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POSTED: Mon May 26, 2014 8:22 pm

884 May 20th, Sveit Village Hall, dusk. Happy anniversary VN!! All characters are assumed to be present and are expected to post at least once. There is no posting order if you'd like to post more, so feel free to interact or make a spinoff thread if you so desire. Eat, drink, and be merry!

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One moon passed since Saul's departure; two moons since Florina's return. Another year had come full circle, and Vinátta was two. It was time to call the pack together again to celebrate their continued success. The Sannindi's booming howl rang out over the trees, summoning her packmates to the hall for the annual gathering.

Florina held her head high as she strode the length of the broad oak table, silently surveying the preparations. The anniversary was largely Miskunn and Colibri's doing – the advisers had reminded her of the feast planned, taken the initiative to clean and sanctify the Sveit Village Hall in preparation, and chose a clear evening that would give way to star-gazing once the night wore on. They even sent word for the hunters and cooks of the pack to bring their own personal contributions, knowing that it would be a night to remember and that everyone would want to participate. Vessels, bottles of wine, and a leftover firkin of Thorn's sugar beer lined the center of the table, interspersed with lit candles and floral arrangements courtesy of the gardener, and blocks of sheep and goat cheese donated by Jin and Joon.

Unlike Ostara, a more casual and family-oriented holiday, the anniversary was supposed to be the biggest party of the year. Whether or not the mood would be dampened by their Sannindi's presence was yet to be seen. Florina's hands rested lightly at the head of the table. It was strange to stand in Saul's place. He and Lilin had created this pack, not her – she had been born here in its early months, but she was not a founder. The leather-bound almanac resting in the lectern near the entrance held secrets older than her. Her name would be recorded on those pages, though, as she was determined to leave her mark.

She barely moved as she felt her mother's tentative touch at her shoulder, though she exhaled in a snort when Colibri showed her the bone comb. Passively she took her seat and allowed her mother to brush her hair. Please don't resent them, Coli whispered as she ran the comb through Florina's curls. They've had time to see you work by yourself now. They're giving you a chance. See how the evening goes.

Florina wondered idly if her mother was simply reassuring herself out loud, and said nothing in response. She had taken Shiloh's advice to heart: act as a fellow member rather than a leader, so as not to remind them of rank right away. The Áðr council were handling day-to-day issues for her so that she did not have to wield her clout. It went against the grain of her dominant instincts, but as there had been no major incidents, the precarious balance seemed to be working for now. Eventually she would not have to comport herself so carefully with this façade.

As their packmates began to filter in and find their seats, Coli excused herself to join her mate and youngest brood. Flori's simple thoughts were interrupted when Axle and Grit hoisted a heavy platter of venison between them and set it noisily down on the table in front of her. 'Ere you go, Sannindi, saved the bones for you. Me 'n Grit are takin' the first shift of patrols, but we'll be back later tonight. Set aside some beer for us! the black and tan dog announced cheerfully. Florina nodded in acknowledgment, and leaned forward in her seat, impatient to begin the feast. Socializing was far less appealing than eating, and she was getting antsy from all the waiting around.

She was about to reach out and grab a haunch when Miskunn's staff thudded thrice against the floor. The buzz fell quiet as the Godja gathered their attention. The priestess deigned not to speak, and simply made a sweeping gesture toward Florina, indicating that the floor was hers. The Sannindi stood awkwardly, the chair scraping behind her. She cleared her throat, then cracked her knuckles out of habit.

Vináttans, she barked. Miskunn and Colibri had both warned her that a speech was expected, but Florina hardly knew what to say without inciting a riot. She had racked her brain to remember holidays she had attended as a child, but she never paid attention to anything but the blessings in the old tongue. She had certainly never imagined one day all eyes would be on her. At least the sooner she got it over with, the sooner she could eat. This night is for you.

Florina stood still and guarded at the table head, candlelight gleaming on her pale fur. Silver eyes tracked every movement, inspecting the meats and confections brought to the table, studying the expressions and moods of the filled hall. Theirs was a large pack, diverse and prosperous, and they had every right to be proud.

Another year is behind us. Celebrate how far you all have come, and drink to the prosperity of the seasons ahead. Ásáheil og vána! No matter what, we shall remain strong and weather the years to come.

The wolfdog sat calmly back in her chair, regarding those assembled before signalling the beginning of the feast. It is good to be a part of it with you, she added. Then she grabbed the venison shank and dug in.

