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POSTED: Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:39 am

Ostara Spring Festival
Date: April 15th, 2013.
Setting: Vinátta Pack Lands, Jordheim Village
Time: All afternoon
OOC Info: This thread is not mandatory; posting is optional! There is no posting order; you may reply as often as you'd like, and spinoff threads are welcome as well. Note the backdate -- this event takes place before Saul's departure, for which there will be a separate announcement.

IC Info: This event takes place over an afternoon, so you do not have to specify your character's arrival or departure. Your character is free to wander around Jordheim at their own pace, and if they would rather mingle and not participate in any events, that is fine. But! Each of the following pNPC prompts is worth 5 bonus game points, so it is recommended that you check them out! You can only complete one prompt per post, but you're free to post as many times as you like. :) Pack NPCs can be controlled by anyone, so don't be afraid to involve them! Your character can offer to help out, as well as simply taking part. And did you notice -- there is a new pack NPC to play with?? :D

  • Hunt for eggs with Axle! The Vald cleverly hid painted bird eggs all around Jordheim, and is offering treats to those who bring them back to him. Axle will offer hints to those who ask him, and though he's busy cooking, he's set aside the tastiest morsels to swap for eggs! The activity was intended for puppies, but some of the eggs are in very hard to reach areas, so they might need an adult's assistance!

  • Storytelling with Miskunn! The Godja is willing to tell stories about springtime and specifically, the Pagan tale of Ostara and Lepus. She will pass out carved wooden eggs, and instruct her listeners to paint their hopes and dreams onto the egg before symbolically burying them. Young and old are encouraged to sit with her on the hill and enjoy the culture of this celebration!

  • Plant seeds with Finch! The Frjáls has put together packets of local seeds for those who want to start their own backyard garden! Some of them are wildflowers, some of them are herbs. Ostara celebrates fertility and the beginning of a new life and planting seeds is the perfect way to do that! Finch can be found near Miskunn, eavesdropping on the storytelling. ;)

  • Petting zoo with Joondalup! Joon has set up an area with three lambs and one young goat for anyone to pet and play gently with. He is giving away balls of yarn to crafters and cat owners. He may be a little distracted by his brother's antics, but he will happily dispense advice about animal care to those interested in his tier!

  • Taste-Off with Jindabyne and Grit! A tent is set up with benches and tables for those who wish to take a break and partake in a hot meal. But all is not peaceful -- a friendly rivalry between the two "teams" has resulted in a taste contest! Jin and his brother cooked up a big pot of lamb tails, rabbit meat, wine, and some fresh spring veggies, plus some sheep cheese to sprinkle on top -- while Grit and his partner have been roasting elk ribs with savory herbs and a sweet berry glaze! Those who step into the food tent will be offered generous servings of both, and will be asked to choose their favorite for bragging rights. ;)

700+ Happy Easter Sunday!! :)

Chibi by Nat!

The transition from northern winter to spring had been a wet and rainy one. Ice melted and became mud, which then froze again each night the temperature dipped. Hardy growth combated the tumultuous weather, sending shoots of green to breathe life into the dull landscape. Spring had inevitably defeated winter, and was rooted in earnest now – there were buds and flowers dotting the hills of Jordheim, fresh leaves crowning the deciduous trees, and energy rejuvenating the land itself.

Snow would not fall again for a long while, Florina thought in passing as she strode purposefully through the village. Déjà vu lingered at the back of her thoughts as she inspected the preparations for this afternoon. She remembered this, and though her expression was neutral, her pace sped subtly up as she approached each new attraction. Now was a time of celebration – Ostara, honoring the new life and fertility returning to the land.

The wolves had made good use of their cold season, and it would bring them fortune in the days to come. From one full moon to the next, hunters had ranged out into the lands beyond their own, gathering bounty for the feast. The early kills had been smoked or prepared as rations. The fresh kills were roasting now, tantalizing smoke spiraling into the sky as a beacon to draw the hungry Vináttans.

Grit and Axle had used tools from Amherst to rig a tent for the food table (in case the capricious weather decided to rain after all), and a large spit, on which they rotated a rack of elk ribs. Not to be outdone, Jin and Joon had a merrily bubbling pot of lamb tail stew nearby, and the four males bandied insults about each others’ cooking in true competitive spirit. A makeshift pen had been constructed to hold several lambs and the youngest goat, under the watchful eyes of the Starfa brothers, and there was a basket of wool yarn free for the taking.

