hanging over the sides and she placed the black kitten on top. The kitten's mother knew what was going on, and Esther thought she was ready for her kittens to start having their own lives now that they had gotten quite big. Still, Esther could tell she was a little sad as well. But several of her babies were staying here, too. Esther hoped to have Crowley explain to her later that she could always travel with Elsie and visit Raven.

After letting Sunrise say goodbye to her baby, Esther headed out towards the border. By the time she arrived, several others already had, and Esther could hear Crowley loud and clear, and he certainly didn't sound happy about what was happening.

"Oh dear," she said, looking down at Raven, who had perked up at the sound of her father's voice. She let out a squeaky little meow when she saw him, and Esther guessed she was trying to tell him that everything would be fine. Seeing that Faolan was talking with his family, Esther set the basket down to wait and Raven hopped out. It was then that Esther noticed Mistral and Micah standing off to the side and she was glad she brought two blankets.

"Are you leaving us, too, dear?" Esther asked, lifting one of the blankets from the basket. "You should take this with you to help keep warm, if you would like it." The elder held out the blanket towards her, remembering the headstrong puppy she had helped get to make a trip to the Court.
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o.o it's a book, but I am going to call this an end unless someone else wants to post? :D

Esme and his mother were the first ones to show up and wish him good luck on his trip. Esme was his dearest friend, they were always close through their childhood- or rather his childhood, so it was hard to determine what her emotions were, he just nodded towards her, and would listen whenever she spoke. His littlest sister and her damn at came into the picture, and Faolan flattened his ears at Crowley. Uh...well...yah, I s'pose. He said, teeth gritting as he spoke to the cat. Dun worry, she'll be perfectly fine wif meh, I promise. He said to the distressed father cat, which Faolan found rather strange.

Watching his sister approach him with sadness- or anger?- in her face and eyes, he would lie his ears back and watch her. She was screaming at him, just like the damned cat. But this time it was an appreciated scream that he let hit his ears. His sissy was going to miss him, that was good; he thought to himself. When she approached him, and said she wasn't going to say good bye because she didn't really think he was going to leave her and their mother, he flattened his ears and let loose a small whine. But, that all ended whenever his sister rushed him and wrapped her arms around him in a giant hug. At first, he was taken back, but then he grinned and hugged his sister much like he did his mother-- picking her up in a bear hug, and nuzzling his face into her shoulder fur. I love ya Sky. He would whisper into her fur, and then the cat was speaking again. He set his sister down, and faced the cat; crouched on his knees.

I'ma goin' to Cour des Miracles or Vinatta. He announced to Crowley and everyone else. Esme departed then, and he frowned at her departure, but then was happy to see Mistral and Micah. He smiled towards them, and whenever Mistral came towards him, he allowed his friend a place at his side. Then his mother was an emotional mess again, and he cried a little bit, and then smiled at her whenever she complimented him and said that he was all grown up. He smiled, then she said to treat her like she's the most beautiful, precious thing in the world. He grinned and nodded his head. Oh I will, 'cause she is. A small smile. When his mother said Vinatta and Cour des Miracles were both good choices, he was at least happy that she was happy for him. Although part of him was hesitant on going, when Esther showed up, he couldn't help but grin at the elder lady. Raven approached him, and he picked her up as she approached him, cuddling her in his arms, as she purred.

Thank you Esther, ya're too kind. He would approach the elder and embrace her in a well deserved hug, releasing her and taking the blankets in arm, Raven jumping from his shoulder to curl up within the blankets a soft purr from her. When his mother said for him and Mistral to go on and chase his dreams, that gave him motivation, and he would look at Mistral, and give a nod of his head, placing a hand towards Mistral, so she might grab it and so they both might be able to have courage within themselves. Saying goodbye was the hardest part, but he would make sure that he could make it back to see his family. Mistral's presence would help the young wolf-dog, and he turned to wave one last goodbye before their journey over the borders began.

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