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POSTED: Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:03 pm

Dated April 20th: IC meeting to coincide with this announcement. Posting once is mandatory, or your character risks demotion in the next rank shuffle. You can decide if your character would logically have been present at the smaller family meeting, or if they are only responding to the call now. This will remain open until the end of May so that everyone has a chance to respond.


Late morning found a sombre group of Vináttans returning from the borders. There was a chill in the air and a fog that hung heavy over the lake, as the sun had not fully cleared the treetops to burn it away. Florina stood back a few paces from the family gathering, and silently watched them deal with their feelings. Miskunn caught her eye and nodded, encouraging her to act now before rumors spread. This wasn't what she wanted, Flori thought as her jaw tightened. Then she tipped back her head and sounded a howl rich with strength and loss. There was news, and it was not good.

A handful of the Stormbringer clan had seen Saul off that morning and said their farewells. There was no way to hold him back or change his mind – Saul was a broken man, and they could only pray that he found his daughter and healed his soul. If he couldn't find his sunshine girl, it was unlikely they would ever see him again. Rúni wouldn't let his father go alone, so he had chosen to depart as well. Florina didn't try to stop them simply because she wanted her cousin back, and she wanted Saul to succeed in his quest. Colibri had dried her tears, but the puffiness around her eyes betrayed her deep concern – Saul was still weak, barely recovered from a leg injury, clearly not in a sound state of mind. Coli had begged him to stay because she was scared for her grieving friend, and now she clung so tightly to her mate that Florina wondered if he would have to carry her home.

Florina was numb. She had imagined herself standing at Uncle Saul's side, the strong right hand of the law, partner to the only father figure she had accepted in her youth. Instead, he would never lead alongside her. Saul was gone, and Vinátta was hers alone. The weight of what she had done in replacing her mother abruptly settled on her shoulders.

Her only consolation was knowing that Colibri could never have assumed the mantle of Virding by herself, and she had saved them the disarray of choosing a new successor. Florina stood alone now, because she alone could handle it. She would not be broken like her predecessors. She squared her shoulders and raised her head high, pale fur blending with the stubborn swirls of fog. Once she was satisfied with the packmates who responded to her howl and filed in, she spoke flatly.

"The Virding is gone. Saul has left the pack to continue the search for Sólieri." Florina paused briefly, casting a glance at the gathered Stormbringers who could confirm the exchange. Saul had only spared the energy to say goodbye to his closest and dearest, and even that had been a drain on the weary father. Silver eyes studied their faces as she wondered if they would lash out at her again and demand her impeachment.

"No one else will carry the name Virding. I will remain Sannindi because that is the title I was given. I am sole leader in Saul's stead, and he has passed his responsibilities to me personally."

That was all she had to say. She was in no mood to hold their hands today, and remained still except for her slowly waving tail. It should be enough for them to know that Saul entrusted their fate to her. Written only in the clenched teeth, the hard stare, and the tense lash of her tail, was the fact that Florina would miss her teacher.

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She had not assumed that this moment in her life would come, but the leadership was changing. First with Colibri stepping down, and now with Saul?! Carya couldn't believe her ears whenever Florina was calling to the pack, and she stopped in her tracks upon approaching the wolfess, or rather their new leader. Bitter feelings aside she looked around then back to Florina.

Carya would miss her previous Virding, and she turned her face towards the new Sannidi, her ears flickering on her skull. There were words that needed to be spoken, but there was nothing else that she could say. Her ears folded and she gave Lochlan a glance, as he was among the Stormbringers already gathered and then looked at her feet. I am grateful for Saul's decision then, as well as yours. it was a bitter word held onto her tongue but no bitterness came out.

She flickered her ears and would return to the rear of the crowd, ears shifting in case anyone wanted to speak with her, if not, then she would take a few moments to hear what else was to be spoken, and then she would leave to deal with the recent turn of events.
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A flower graced her hair, plucked fresh at the dawn of spring, a hue to match her eyes and dress. Her blonde hair was neat, her white fur pristine. Shiloh Dawnbringer looked beautiful -- looked strong. It was all she could do. Be strong for the family that was left.

