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  • Date: 22nd April, 10AM
  • Location: Fort Cumberland
  • Form: Optime
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Leonardo had slinked off once returning to familiar landscape; he may of tried to explain himself and his reasons for leaving at some point, but the Moineau had tuned him out, picking up only on the fact that the other was going to be away for awhile, not that he could really blame Leo, since he knew his mood was getting lower and lower with each passing day. The solitude helped some, eased some of the tension that had began to build within him and his mood, whilst sour, was stable enough so far in the day that he'd managed to get around and explore some.

There were human remains in these parts, the landscape derelict in nature, dead and eerily spacious; he'd crossed many already and had a brief poke around in them, testing to see their worth, weighing his options as to where he'd want to settle and call his home. A few called to him, drew his attention and left a strong memory on his mind, whilst others like this were nothing more than pathetic ruins that had little to no worth in them.

Padding over to one of the foundations that bled into the ground, leaving large, rocky holes, he peered into it, slit eyes roaming over the area for a few minutes before stepping back. Yup, there was absolutely nothing of worth to be seen or found in these parts.

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How was she returning to these lands? The merle patterned girl looked over the familiar landscape with deep thought. She knew the scent and knew how to avoid it, and still she was fearful. The pack lands were not too far away, and her call would be heard by anyone paroling the borders and they would find her easily. She couldn't decide -why- she was scared, it wasn't likely that she would see Judas again in these parts, or anyone for that matter. Since that meeting Andi had avoided them all together, but she was Araedi now and much more prepared for any off-putting encounters. It was time to test her courage and facing this fear was the first step to being brave and even dauntless.

She moved swiftly, pushing her form to reach a new peak and pushing her muscles further and harder. They were well formed. Her arms clearly that of an archer, and her legs that of a runner. But after her trip to Casa they looked fuller and felt harder. It was easy for her to travel towards the flat lands of the Fort, running without even breaking into a pant.

Quiver on her back and bow in hand she made her way through the gate of the once-human compound and slowed her pace as she became cautious once more. Blue eyes looked at each building, and with each corner that she took she paused to take in the signs. No more of her dazed and distracted days. The lands were familiar and thus ordinary and no longer calling for her undivided attention. That went to the scent that lingered in the air, a masculine fragrance that told Andira that she was not alone. It was not Judas though, and so she was less fearful and simply remained cautious.

She found him wandering across the wide walkway between one half-collapsed stone structure and a meaningless foundation. A wooden building likely stood there and just as likely burnt to the ground many years ago. There were many strangers in the northern lands, loners (as this male smelled like), and Andira knew she had to respect their position as they had to respect her's as a Vináttan. But who would ever want to be a loner?

Hello. She called, showing herself at a bit further then respectable distance. She could have ran without showing herself to the male, though it was unlikely he hadn't already smelled her. But that would have defeated the purpose of her venturing out here. Besides, he was close enough to Vinátta that he should be cautioned -not- to venture any closer.

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