Demands - Plot thread #3

[PLOT] Oceane, Ulilohi

POSTED: Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:57 pm

Plot thread #3 -
After hearing the reports, Illiam and Stois venture to AniWaya to investigate. Things get heated when Illiam begins making demands that the AniWayans return the territory to him.

In this thread, Preybot posts reprsent Illiam and Stois (cNPC).

Illiam moved on four legs, quickly trotting along paths that were well known to him. He doubted whether or not the so-called 'AniWayans' knew this land as well as he and his friends did. He felt entitled to the place: they had been here first. Since they, upon their return, had found that their home was now taken by squatters, he had pondered what could be done to secure their claim on the area. Scouts had found that Illiam and his friends were greatly outnumbered. For now, though, his instincts told him that swift and frequent visits was the way to go. The pack that lived here now could not ignore them, and if they tried, he would do his very best to remind the tribe that they, in fact, still existed. They were not about to stick their tails between their legs and give up, just like that.

Stois trotted alongside him, also on four legs but in the bigger, bulkier form. Both males were tense; they both preferred this chosen form for combat. There was no telling what came of this meeting, and there was a reason Illiam had asked Stois, in particular, to come along. He was their primary...soldier, really. Stois knew that well, he was sure; he had grinned with anticipation when they set out.

Soon enough, Illiam knew they were right on top of AniWaya's claimed area, as their scents were heavily present here. Through a little bit of investigation, he had learned that the group was fairly peaceful. He would take his chances, and nodded with his head to indicate to Stois that he should follow suit. The two males entered the area, hoping to get to the center of it all before they were interrupted. This was not a low-key visit; detection was half the point.

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Ulilohi sat deep in thought when she picked up a stranger's scent on the wind. It was coming from the west, barely noticeable at first but slowly growing stronger. There were two. They had no pack affiliation that she could identify, though one aspect was familiar; it was clearly related to that of other loners who had 'visited' them lately. She had been told of these instances by several pack members who had encountered strangers paying attention to their borders for no reason obvious to the AniWayans. They hadn't been unfriendly, exactly, but she still wondered what their motives were, since they kept returning. This was not normal interaction with passer-by loners. She doubted they had the intention of being stealthy; if they did, they were doing a poor job at it, and in her experience loners were generally good at staying undetected if they wanted to.

She waited, and finally got up once she decided that there could be no other interpretation than that they were trespassing. She turned towards the Great Fire, spotting Oceane just passing the Village center across from the fire. The councilwoman gave a subdued bark directed at the Fire Maker, alarmed and demanding her attention. Pausing only to wait until she achieved eye contact, she quickly indicated that the other female should follow and headed west. Sure, AniWayans were hospitable, but Ulilohi did not take kindly to trespassers. Claudius was the diplomatic one.
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Her sigh turned into silence as it was carried away by the brief gust of wind, causing the chocolate woman to stand from her perch near the Great Fire. With a lack of a Fire Master in the pack, Océane had taken the liberty to pick up some of the more important duties, such as keeping the flames alive all day and night. For the most part, Tiva and Gemma took care of such as they stood in part of the Skilled rank, yet the Aston woman felt more comforted near the spiritual embers. She sat there when she was confused, or simply needed to think. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt at the moment. Her Spring Fever had passed, for the most part, but on this particularly cloudy day her uncertain position as mother and lover had resurfaced. She didn’t know how many times she’d pondered the same thoughts over and over again, still without answer. So the far off bark from Ulilohi was a welcome distraction.

Diverting her course from the lakes to the Ayastigi, Océane offered her superior a respectful nod as she fell into stride aside her. It was only moments later that she noticed the scent of loners, one that was unusually familiar. It was also uncomfortably close, and the Hineyu realized that they had probably entered the territory; there was no other explanation. Her wilted flower figure suddenly became upright, and she glanced at Ulilohi briefly with cold eyes and a fleeting expression of understanding. Usually, the Aston would fall back on peaceful motives. But she had different things to think about; her daughters, even the broken Domovoi, whom she was unsure if he could hold his own. If they posed any kind of threat, she wouldn’t hesitate to take action. Océane even knew that her leader was less inclined to try and find a spoken solution than her brother was. She hoped for the loners’ sake that they had some sense to leave once they were found.

It was evident that this would be more of an issue than originally thought; the trespassers were heavily built, and had clear experience with aggression. Though the Aston possessed a natural gift of power, as she sized them up, she realized they would be a handful. Hopefully they were just confused and crossed the border on accident. Though that was hopeful and not necessarily feasible. “You have trespassed on AniWayan land,” The Hinyu informed them bluntly, though not aggressively. Ulilohi was the superior here, so she hoped she would know what to do in such a situation. As it was, Oce was torn to try and come to a truce or engage chasing them off. As long as they didn’t come near Amorette or Olivia, she could hold her cool. .

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