Dreyrugr had always wandered, and his children wandered, never blessed to be together at once, driven by wind and snow and grief. Shiloh had seen this day coming, the lack of luster in her brother's eyes, had seen him broken -- ever since Lilin abandoned him, Saul had not been the same. She had seen this coming.

As Florina howled, the Araedi Ríkr stood with her staff and watched the other Vináttans approach, group. Her slender face was expressionless, her posture tall and like the guardian that she was. She listened without really hearing Florina's news, though carefully guarded emotion flickered, almost beyond her control, at Flori's choice of her title. This she suppressed, along with everything already burning below the surface: grief, betrayal, fear.

Florina fell silent, and Shiloh stood rigid. She did not care if she spoke out of turn now, but her voice lifted regardless.

"Vinátta is not a weak pack. Our strongest, our wisest, our most disciplined, most industrious -- we will protect, serve, and guide the pack as we always have. Our Sannindi will guide us to match her fortitude, and we will guide her in turn. Family watches out for each other no matter what."

Her voice was strong, carrying, even if her heart rang hollow and a dangerous flood of emotion struggled against a frighteningly calm demeanor. If someone spoke out against Florina now -- she would strike them down where they stood, she thought. The only sign of a grieving, terrified sister was a tightening of fingers at her staff, below the Frithr necklace wrapped there.
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His uncle's decision to depart was one that left a strange taste in Lochlan's mouth. It was understandable to some degree, but the blue-eyed Stormbringer had always considered the Virding a constant in their lives. A wolf of great character and strength who would stand there always as the head of their bloodline and their pack both. Yet the loss of his daughter had left him a broken creature and it was time. Time for him to go off and find his daughter or die trying. Forcing the sadness down his throat and letting it settle into his gut instead, the Araedi had said his farewell to Saul with his heart half-broken but beating in his chest.

Now the unproven Florina was going to be their only leader. The wolf who they had to rely upon for all leadership decisions, despite the pack's lingering uncertainties about her in general. Certainly she had not shown herself to be a failure when it came to leading the pack, but she hadn't shone as a particularly bright star of leadership either. Losing Saul felt like losing their father figure and he knew Vinatta could survive it, but that didn't mean it made him feel good about it. He would miss his uncle and he was not pleased that the only wolf that would hold the high power in the pack was a wolf that was virtually a stranger to them all.

Numbly, he stood as the pack was called to gather and learn the news he already knew. Briefly, his eyes flitted to Carrie and to Iris, but other than that he remained solid and still. There was nothing left in him to say.
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She was not allowed to follow where her mother had gone that morning and until the howl rang out she paced the floor of their home with an unsettled mind, worry and wonder flooding her thoughts. Something was wrong, she could feel it, and the more she waited the more she worried about what was going on. The sound had barely reached her ears by the time she was out the door and on her way toward it and she did not slow her long lupus limbs until the small group materialized out of the fog ahead of her. Pausing, she took a moment to shift into her tall lean optime form before slowly approaching the quickly growing crowd as the rest of the pack trickled in from all over to hear the news.

Spotting her mother among the many solemn faces standing at the front of the gathering the young Moineau slowly skirted the crowd to stand near her, but she did not step past the small space that separated the somber group from the rest of the pack. Once it seemed like everyone had arrived the Sannindi broke the news and a frown spread upon the dark femme's features, her lime green gaze moving from Florina's face to Shiloh's, watching as her mother fought the swell of emotions their new leader's words had summoned. Dreyma's ears drooped against the soft curls of her hair and she wanted desperately to step forward to console her mother, but she stood firm and rigid in her spot, not wanting to step out of place or do something wrong.

Saul was uncle to her, someone she looked up to even if she didn't know him very well. He was the Virding, everyone looked up to him, and like the rest of the pack Dreyma believed he would always be there to lead them, guide them, and stand as the strong and noble figurehead of the pack. Now that he was gone it was like there was a hole, an emptiness, a missing piece, and thankfully Florina had not decided to try and fill that space. Although she did not attend the meeting about the new Sannindi she had seen the ripples of dissatisfaction flow through the pack. Shiloh had accepted Florina though, chose to stand by her rather than oppose her, and so Dreyma did too. She was their one and only leader now, there could be no questioning whether it was right or wrong. Someone had to lead them, and looking at her now, standing strong and proud even with sadness and responsibility weighing down upon her, Dreyma believed Florina could do it.