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Colibri had largely avoided her packmates since stepping down from leadership. Their hostility had shaken and frightened her, and she needed to withdraw into the safe cocoon of her home to recover. She and Niernan both mourned Saul as well, and Coli had taken it upon herself to keep his vacant house clean and in working order – just in case. It would not do for their dear friend to come home to cobwebs and mice, no matter how painful it was to see the house devoid of life.

She had poured so much effort into organizing this anniversary fete, though, that she felt brave enough to make an appearance. Last year, Colibri's heart ached for her sister and her daughter to come home, and she had not felt like revelry with her broken wrist. Niernan had been the one to comfort her that night. Four seasons later it was Saul as well as Lilin that she pined for, but she had more to celebrate: Niernan was her mate, they had three growing children together, and Florina had returned to her. She knew she wasn't on the best terms with any of her wolfdog girls, but Florina grudgingly allowed her the indulgence of grooming her mane, and that had to be a step in the right direction. She had time to fix things now.

The crowd filed in and took their seats amid conversation, some of them helping themselves to the abundant food and liquor. She was hopeful that she could coax Fiora and Farina to sit nearby and catch up, though Coli was nearly bowled over by galloping adolescents on all fours that she could barely convince to sit down at all. She couldn't believe how big Fionna and Ninian had grown, and Russano surpassed them all – he would rival Farina's size once he shifted, which could be any day now. They looked like wolves now, not little puppies with childish faces and overlarge paws, and they would get their adult ranks soon. Gods, they grew up so quickly. It still boggled her mind to see how grownup her flower daughters were.

She chanced a quick glance around the crowd, searching for Ascher, Bel, and Orvar, but for the most part Coli kept her head down, avoiding eye contact with those arriving. Miskunn's staff called her attention, and she gripped her mate's hand, squeezing it tightly. She was still nervous that the gathering could sour, which made her hesitant to let go of Niernan. A strong alto voice rang through the hushed hall, and Coli held her breath as she listened.

The Eljun quietly beamed with relieved pride when she saw her child – the pack leader – looking so mature and radiant as she addressed the gathering. Pride was not an emotion Colibri felt often (especially when it came to the complicated nature of her family), and she cherished it in that brief moment. Had she really lived here for two whole years already? She felt so old, but she loved seeing how Vinátta changed them all for the better.

For once, it felt like everything was going to be okay.

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Niernan Stormbringer
Why can't the moon stay full forever? Right now she's got nothing on her mind.

Two whole years! It was hard to believe that he had only been here, in his beloved Vinátta, for two years. It felt like so much longer. He supposed that all of the trials they had gone through, all of the trauma and tragedies, and the happiness as well, had made those two years seem like lifetimes. His life had changed so much in the time he had spent with the pack so far. This was the place that he called home, the place he had found love. True, that love had broken him, left him a husk, but it had also given him two wonderful children, and had taught him how to love another properly. That failed romance had set him up to love another and he wouldn't change it for the world. He wanted to celebrate the two years he had spent here, and there were no better people to celebrate with than the extended family that was the pack.

His cerulean eyes flicked to his mate, her small frame seated next to him, her fragile hand tightly entwined with his. A broad smile spread across his muzzle and he leaned in close, lending her the support and comfort of his entire body. He knew she must be nervous for her daughter; Florina hadn't been well received before, her appointment to the Sannindi role had been somewhat catastrophic, and he hoped that no-one opposed her today. He just wanted this to be a happy occasion, without conflict, and the nervousness he felt coming off Coli made him tense up, as if he were waiting for a fight to break out. Though the arrival of his three youngest children distracted him from that. They bounded up to their parents and Niernan's grin became childish and gleeful. The three had grown so much, they were getting big and would soon be ready to shift, but it was evident that Russano was going to be a giant. He almost dwarfed his sisters, the badger striped boy standing head and shoulders above the much smaller girls.

