Drunk 'n' Disorderly


POSTED: Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:55 pm

It was so late it was early, and the night sky was turning grey in the pre-dawn light. While there was still a chill in the air, the early morning was surprisingly mild, but it wasn’t quiet. The surprisingly tuneful, deep voice of the caramel Araedi seemed to fill the world. Even the birds, greeting the oncoming day, paused to listen as he passed.

He stumbled sideways thumping a tree, and throwing his arms around it for support, his song interrupted as he was partly winded from the impact. Streams of rainbow colours coursed across his vision with the impact, but lessened somewhat as he stopped his singing. It had been a very good night in Amherst, and the caramel pelted Stormbringer began to wheeze with laughter at the thought of it. The cold air in his lungs had sobered him up some, but he’d been enjoying the booze and the company. Even he could smell the alcohol on his breath and the females on his pelt, and he didn’t think he could remember the last time he’d had to hug a tree to stop himself from falling to the ground. Distracted by his reveries as he was, Bran didn’t notice how he’d been slipping down the trunk, and was now only inches from the ground. He unwrapped himself from the tree and sat on his tail, wincing slightly before collapsing backwards onto the ground, and lying there, looking up at the canopy.

The ground was cool, firm, but not un-inviting, and he was plenty warm in his arctic wolf coat, which had begun to moult in preparation for the onset of spring. His stomach gurgled and he belched hugely, chuckling again at the echo, not quite damped down by the surrounding trees. He began to sing again, enjoying the return of the many colours before his eyes. A huge sneeze interrupted him this time, and with a great effort, he hauled himself to a sitting position, dragging himself backwards and leaning against the trunk to keep him sat up.

”Gods above”

He said to himself, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands. He’d not had a night like that in…well…a very long time, it had been a complete blow out, and while he knew his very welcoming blankets and furs waited for him to sleep this one off, a moment resting here wasn’t going to do him any harm.

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There was nothing quite like the magic pre-dawn managed to draw forth day after day. That short period of time between slumber and wakefulness, when light springs forth in leaps and bounds, taking over the darkness of night. When little song birds, stretching away night's restful slumber, encourage the sleepy sun forth with beautiful verses of joy. When the glow of night's stars wink their silent goodbyes, contented with another night of pleasant reverie.

Though it was still a while yet before the sun would make its tired debut, it wasn't unusual for Inara to be up and about already. The little coydog preferred to be up before dawn, sunrise being one of her favorite phenomena, where she could explore and familiarize herself with Vinátta intimately, unimpeded by her awkwardness with others. She liked her tribemates, but she was still getting accustomed to their relaxed hierarchy and so had the tendency to act rigidly around them. It wasn't out of mistrust or dislike, it was just strange for her and it was something she was working on.

Treading softly across thawing ground cover, allowing sleepy birdsong to fill her ears, Inara almost didn't notice the shadow of a tall canid ahead of her. She stopped, suddenly alarmed, and stepped nimbly behind the nearest tree, peeking around the trunk to let bi-colored eyes take in the scene ahead of her. There was obviously something wrong with the canine which, judging by his body shape, she guessed was male. Was he injured? Or perhaps impaired in some other way? She watched him a little while longer until he slunk down to the cool earth before creeping closer, taking care to be as quiet as she could. As she neared, her heart pounded so aggressively in her chest from the sudden adrenaline she wondered how it didn't go out.

His sudden singing caused Inara to stop, listening to the tune curiously. She wasn't expecting the sneeze. When it came, she bristled and darted behind the nearest tree, ashamed with herself for her cowardice. That wasn't like her. What had come over her, to be so foolish and craven? She could do better.
With that in mind, she stepped out from behind tree cover and strode more intently up to the canine, who had by now propped himself up against his own tree.
"Excuse me." A cool, businesslike voice called out. Before she went on, however, the familiar smell of fermented product wafting up from the caramel wolf molested her sensitive nose. She snorted out and wrinkled her muzzle. That explained his earlier ataxia. Inara was no stranger to drunkenness, though she'd never let herself get this far gone.