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OOC: Don't mind Ascher, he's just having a wee breakdown lol

For all his clever words and deep thoughts, Ascher was no good at goodbyes. He wasn't practised at them, really – rarely had he been given the chance to say the words before family and friends were plucked out of his life, or he was plucked out of theirs.

The dreaded call came early in the day. Dew still clung to the grass and a misty light resided in the sky. Ascher made his way quickly to Saul and the rest of his family, trying to keep his mind open to hope. It was a futile exercise – Saul spoke the words which seemed to have been coming for many months, and Ascher listened as he always did. He had nodded in the right places, he thought, but he couldn't be sure – it had felt as if his world was crumbling when his beloved brother had imparted the news. With all they'd been through, even with the all the time they'd spent apart, Asch couldn't imagine his elder brother, the consummate leader, the real man of the family not being there.

Ascher's feet dragged on the way back from the borders, his hand occasionally lifting to swipe at his eyes. The pools of blue didn't meet anyone else's gaze as the group moved towards Jordheim. Vinatta was without its Virding, left only with the fledgling Sannindi who had caused such a ruckus with her entrance to the ranks. Ascher could barely resent Florina's presence now; the peaceable Viking would have welcomed some bile rising in his throat, but it wasn't there. There was only a dullness to the world, a lack of a shine which seemed to have been dimming ever since Solieri's disappearance.

How much worse could it get, than to have his direst fears realised? Others spoke, words of faith in the pack and in their now lone leader, but Ascher remained silent, his head bowed. His fingers played their old game of clasping and unclasping, writhing behind his back like some tentacled beast. His eyes sought Aspen, Bel and Orvar from beneath his fringe – at least he still had those precious beings in his life, and he needed them now. He wouldn't be afraid to admit it, even if he was afraid of what would happen next. For once, the scholar was in the dark without knowledge or words to help him.


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Niernan Stormbringer
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Her fingers against his skin, the feel of her slight weight pressed against him, her breath ruffling the fur across his chest. Those were his anchors. If not for her he wouldn't have been standing there, amongst his kin, listening to Florina explain to the rest of the pack about Saul's choice. He felt the dissatisfied growl begin to rumble in his chest, his frustration and pain blurring his inhibitions. Saul had left them. The world had been turned upside down and they had been left clinging desperately to the surface for fear that they would fall. Their leader! It had been bad when they had lost Lilin; a betrayal that everyone felt. But Saul leaving, that just caused a gaping wound. What was worse was that Niernan completely understood. Saul had driven himself crazy with the hunt for Sóli, something that he himself seemed to be in danger of doing. He knew that Saul needed to be out there, looking for his daughter, he just hoped he didn't look too hard in the wrong places and end up dead. Most of Niernan wanted to go with his fellow Stormbringer, though he knew he couldn't. He had family, a responsibility to care for his young children and his fragile mate.

Thinking of her once again reined him in. He looked down at her, grateful for her. One tan hand moved from where it wrapped around her body to brush against her cheek. If it weren't for her and her tactile reminder of his responsibilities he would have gone running off with Saul probably never to be seen again. He offered her a soft smile, his eyes screaming 'thank-you' in that moment. He didn't want to break the bubble of comfort that he was in at that moment, but he needed to see how the pack were coping. He lifted his gaze from his mate, eyes becoming a little blanker, more steady. He watched as the Vikings gathered, watched the emotion that Flori's statement caused, and saw strength. Shiloh was right; Vinátta was a strong pack. They could get through this. They conquered every challenge that came their way, they could conquer this one too. He felt he should say something, as a founder, as a Vald Rikr, as a member of the family, but no words came. Everything he thought of was something weak or unhelpful so he remained silent. He stood with Colibri, feeling his heart break with every moment he realised that Saul wasn't coming back, but fixing it again with the love he felt for her, for his children and for his pack.

