The invisible wall

POSTED: Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:16 pm

514 This thread is for me and Viper, because I needed to have a thread before the coup thread. This is backdated for the 25th of April, location: Temple of Helios, Time: 6pm

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This night was as silent as the slithering son of hers had been. She had heard the rumors, and talked to the crows, making sure that none of them went to Kentaro with the conspiracy, mainly because she was going to attempt to make Viper reconsider his actions. She had already helped Kentaro live through the poisoning, and she knew that he was planning something silly, and unnecessary. She didn't know why he decided that he wanted to overthrow the king, but maybe the boy had some pent up anger for Kentaro taking the place of their mother. Panda didn't understand what his issue really was, and she needed to talk to him about it. She had not told Venom of his sons' behavior, because she wanted to approach them alone. He was not alone though, no, Viper was sure to never be truly alone. Panda moved over to his room, and when she entered, she saw her two boys there, Viper only just rising from his nap and Pythius hovering over him, trying to wake him up.

Viper, Pythius, I need to speak to both of you. she started to speak, her words carefully chosen and hushed in tone. She knew that the temple was prone to echo, and she did not want to alert their house mate. This was tricky business and she didn't want to be heard by others, and she already knew that Venom was going to come in soon because of the fact that she was in their room and he was not a male that was not curious. The moment that she did speak to them, it still echoed, and Venom moved from their room towards the boys' room. He moved and touched his woman's behind while he came up to her, which surprised her momentarily, and when she turned to look at him, she sneered at him and then looked back to the boys. I have heard some things, from Mallum, and Senerade.....I also..tended to Kentaro recently, because he got into some poison. the woman spoke to them, her tone still hushed, and she moved closer to them. She had not talked to Venom about the things she had heard, and even he was surprised when he spoke of tending to Kentaro. Didn't she hate him? Venom looked at her sideways and cocked his head to look at her sons. Why was she talking to them about him? Did something happen that he missed?

Panda moved closer still and took a seat in one of Viper's extra chairs. Why are you planning this coup, and what is your mission? What will this foolishness prove, my sons? she asked them, her gaze intense on them as she looked at the boys. She wasn't happy with their behavior, and thought that if the birds knew what was going on, then they were not going about the right way to even overthrow the king. They were younger than the young Prince-King and therefore even more stupid than the current Angelo.

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