The monochrome pup galloped towards his father and Niernan felt a tingle of fear; they boy was a gentle pup, but he didn't seem to be aware of his large size and the strength that came with it. Niernan braced for impact as Russano collided with him. He was nearly bowled over but managed to stay upright, wrapping his free arm around his youngest son, his other hand still tangled with Coli's. The boy settled in his fathers lap, despite how ridiculous they must have looked, a happy grin on his stripy muzzle, "Hey Dad, Hey Mum. What's going on? What's Flori doing up there?" His already deep voice would have boomed had it not been for the quietness that seemed to radiate from him. Niernan was amazed that such a large wolf could be so quiet, "Good afternoon Russa. This is a party, for Vinátta. It's two years old now, and Florina is our leader, so she has to start off the celebrations. It's her job." That seemed to placate the young wolf and he smiled up at his father, falling quiet to listen to his half sister.

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Lily took an empty seat upon her arrival, the vivid green of her gaze trailing over the various things that had been prepared and presented for the feast. The smell within the hall was mouthwatering, and Lily would be lying to say she wasn’t excited to indulge in some of this food. Her chair groaned softly as she slid it forwards, gently weaving her fingers and resting the loose fisted hands on the worn oak. It was comforting that she now knew the faces that gathered around the table, and Lily regarded each one of them with a renewed sense of appreciation. It had taken some time for the girl to get settled, but Vinatta had quickly and easily become her home. Those who joined her here for the celebration - they were her family.

She sought the Stormbringer male’s presence, and found a soft smile gracing her features when she located him amongst the rest of the Vikings. A few others caught her eye as well, and Lily gave warm smiles and gentle nods in acknowledgement. Her gaze turned upon the Sannindi when it was time for her to speak. Lily knew there had been mixed feelings about Florina’s rise to leadership but Lily didn’t feel as if she had much experience within the pack to warrant any sort of opinion from her. As the voices hushed in light of Florina’s words, Lily found herself gently nodding along to the words offered to the Vikings. How wonderful it was to be a part of this event!

When Florina’s words were through, the Vikings eagerly turned to the food. Lily did not shy away – outstretched fingers claimed a bottle of wine and a wedge of cheese. Lily poured herself a drink, before sipping at the tart libation and chasing it with a creamy bite.

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omg, Neverland directions

The pack's anniversary made the aged Eljun's mind wander to when she and her mate joined the pack. The heavy heart that she had entered with was now as light as she ever thought possible. Content, the mother had little to complain about. Including the new Sannindi that lead them. Since her arrival the silver elder had chose to wait and see how the Soul-child would do at their head. Vinátta had been their comfort at the time of their joining, it had been the oasis in a harrowing time. Anu would never loose her affection for it, and her choice was never meant to seem neglectful or even indifferent. No, of course not. But the woman would not choose her sides so quickly, as if there was even a side to choose. What she could choose was silence, and faith. Two things she still held.

In the great hall she remained at her family's side. The sight of her sons, the elders and the youths, seated around she and her mate. Making the two woman seem even smaller. Andira sat furthest from her, next to Auggie, the two jesting as they always did and Anu searched for Carya in the chance that the daughter wished to sit with them. Oak and Cypress spoke with Val, though the two older son's would likely slip away at some point in the night to stand watch at the borders.

The voices simmered to silence at the Godja's staff and the call of the Sannindi, her tone sharp and still unfamiliar to the woman's ears. Folding her hands at her lap she listened. The words were short and as sweet as she felt possible for the white hair young woman. And with that they began to feast. Her blue eyes took in the scene for a brief moment as the pack came together in the first light-hearted gathering since Saul's departure.


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-clings to Iris-Lily-

The girl found the great hall too warm and too crowded. Following her taller skunk-striped brother she felt some comfort in the presence of her family, milling around with litter-mates and older brothers made it easier for her to filter into crowds rather then standing out on her own. It wasn't long before the voices hushed to silence and the light colored woman stood before them as their leader. Andira wondered if it scared her to speak in front of so many, so many that had openly spoke against her. The merle female could not think of anything more frightening. But her speech was short, and soon the volume of the room turned back up to fill her ears. Two years, the girl had no trouble in believing it. The pack was strong, as it always had been through out her life. Why should it continue on that way?

Denim eyes glanced across the room catching the sight of a soft smiling face. Her legs tensed as she pushed her chair out from the table. Her larger brother pushed her shoulder, teasing her as he did at times (all the time, actually). Andira turned to him with a frown, before flicking his big ear and getting up from her seat. Snatching the cup that had been place before her she walked away from the Coeur-Aston group.

