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Honrin Denahlii
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The sun rose on a brand new day and this day found him locked away inside of his workshop instead of outside enjoying the weather or hunting with his son. He had promised the boy they would go hunting today but later on rather than in the morning. He knew a little river towards the border tree that the deer liked to frequent so maybe this evening they would get lucky and Azazel would have a pair of antlers or a skull to take back to his elder siblings and mother. Now that he was shifted Honrin could begin teaching him all sorts of skills that two hands were needed to master like archery or looking after the livestock.

Ringing blows echoed from the metal he was pounding with the huge hammer. Sparks flew and bounced on the floor and fizzled out. Honrin had ripped up the wooden floor and covered it in stone slabs that he had pilfered from buildings and roads, as a result it was kind of a mismatched floor but it served him well enough, when sparks hit it there was nothing to catch on fire which was a quality highly desired in the line of work he did in here. In the corner his forge burned brightly, making the room much hotter than the outside and the pale male suffered with his thick fur. But his work would not be put off just because of the heat, he was close to achieving what he was aiming for. There were several attempts already scattering his worktable in various stages of development.

Grunting to himself Honrin lifted the rod of metal and sighted his eye along it to make sure it was straight and even. His grin flashed overly large fangs and he dunked the hot metal into the barrel of water besides the anvil, a sizzling explosion of steam rising upwards and a hissing as the water cooled the metal.

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OOC: would it be possible to change the date on this? I just realized Elsie would be gone on the 9th. >.< Before the 6th, or the 13th-16th? Sorry about that!

After going through all the books Esther had, Elsie had asked her great-aunt if anyone else in the pack might also have some. She had picked out a few things in the Elder’s books to learn, but the younger coywolf was always looking for more to learn. The Elder suggested a visit to a packmate named Honrin, and also described where he lived and what he looked like. Elsie was pretty sure she had seen him at one of the pack meetings she had been to, but wasn’t positive, although scars like the ones Esther described were pretty unique, so she figured she had. After thanking her great-aunt, Elsie headed out to the place Esther described. She took her time walking through Thornbury, looking around to see who else was out and waved to a couple of pack mates on the way.

When she arrived, she could hear a banging sound, but knocked on the door anyway, not wanting to simply barge in and be rude, however she wasn’t sure he could hear her over the sound of what he was doing. For a moment, Elsie wondered if she should come back later, but then the banging stopped, so she eased the door open enough to poke her head inside.

“Honrin?” She called, “It’s Elsie... Esther’s great-niece-” and then there was a sudden sound, followed by a hissing noise that made her yelp and jump. “S-sorry! I’ll just come back sometime later when you’re not busy,” she decided and then eased the door shut with a quiet click. Elsie wasn’t sure what he had been doing, but she didn’t want to bother him, and her ears tucked back, hoping that she hadn’t actually interrupted him, or if she had, that he wouldn’t be mad and would still talk to her later.
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