The Sannindi paced with restless energy, flat silver eyes regarding the details of the humble festival. A dark cloud hung over Florina: even after enlisting the best hunters of not one but two packs combined, no clues to her cousin’s fate had been unearthed. It plainly told her what she did not want to hear – that Sólieri was not captive nearby but had been taken far away, and there was no trail to follow. Still, she was distracted briefly from the slow burn of anger when she spotted something colorful nestled in a nearby bush.

The painted eggs had been hidden! Her tail wagged despite herself, flooded by the nostalgic memories of egg hunting from her own youth. Without a second thought, she dropped to her hands and knees and plunged her arm into the thicket. Florina shot a quick glance to the burly figure of Axle, the dog responsible for the game, and he flashed her an amused wink. She grumbled under her breath at getting caught, but when she stood, the bird’s egg was clasped firmly in her hand -- unbroken this time, unlike last year. She was keeping this one, but the rest were for the Aeska.

Florina walked on, tossing her painted prize idly as she circled the hilly path. She had loved Ostara when she was young, and it pleased her to host the festival this year. It marked her first month as subleader, and while her packmates were still wary and suspicious of her motives, they would at least see that Florina had a deep respect for Vináttan rituals. They would have their holidays (because she liked them too). She was not the most social nor talkative soul, but she would make her presence known throughout the activities as an observer. She spotted the Godja setting up mineral paints and wooden eggs atop a grassy knoll, and inclined her head in acknowledgment. Finch sat quietly near Miskunn, sorting a pile of seeds into small packets to be passed out as favors.

Florina mused that she might have the patience to listen to the storytelling now that she was older. Maybe, although the food scents were quite tempting. Still too restless to settle, the tall wolfdog paced on, tossing the little egg from hand to hand to distract herself.

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Ostara. It would be the first for his young half-siblings and Iris. Those were the ones he thought of when he headed toward the celebration, wanting to see the joy on the young faces of the newest litter of Stormbringers. He also hoped that his friend would enjoy it, but of course adult wolves didn't show their feelings as transparently as children. There just wasn't that same level of childish joy to be had because they had learned to keep their feelings tucked away. If they hadn't, the pack meeting where Florina was announced as their new leader would have been met with a lot more noise. The only reason it hadn't been was because wolves had held back their feelings and thoughts. Some had still spoken - and he did not consider them childish - but even those words had been carefully crafted. They hadn't just been spat out like a child might have done. There were pros and cons to that, but he did really hope that Iris would enjoy the festival.

He had come to the festival as early as he could to soak up all of the atmosphere. The smells on the air were delicious; even as a wolf that loved fish above all other meats, he felt his stomach grumble and was definitely going over there later. For now, though, he settled in to listen to the story that Miskunn was going to tell and to paint the carved egg he was given. There were a lot of hopes and dreams for him to paint on that before he buried it. Some of which he was slowly resolving himself within his life, but that didn't mean he couldn't use some Ostara good luck to help him too. The Stormbringer male also kept an eye out for familiar faces - particularly his family - to arrive so that he could join them in whatever they were doing. This festival was about celebration and love, he would make sure he spent it with those who mattered. Which meant not only his family, but Iris and Carrie too. Hopefully he would have time to spend with everyone.

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Although she was no longer a young Aeska, the dark femme couldn't help but feel a puppy-like exuberance when the day finally came and the Ostara Spring Festival began. She had heard so many wonderful things about it but all of the stories paled in comparison to the actual event. The first thing that hit her when she arrived was all of the nearly overwhelming sights and sounds and smells. Spring had at last returned to Vinátta, and where the listless greyscale of winter had drained all the life and color from the realm the verdant brush of spring had brought it all back with explosions of green all through the deciduous trees and grassy knolls. The land was alive again. Wafting upon the cool breeze the tantalizing scents of fresh grass and flower buds mingled with the delectable aroma of food cooking while the sounds of laughter and merriment could be heard all around.

