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It was a simple task, and it was one that was not unfamiliar to the Greek male. Lux had been no stranger to hard work, and it was apparent in the muscle tone he carried. This was one of the many tedious, but necessary tasks that had often been handed down to him. He did not have to be told to do such work – his duties had been explained over the past few weeks since his arrival with that Svasra woman. He had not seen her since he’d been taken to the slave quarters, but he knew that she was amongst the rest of the Family members here that he would eventually come to serve in one way or another.

Although he stayed in the slave cottage, Lux would wake at dawn and make the trek across the southern edge of Salsola’s territory towards Salvia’s own residence. His duties were to be carried out swiftly and without reminder. That didn’t mean that additional tasks wouldn’t be tossed into the mix, but so far that was not the case for this day.

The sun had risen several hours ago, and Lux had already accomplished several of the things on his plate for the day. Now he found himself with axe in hand, repeatedly bearing down upon a thick trunk of a tree that had been felled in a storm. It would not make good wood for a fire yet, but if he prepared it to be stored then it could eventually be used by his master to keep warm at night. The axe rested against his shoulder for just a moment as the slave regarded the sky which was mostly blanketed in grey cloud cover. After a meek sigh, he lifted the axe high over his shoulder and brought down yet again upon the pine.

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The days had passed without incident and without anything remarkable. Svasra still felt like an utter stranger among the deeply-threaded relationships of this pack she had entered, though she understood it completely as the consequence of her rank. The dark-hued woman filled her free time with thoughts and ideas on how to rectify that, and often did so in the more remote areas of the land. She had discovered that there were many well-trodden trails winding through the territories, likely from Luperci use and from that of prey. It was these that she had taken to exploring, familiarizing herself with the land and oftentimes encountering other Salsolans. Out of habit she dipped her head submissively and allowed a few polite words, but interaction with these people was still sparse beyond that.

A storm the previous day had kept the ash-marked female from doing what was becoming a routine, and it was with a small sense of relief that she took to the woods today. Svasra's honey gaze traveled lazily over the now-familar trees, and in doing so nearly caused her to fall as her knee made contact with a felled trunk. An outstretched hand prevented her from tumbling over it, but the event startled her and after a moment of allowing her heartbeat to normalize the mottled hybrid took a step back to glare at the obstacle.

The tree's trunk was wide and deceivingly sturdy, as it hadn't lasted against the gusts of wind during the storm. Svasra heaved a sigh and braced her shoulder against it in an effort to roll it off the path, but her feet scrambled behind her uselessly and the wood pushed back, relentless.

This interruption had the potential to plummet the female coywolf's already-fragile mood, and with less bounce in her step she headed back towards the central territory, to find an axe. It didn't take her long, as she hadn't gotten very far out, and after a bit of seeking she found a storage areas with such tools. A svelte black hand grasped the hilt of a large, freshly-sharpened axe and with a small grunt Svasra lifted it from its place and swung it over her shoulder.

As much confidence as she had in her strength, the oak-ticked woman knew that she had little hopes of finishing such a job in a single day on her own. Her gaze scanned the area for someone to help, but it was her ears which alerted her to a nearby worker. Quickly she turned in that direction and, before coming into sight, gave a small greeting. The trees revealed the silhouette of a working male, but Svasra was still too far off to see who it was.


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The ax made a faint swoosh as it ripped through the air; Lux bringing it down onto the pine over and over to hack away at the bark. A deep ridge had been cut into the trunk, but it would still take many more swings before the log was severed and came away in two larger pieces. The man stopped for a moment, lifting a hand to brush the hair from his brow. A voice rose upon the wind then, and icy blue irises regarded his immediate surroundings to see who it might belong to. He observed the form drawing nearer, but just as Svasra hadn't been able to make him out, Lux was lost as to the identity of the approaching woman.

He should've known the voice, but somehow the male had not allowed it to stay embedded in his conscience. Lux had not seen the woman since their arrival, but it was only a matter of time until they crossed paths once again. Ultimately it was the scent of her that gave away her identity, followed closely by her appearance as she closed the distance between them. Lux noticed that she carried an ax with her, resting upon her shoulder just as his was, before her dropped his gaze to her feet. He was not to make eye contact with anyone aside from other slaves.

Allowing the ax at his shoulder to drop to the ground, Lux easily let his fists rest on the end of the handle. The blade was pointed away from his clawed feet, and glinted softly as some rays of sunlight struggled to break from from the cloud cover. He did not speak, knowing it was not his place. He'd wait to see what his former owner would have to say.

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