In light of this recent discovery, Inara changed her tactics. Aside from alcohol, he smelled like pack. And females, which wasn't any of her concern. She was just relieved he wasn't a threat.
"Would you like help home? You seem awfully unsteady on your feet. I can help you if you'd like."

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POSTED: Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:22 am

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The Araedi quit his humming when he heard the voice drift to him in the pre-dawn light. He’d thought he’d smelt a scent in the air, but while it was unfamiliar it had smelt like Vinatta. His head turned to look at the new arrival. Though the early light muted the colours of her pelt, he could make out her grey shading, but not a uniform, multi-shaded greys, relieved by tan around her face. He took in the two different coloured eyes, and couldn’t help wondering if she might be related to Cody. She was beautiful, her muzzle delicate and mane untangled, silky and long. Bran could imagine that she was ready to spring into motion at any moment, in fact, it almost seemed wrong that she should stand still. Despite his drunken state, he noticed the smaller details, perhaps that was his training, he saw that her nails were not black, it wasn’t a trick of the light, they were too light, even in the very early morning grey. He took in her scent, there was Vinatta there, no question, but, perhaps it was only the romantic in him, could the Stormbringer smell summer? It was a warm fragrance, gentle and calming. Realising he was being foolish, he snorted and expelled the scent, knowing that the beer was making him wax lyrical.

”Hi, unsteadiness is my fault, booze’ll do that t’ yu.”

His Irish accent was relaxed, and, if it was possible, held a little hint of mischief.

”But, my uncle always told me never t’ refuse help from a good looking lady.”

He flashed her his easy crooked grin, his chocolate eyes seeming to reflect his smile.

”My name’s Bran, yur Inara right? New t’ the pack.”

He might not have met the hybrid yet, but the caramel pelted male made sure he knew who was part of his family.

”Yu settlin’ in okay?”

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A burning sensation expanding the length of the small coydog's long ears made her pause momentarily, pulling back abruptly as she leaned in towards the intoxicated canine. This was the alcohol talking, she told herself encouragingly, as she moved closer to the caramel-colored wolf. It was strange, the things certain substances could inspire one to do. Inara remembered a time when she'd had more fermented apple product then she had before and had danced with a former tribemate. She didn't like to dance and had never done so before, but she did that particular evening. The thought of it made the blush in her inner ears worse.
"Yes," she said softly, still unsure about Bran's drunken state, "My name is Inara. It's... good to meet you, Bran. I'm settling in well."

It was strange to the monochrome coydog that this wolf knew who she was. Perhaps the leaders of this tribe send out some sort of informative bulletin whenever new canines join? She didn't think too much of it. It could be she was in the midst of a respected leader of Vinátta...

Lowering herself to a kneel beside the wolf, Inara deliberated briefly before placing a light hand on his shoulder, "Would you like to try to get up? I could help you..."
Knees on the cold ground in front of Bran, the little Risna allowed her mismatched gaze to brush over the drunken's male's features. He was large, larger than she was, with well-toned features. She allowed a moment of doubt to pass over her as she thought how she would help the wolf if he sought it, concluding she would do what she could. Though she didn't appear it, she could support her fair share of weight when she needed to, "Do you live in Jordheim?"

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As Inara knelt before him, he caught a stronger waft of her scent, to hell with the booze, that was an intoxicating fragrance. The caramel pelted male saw the play of muscle beneath her pelt, and took in her delicate features at closer quarters. Bran also had the annoying habit of noticing things, and he was aware of Inara’s blush, it made his grin broaden. The hand on his shoulder felt cool, and the sense of the rough pad against his skin was nice. Reluctantly he began speaking again, gently waving her back.

”It’s alright darlin’ I can stand by myself, but if you’d let me rest my hand on yur shoulder, that’d be great, keep t’ world from spinnin’ so quickly.”

