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Marrok Amarok

POSTED: Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:32 pm

Set in Amherst; fore-dated to the 16th March! She's outside a random warehouse looking to loot it. [251]

Despite it's lovely view over the bay of fundy from the cliff out the back, her chosen warehouse was quickly becoming her own personal hell; an indication that if she was going to stick around in one area, she needed better accommodation. Additionally, she needed to start hunting and scavenging to re-stock her lost supply of books and writing equipment, the lack of which was probably part of what was contributing to her sour, restless mood that had been lingering endlessly.

There probably was nothing of worth left in Amherst left to get her paws upon, yet it was still something to do and significantly better than sitting around with only her darkening thoughts to keep her company. As such, she headed out, moving with purpose and picking her way through the abandoned buildings with some level of familiarity; gained from recent exploration and old memories of her time spent in Vinatta. Combined, it wasn't too hard to navigate and pick out a warehouse in one of the less commonly haunted spots, if scent trails were any indication.

With her first scavenging spot located, the D'Angelo began to circle the building, seeking out signs of ownership along with the most piratical way of entering, since it seemed barred off from the inside. A minor nuisance, but these places often had back entrances and broken windows which would also work for an entrance. She wasn't too picky with how she got in, so long as she didn't get injured in the process.

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Luperci Silver Scales & Silver Blood

POSTED: Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:26 pm

304 sorry for the wait ahhh

Marrok had begun wandering further past the borders of New Dawn, although he wasn't about to begin heading south again just yet. He might head south, but he would most definitely have to be more careful than he had been the last time he had headed south. It was the reason why today, instead of walking on four paws, he walked on two. He was heading towards one of the nearby human cities to look for books, something he had always been interested in, but until now he hadn't been able to put much use to them because of his lack of hands. Now, though, he had hands, so he was heading off towards Amherst.

The boy had never really been in a human city. The cracked asphalt under his paws felt abnormal and when he first started walking on it each step was something of a jump, although he eventually got used to working on the strange material. He still took light steps, though, and moved as quickly as he could. Marrok had absolutely no idea what he was looking for and turned whenever there was a turn, taking the most random path possible. When he finally stopped walking, the New Dawner came across a rather large building. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a canine circling the building. She probably knows what this thing is, the Amarok boy thought. He sucked in a breath and then started heading towards the building, wondering why she would be circling it.

"H-hi," Marrok greeted, his voice shaking slightly when he spoke. The greeting was quiet, although not so quiet that she wouldn't be able to hear him. "What's this thing?" he asked, hoping that she had stopped walking. Hopefully, she wouldn't be a mean canine and hopefully she would answer his question.

POSTED: Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:03 am

It's cool man <3 [242]

No one appeared to be living within her target, the scents that were there were old and faded or those from a passing canine, already disappearing along with the wind. That was at least a good thing, although perhaps the only one she had noted so far; there was no easy way into the warehouse, outside of a few shattered high windows that did not look fun to climb through. All the entrances and exits had barred, solid doors; if she pushed enough, she may be able to get one to open some, at the price of some nasty bruises which was equally unappealing.

Sighing, she was heading to do one more circle to test things before she gave up, one large paw lifted of the ground as she made to move when her ears flicked back for a second, twitching and moving around as they located the sound of someone approaching, nostrils flaring as once more she breathed in the scents. It wasn't one she recognised from the area probably, which meant someone new was heading her way.

There. A grey like wolf with red-ish brown accents came into sight, heading over to her and asking a rather vague question. What exactly was he referring to? “Gonna have to a little more specific squirt. You on about the warehouses, the doors, the glass, the asphalt, the sky?” placing a hand on her hip, she looked at him expectantly, awaiting his answer.

Don't cry, we all make mistakes from time to time.
Unfortunately, for me, being me was mine.

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Luperci Silver Scales & Silver Blood

POSTED: Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:33 pm

340 marrok is a dork.

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At the unfamiliar female's response to his question, an even more confused look spread across his face. "What's a squirt?" he asked immediately. He had never heard the term before and she assumed me meant a younger wolf, since he was obviously younger than she was. "And I'm, uh, talking about the thing, the..." the Amarok boy trailed off, searching for the word. There were several things around New Dawn that looked somewhat like the thing he was referring to, albeit in poor conidition — some of them had even been ripped apart by a few of the pack members. "The building!" Marrok exclaimed finally after a few moments of silence during which he was trying depertely to remember the term for the strange, old human thing.

"You said it's an asphalt?" he asked, head cocking slightly to the left when he spoke the question, desperately hoping that he had assumed that the building was called an asphalt. The stuff beneath his paws was probably the warehouse or... weren't buildings called houses sometimes, too? "I mean... it's a warehouse, isn't it?" he corrected, recognizing the word house after a bit more of thought. The skin beneath his fur was burning by now, turning red beneath the gray of his pelt from how embarrassed he was. He'd been getting pretty much everything about the city wrong, and he was determined not to mess up anymore, although the likelyhood that he would mess up more terms was high, especially if he continued to blurt everything out without pausing to think.

Shuffling his paws against the hard ground beneath them, his hands hanging at his sides, Marrok parted his jaws to attempt to ask a question — hopefully the stranger hadn't turned and walked away by now since he probably seemed extremely idiotic. "What's inside it? The, uh, warehouse, I mean" he asked, glancing towards the building. He decided that the building was probably called a warehouse and not an asphalt. The Amarok boy would probably regret his mix-up of terms for awhile.

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