Dreyma, usually in the company of her family, had instead decided to venture off on her own that day, hoping to arrive early so that she could participate in as many games and activities she could. First on her list of things to do was to head over and catch one of Miskuun's stories – something she felt she was never too old to do – and paint all her hopes and dreams onto one of the carved wooden eggs to be buried later. As she wandered along en route to where the Godja had set up for story time she let her lime green gaze sweep along the many canines already in attendance, meeting eyes with those she recognized and offering a cheery smile to those she didn't. It was always nice to see the whole pack come together for something jovial and carefree like the Ostara festival.

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Spring was starting to come alive, and Lily reveled in the delicious smells it brought with it. The snow had begun to melt leaving behind unsightly patches of dried grasses and mud, but green too had begun to poke through. The breeze was no longer the same dry, stark air from winter – it was alive with the crisp scent of life. It was enough to strike optimism in the Revlis girl, who had dealt with so many disheartening things in the past year or so of her life. There was change in the air, and the prospective Araedi wanted nothing more than to cling to it. Good things were to come, she could feel it.

The smells were tantalizing, and they had wafted to her far before she had even left the comfort of her own home. It was wonderful to see Jordheim alive with the buzz of the day, and Lily happily strolled along the familiar paths of the village. Her gaze eagerly examined the area as she walked, picking up on all the activities that were being prepared for or were actively being participated in. Nods, soft smiles, and simple greetings were offered to her packmates as she roamed. There were a handful of wolves in particular that she sought, however.

It was Finch that caught her attention, situated on a grassy knoll and sorting through small packages of seeds. Lily approached and gently let herself find a spot on the grass near her. What kinds of seeds are those? Lily’s gaze regarded the woman’s chocolate features, before catching sight of the vial worn on a cord around the Moineau girl’s neck. She idly wondered what was inside, but did not press her. Instead, Lily allowed her gaze to flick back towards the seed packets. Finch was kind enough to explain that there was an assortment of wildflower and herb seeds, and that they were intended to be planted around the packlands. Lily figured she could plant the seeds around her home, hopefully to inspire color and life in the newest chapter of her life.

She accepted one of the packets gratefully, before turning her gaze and searching the various canines that wandered about. When her gaze found Lochlan, settled not too far away where Miskunn prepared to share stories, a smile easily found her features. Perhaps the Stormbringer would be willing to share part of this day with her, and thus gift her something precious and irreplaceable.

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Whee! Shi is near an egg in a tree if a puppy needs help reaching it. ;D Also lol cats can't taste sweetness. >_>

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Only last spring many of the young adults around her had been puppies searching for eggs. Shiloh paused as she exited her house to allow the wave of nostalgia to sweep over her before the tantalizing scent of cooked meet lulled her onward. The brush of fur against her leg announced that Wilson was eager to join the festival again, too, and she laughed down at him. She only wished that Abigail was still here -- she'd never seen the spring festival before.

It was hard to be sad with the bustle of wolves and color around them, as well as that delectable scent. She headed there first, and the banter between the dingoes and the dogs faded as they launched their words at her, polite gentlemen encouraging her to sample the best meats there. Shiloh laughed and took a bit of the vegetables and lamb tails, allowing Wilson a nimble as the cat leaped onto the table and joined her. She sampled the elk and sweet glaze next, shivering with delight at the berry taste on her tongue.

"You like dat one, Shiloh?" Grit asked, while Jindabyne wrinkled his nose at the brindled dog.

"I do. I love the glaze," she admitted, and Grit grinned at the dejected dingo.

Wilson, lapping at the glazed elk, only twitched his whiskers and shook his head. "I prefer the rabbit and lamb," he said. "This glaze is just mush."

"Tiebreaker! Anyone?" Jin called, and his brother laughed while tossing a ball of yarn up and down in the air -- one Wilson began to eye with dilated pupils before blinking a few times and keeping his dignity, leaping onto his companion's shoulder.

Shiloh walked through the gathered Luperci again, spotting and waving at her daughter before her eye was caught by glint of blue in a tree. She quickly lowered her eyes and smiled as if she hadn't seen the painted egg, not wanting to draw attention to it -- though she planted herself by the tree in case a youngster did catch it and needed help reaching it. She let Wilson curl up on her lap as she sat, watching the others -- wolves gathered near Miskunn to hear her story, the lambs and goat playing in their pen near the taste-off, and Jérôme sneaking through the gathering to approach his sister.

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