He clambered to his feet, using the tree where needed, afraid that he might be too much of a lummox for Inara to bear.

”Yup Jordhein’s my home. Now normally I don’t take people I’ve just met back to my place, but yu twisted my arm.”

He smiled, winking outrageously, but chuckling soon after to re-assure his rescuer, he was only teasing her.

”Nice feathers by the way.” he commented, looking at the banded pieces she wore beneath her left ear. ”They a part o’ yur heritage? Symbolise anythin’?”

There were those that thought Bran should grow up, but it was unlikely to ever happen. He was always curious, always loved to joke, and as for booze and women, well if growing up meant moderation.

POSTED: Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:04 pm

Rising with the taller wolf, Inara allowed the caramel coated canine to rest a broad hand on her slight shoulder, feeling his weight and warmth beneath her fur. She took a hesitant step forward, silently thankful Bran had the sense to use nearby trees for additional support. Now that he was up and standing, it quickly became obvious she wouldn't be able to bear a lot of his bulk. Awkwardly, the small coydog rested her own pale hand on the Araedi's broad back as a guide. Feeling her ears burning uncomfortably, Inara hoped that her awkwardness wasn't too obvious.

Listening to Bran speak, she found herself noticing his unique accent for the first time and wondered where it had come from. Few others within Vinátta had such accents and this wolf's was especially distinct. She parted her maw to inquire this of him but was stopped short by this allusion something was going to happen when they got him back home.
"Oh! No, that's not... I'm just trying to see you home safely..." Inara trailed off when it dawned on her he was only pulling her leg, courtesy of his reassuring chuckle. She felt silly and frustrated with her lack of social skills. The burn in her ears only got worse but she grinned sheepishly all the same, "That was embarrassing." she murmured quietly, more to herself than to Bran, and focused her mismatched gaze ahead of them again. She added, louder this time, "I guess my naiveté is showing again."

The more different canines she met within and outside of Vinátta, the more she realized how sheltered her upbringing in Selmaski had been. The people she grew up with were all very similar and she had very little opportunity to explore and branch out. She couldn't help but feel slightly resentful toward her old tribe for all their privacy and mild xenophobia.

Dark tipped ears lowered minutely at the mention of her blue jay feathers and she remained silent for a while before allowing her smooth, feminine voice to respond.
"Thank you. They're a reminder of my sister, actually. She was always, uh... different... and, well... Growing up, she had an imaginary friend who was a blue jay. Jaeda, was her name. Lottie - that's my sister - Lottie had some sort of disability and she wouldn't socialize like normal pups. But she'd talk to Jaeda. And me too, if she was feeling particularly social. But Jaeda was special to her and she would always get so excited when she'd see a blue jay." Inara paused, clearing her throat in an effort to scratch away the sudden rawness, "After she disappeared... Well, it just makes me feel a little closer to her, you know?" She thought he probably could understand, what with one of their own missing

She couldn't recall when she started talking about Lottie as if she were already dead, but the sudden awareness of it made Inara's head swim. Was she losing hope? She'd come so far and had gone through so much that she couldn't give up, not until she had some sort of answer.

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As they walked, the first word that came to mind to describe Inara was delicate, but he dismissed it now, realising that such a description meant he thought she might break easily. He could now see more of her coyote heritage, and her build was slim, but gut was slim and damn but they seemed to make good bow strings. Powerful, without seeming it was a hell of a gift, underestimation in an opponent was a good thing. He paused, halting their progress forward, wondering why he was being so…Araedi. After a moment the smile returned and he continued, offering no explanation, but her words, caused the crooked grin to vanish again.

