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(420) Assuming Grace is still in the Amherst area, so I figured the northern border or Salsola worked best. Let me know if I should change anything!

He’d finished his duties for the day, and decided to take some time for himself before returning to the slave cottage to spend the night finding refuge in the relative warmth. Although spring was officially upon them, it didn’t feel like spring. Today the sky was covered in a blanket of grey, and a strong wind occasionally whipped through the air. He had not come across any other Family members, although he had not traveled far – he’d only gone from the cottage to Salvia’s residence before turning towards the borders. Perhaps he’d come across a Salsolan on a scouting patrol, but so far Lux only found solitude. It was refreshing – he could forget about the stipulations of being a slave, and freely observe the world around him.

As he walked, the Greek man thumbed a small medal pendant he carried with him. Pressed into the metal was the symbol of his father’s family – the family which had originally owned him. The tag had served as identification, signifying to whom he belonged to. The leather collar to which it had been affixed had been discarded as soon as he was given his Salsolan nose ring, but he had made sure to keep the metal as a small token of where he came from. Perhaps he came from nobility, but he was still a slave. Some resentment remained, but Lux appreciated the reminder of what had lead him to where he was now.

He’d found himself along the northern edge of the Family’s territory, trailing along the Deception River which had begun its spring thaw despite the fact that winter was trying to keep a firm grasp on the area. There was no true aim to his wandering, other than to have some time to himself and enjoy the relaxation that came in not having to tend to any tasks. He could find relaxation in the cottage if he truly tried, but it wasn’t ideal. The other slaves served as distractions, and Lux could never quite allow himself fully to relax. He had a strange feeling that he shouldn’t trust anyone – slaves included. When anyone else was around, Lux remained vigilant.

The bank sloped gently up from the waters, and Lux easily worked his way towards the Deception. He stooped, cupping his hands and allowing himself a drink before rising to his full height again. He vivid blue gaze swept the area. This place was not like home at all, but now it was home. He’d have to come to accept that.

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Slowly she was beginning to adjust, to settle back into these lands as if she had never left; nothing much had changed either way, making life a lot easier for her to find her place within these lands once more. There were unconfirmed some things however; whilst not intentional, she hadn't really approached Salsola, for fear of her brothers judgement over her actions and ever worse, if he wasn't there any more. At times, Sirius was like a security blanket, someone she could go to when she needed to, the only family she believed to still linger around in these parts of the lands. If he wasn't there she'd be truly alone.

It had taken her awhile to work up the courage to head out from Amherst, to draw nearer to the borders he once ruled, fear causing her heart to race, nostrils flaring as the golden pelted female constantly took in the scents, the subtle changes, seeking for a sign of him, anything that would indicate that he was still in these parts, still there for her if she needed him. Yet there was nothing that indicated to his presence, leaving a hollow emptiness in it's place. Rubbing the palms across her face, she sighed; if she lingered any closer or any longer, than perhaps she would draw negative attention.

Yet, stubborn as she was her feet carried her forward anyway, drawing closer and closer until scent, sight and sound indicated that she wasn't alone, that someone was near by. Seeking out the source, she swallowed and eventually found her voice, “Hello?”

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