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Teagan Stormbringer
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Uncle Saul had left them. She knew why. She sort of wanted to go with him, to find her sunshine cousin alongside him, but he had stayed. This seemed like something that Saul had to do himself. That and of course she was needed here in the pack. The walk to the clearing had been silent. No-one spoke a single word until Florina called the pack. It was still odd, thinking of Florina, her step-sister, as a leader. She had been so used to her step-mother being the Sannindi, but now Coli's valkyrie daughter held the position. Teagan had little issue with the situation; in her mind Flori was family and had every right, sure it would have been nice to promote from within the pack, but what was done was done. This wasn't the time to be thinking of that. This was a time to gather with family and pack, to share everybody's pain over Saul's absence and to rally their strength.

It was Flori's howl to the pack that broke her; she never saw herself as overly emotional, but that howl filled with sadness and loss made tears spring unbidden to her eyes. She looked up, cerulean eyes searching for someone. They found her father, wrapped up around Colibri just as he should be. She couldn't run to Daddy and Coli now; her father needed the reassurance of his mate and she needed... Her eyes brushed over the familiar form and she moved immediately. Her brother was standing firm, waiting and listening, the strong Stormbringer that he had grown into. She wanted nothing more than to crash into him, to bury her face in his white chest and shut out the world. To be like they were as puppies; too busy wrapped up in each other to take notice of the rest of the world, but they were grown now. She came to stand beside him, close enough that the golden fur of her shoulder merged with his dark charcoal. She moved her hand slightly, aiming to brush her fingers against the back of his hand, asking for comfort in the most silent way she knew how.

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As they gathered there was a different feeling in the air. It was not the same as when Colibri had stepped down. Blue eyes looked at the faces of her packmates and there was something to be said about the features of the Stormbringers that gathered among the Aston-Coeur family and the rest of the unrelated pack mates. Sons stood behind their mothers, Andira stood beside Anu. Carya traveled on her own, and Anu gave the girl a sweet soft smile when she saw her. Anu felt far more troubled now then when she saw the Haki woman stand beside her daughter. Now Florina stood alone.

When the pale wolf-dog's voice rang Anu turned to watch, taking in the words uneasily. She stood stoic, calm and stable despite the news and the true feelings that it gave her. Saul was gone. She watched the eyes of the young Sannidi, they went to the relatives of the gone-Virding. It was true then, her brain putting the signs together. He was gone. And this was what they were left with.

Despite bitter pill Anu swallowed, and accepted the truth. She would not lie about her worry for the young leader who now had no leader for her own, but she still held faith that the pack would not allow danger to come to their borders. Since the golden child had gone missing there had been little other disturbance, and they lived in relative peace and comfort. Anu did not credit the Soul female for that entirely, but the pack as a whole.

Anu was sad to let Saul go and yet she understood. His family was no longer here, but missing and he chose to try to find her. It was far from a simple choice and yet Anu felt he had made the right one.


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Eyes bright, Andira wandered to the gathering place by the call of the young-leader. Indifferent to the faces of the sad Stormbringers she could only wonder what new news the Soul female held for them. Andira was bringing to respect the pale blond woman, her direct ways and her purpose. Her courage as well. It had to take guts to stand among so many that had called out against her when she had been titled Sannidi. When Andira spotted her family she milled through the crowd towards her mothers, standing in front of her much taller brothers.

She around at the group, wondering who was missing and if they could begin. Impatient as always. But soon enough the news was given, and Andira's hurried and light hearted mood was desecrated. Saul was gone? The question rolled through her mind like a heavy boulder. The only true leader she had known to sit at the head of the Vináttans was gone. The confidence that Andi held in her pack had come from him.

Her mother must had seen the frown, the sad eyes that she held and touched her hand. Just as she did when Florina had told them all that she would be leading them beside their Virding, Anu held her hand. The touch now was different then it had been, softer and one of support rather then to shake her from her thoughts and restrain her. Denim eyes looked over to her Mother, the confidence that had drain from her seemed to roll back over her. Voices started to call out, and rather then challenge the stance of the Soul-woman they stood beside her. Andi's sister, and Shiloh. They spoke out to stand beside her, to remind them all that they were not strong simply because of one creature. But because of each and every one of them.

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