As she spoke of her sister, their relationship and the subsequent disappearance, Barn couldn’t help but think of Nier. How would the chocolate eyed male manage without his brother? He suspected it wouldn’t be as well as this newcomer would. Cold prickling swept across him as he thought of not knowing where Niernan was. He had no words of comfort, he was never great at those, besides his empathy for her was deeper than he was eloquent enough to express. So, quite unselfconsciously he leant forward and hugged the coydog. His embrace wasn’t crushing, or rough, but surprisingly tender and gentle. He held it for only a moment, he had seen her awkwardness and was beginning to think he should try and be less….less Bran for the time being. As he broke the embrace he simply said.

”Hey, what are we without imagination.”

His crooked grin re-appeared and he kept on speaking.

”And don’t be embarrassed, I’m just bein’ an ijiot.”

As they entered the village, he steered her towards his home, he could have made it back himself, but it would have taken longer, and he was glad to have the opportunity to meet her.

”What brought yu to Vinatta? Not that we’re not pleased t’ have yu, but the day I stop askin’ questions, is the day I’m cold and buried.”

POSTED: Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:58 pm

D'aww! That was sweet of Bran <3 Also, Inara's all blahblahblah, so feel free to skip to last two paragraphs :P

Tapered muzzle lifted upwards, allowing mismatched eyes to gaze quizzically up at Bran when their movement was suddenly halted. Tilting her head slightly to the side, the small coydog waited for an explanation but only received a smile and the recommencement of their previous pace. Inara felt curiosity overcome her. For all his playfulness and current state of drunken stupor, Bran seemed to her a thoughtful, intriguing wolf. Honesty and transparency made up the foundation of beliefs in her previous tribe and, though helpful in alleviating unnecessary drama and uncertainty, it allowed for little thought or imagination. Vinátta offered so much more, and Bran happened to be the first canine she met thus far to make her wonder.

Finishing her explanation about the adorning feathers in her fur, Inara became silent and subdued, fighting an intimate battle between head and heart. Her heart reminded her that she had resolved to find Lottie and while she remained determined to do so, her mind was reminding her of the likelihood that she may not find her sister alive. In the beginning, Inara had refused to entertain the idea of being unable to find Lottie at all, let alone dead. But weeks passed and her leads became dead ends. And her small band of supporters died or vanished or dispersed. And now here she was, left with strengthening doubts and bitter prognoses.
The hug was unexpected, though not unwelcome. As far as Inara was concerned, a hug was universal. And while initially she tensed from the abruptness of it, the smaller coydog quickly relaxed and allowed Bran's enveloping presence to overcome her, feeling her own pale arms lifting to return the embrace. She felt the sting of threatening tears prickling at her eyes and squeezed them shut tightly to stop the onslaught, biting her lower lip to take her mind away from the sudden wave of emotions. This was neither the time nor the place to weep.

For all her social formalities and stiffness, she couldn't deny the embrace was pleasant. Bran's aroma, despite being heavily laden with alcohol, was comforting and the warmth and gentleness of his body against hers created a feeling of safety. When was the last time she'd felt such security? Not since she was just a young pup in her mother's arms, ages ago.
"Thank you..." Inara said softly as they pulled apart, keeping her moist eyes averted. Whether out of shame or embarrassment, she couldn't be sure. But his comment about imagination and being an idiot made caused her lips to curl into a small grin, a little chuckle escaping a partially open maw, "May I ask where it is your accent comes from? I've never heard anything quite like it."

Pulling into Jordheim now, Inara felt lighter than she had since coming to Vinátta. Maybe it was the prospect of having new friends or the feelings of camaraderie and support she'd found once more. Either way, she felt happy for having made it here. It was only fitting Bran should ask her how she came across the pack.
"Actually, I more or less stumbled upon Vinátta. I had been traveling with a handful of tribemates from my old tribe, but... well, eventually I found myself alone and in unfamiliar territory. I knew I couldn't keep on by myself and there wasn't much else to go back home to anyway, so I told myself I would keep going until I found a pack who would be willing to take me in. Vinátta was the first one I came upon." Inara looked up at Bran and felt, for the first time in a long time, a real smile adorn her face, causing her eyes to crinkle with authenticity, "I'm very happy to have found Vinátta, and for the hospitality and kindness of its members. I'm also very happy to have met you too, Bran. I hope you won't mind my bothering you sometime - I still have a lot to learn about Vinátta."

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Bran spied his home as they walked, and a more welcome sight he’d not seen since meeting Inara, okay that wasn’t a long while ago, but still, he understood what he meant. The caramel pelted male listened quietly as she spoke and asked her question. His crooked grin played across his lips before he replied.

”Well, the funny answer would be my accent’s from the same place as me, but that isn’t entirely true. My accent’s from Ireland, or at least that’s what the human’s used to call it, and I guess no one’s changed its name, or if they have they’ve not told me. My Uncle, Esme, his side o’ the family are from there, and I spent a lot o’ time with him when I was smaller, must’ve picked it up from him.”

As he steered them to his door, he stopped, cracking the thin layer of frost over a bucket of water and dunking his entire head into it, holding it there for a few seconds, listening to how the world was distorted by the liquid, and feeling his heart rate picking up at the shock of the cold. He came up quickly, his fur and mane plastered to his skin, every movement flicking water. He spat out some of the stuff from his mouth and, like a dog, shook his head, dislodging a spray of fine mist.

”Damn that’s better.”

He opened the door, the room beyond smelled warm, and was dim, lit by the light of a low fire, most of the room was obscured form out here. He looked back at his new pack mate.

”Sure, yu can come and see me any time yu like. If I’m not ‘ere, then I’m most likely patrollin’ the place. Just give me a shout and I’ll trot along. I’m sorry yu were left alone there darlin’, but I promise we’ll take care o’ yu, yu’re part o’ our family now.”

He gestured with his muzzle inside and continued.

”Yu fancy comin’ in for a drink? Just t’ say thanks for helpin’ me back o’course.”

POSTED: Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:46 pm

It wasn't difficult for Inara to imagine herself in an entirely new territory, having just recently transplanted herself from everything she knew into a land full of different customs, boundaries, and cultures, but she had a feeling Ireland was far more exotic than anything she'd experienced in Vinátta. Most of the canines within her new pack spoke like herself, without such a strong dialect as Bran's, and the territory itself housed flora and fauna that was similar to what she was used to in Selmaski. She wondered how Bran's relatives must have felt when they came across this area, because it was likely much more of a shock to them than it was for her.
"Ireland." She let the name sit in her mouth, tasting it lightly. "It sounds like it would be such a strange..." Her words trailed off momentarily when the Stormbringer abruptly submerged his entire head into a frosty bucket of water. "...place."

Mismatched eyes narrowed and her blue sable-and-tan head cocked to the side curiously, watching as his sopping head reappeared quickly once more, icy rivulets cutting patterns throughout his caramel-colored fur. Inara squinted as he shook, preparing herself for the few droplets that managed to attach themselves onto her own pelt. She didn't mind, so didn't even bother wiping away the wet spots dotting her face. Besides, her attention had been averted from Bran's soggy display to the warm glow coming from inside the newly opened doorway.
"I don't know about the drink," she started, allowing her eyes to glide up to meet Bran's, a small smile touching her cheeks, "But I'd love to come in. Just for a bit, of course. I'm sure you're tired."

Pale paws stepped lightly inside at Bran's gesture, bi-colored eyes taking in the decore of his cozy abode. His home was much more welcoming than her own, but then she'd only been here a few days. The little Risna had plenty of time to make her house what she wanted it to be.
"May I ask what rank you're in, Bran? It's just, you mentioned patrolling and I'm still learning all the different ranks in Vinátta..." Inara paused, standing awkwardly to the side for Bran's direction.
"I suppose I'll have to choose one eventually. In my old tribe, everyone did everything. It was expected of you be proficient in the core responsibilities of the tribe, and only then could you branch off and hone specific talents." She stared off thoughtfully before glancing back up at Bran with a small grin, "I have a lot of thinking to do"

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