She heard her heart beat in her ears as she traveled through the crowd, and for a moment she felt the urge to escape out into the cool night air. But instead she reached her destination faster then expected. Someone told me thats the best bottle of wine in the whole place. Can I share? She didn't know where the words came from, but she asked the mahogany wolfess with ease. Stealing a seat beside her Andira figured they could always talk about bows and arrows. The Coeur never got tired of that.

Of course she was completely ignorant to the company that Iris truly sought...

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311 D'awww! -clings right back-

The combination of tastes was sinful, and Lily relished the moment as the wine swirled with the creamy cheese on her pallet. Once she swallowed, she quickly followed with another sip of wine. Looking up from her cup, she saw as the Coeur moved closer to where she was seated. They had caught sight of each other, and Lily had offered the girl a smile and a nod, but now she was moving in her direction. The Revlis girl couldn’t help but grin at this.

It is? Lily replied softly, turning her gaze briefly to the bottle as she allowed her free hand to spin it gently along the oak. I must have exceptional taste then, she jested, apple green easily finding vibrant denim once more. Of course you can share – I’d be happy to have the company. Lily gestured towards the empty seat with her drink in hand and Andira settled in beside her. Lily took the liberty of pouring the girl’s wine for her, smiling as she did so.

This is quite the celebration, huh? Was the party as grand at the last anniversary? Andi would’ve only been a child at the point in time, but Lily figured she’d remember at least some of what had happened. And anyways, it allowed for conversation to blossom between them. Lily enjoyed time spent with the cream colored girl, and she knew this would not be any exception to that fact.

Once Andira’s cup was full, Lily set the bottle back on the oaken table, situated amongst the flowers and candles that had been arranged down the entire length of the center. It truly was a beautiful evening, and as Lily looked back to her company, she noticed just how the flicker of candle light played against the Coeur’s features – attributing a sparkle to the vibrant blue that was somehow incredibly alluring.

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Teagan Stormbringer
I make my mark and fight for tomorrow.

She was late. Why had she decided to take that afternoon hunt? She hadn't meant to take so long but that Gods damned doe had run a merry jig all around the lake, and she hadn't even managed to snag the stupid animal. She snarled at the memory and stomped huffily towards the village hall. She was late, she hadn't got her prey, and the two creatures that could most cheer her up were at home with the other companions. She wanted Spook and Skipper with her now, she wanted Spooks soft cat scent and purr to reassure her and Skippers velvety fur to stroke and calm her down, but they had decided to stay with Ciaran and the others. She contemplated going to fetch them, but then she'd be even later. No, she would just have to struggle through and socialise without them. Not that she should struggle with socialising at all; this was her pack, not strangers. Though to her they felt a little like strangers. She hardly knew anyone and she felt disconnected from those she called friends. Even her brother, though that wasn't his fault; she was the anti-social one. The only people she knew she could connect with at the feast were her parents and her younger siblings. She spent a lot of time with them now.

Her creamy toes brushed against the bottom most step of the hall entrance and she raised her smoky blue eyes to the doors. She felt the horrid tingling behind her eyes and the constriction at the top of her throat that indicated tears and emotion. She didn't even know why but she wanted to cry. It was all just so overwhelming. Why couldn't she run away? Just run and find somewhere where no-one expected anything of her. Surely that would be a paradise, she could do whatever she wanted, she wouldn't have to choose a path, or who to follow, who to like and dislike, she wouldn't have to deal with pack drama and family feuds, or feelings. Though with a shake of her head and a deep breath in she pushed away those thoughts, steeling herself and squashing the tears before striding into the hall. Her eyes immediately searched out her father and stepmother. She smiled at them, giggling quietly when she saw Russano, her giant of a little brother seated firmly in her fathers lap. Niernan smiled back at her, nodding his head in greeting before turning back to listen to his badger striped son.

She let her eyes scan the room again, looking for a friend to sit with, or her brother. Lochlan was always welcoming to her presence and she was always happy to spend time with him, though she hadn't spent much with him recently. She couldn't see him though, perhaps he hadn't turned up yet either, so at least she wasn't the latest arrival, that made her smile. The smile broadened when her eyes found the familiar and pleasing pale merle form of Andi moving through the hall. She made to step forwards and join the Coeur girl that she liked so much, but froze as she saw Andi sit with Iris, one of the girls that Loch felt for. Her smile slipped as she watched the easy way the two females interacted, the way they looked at each other. Her heart and stomach lurched simultaneously in a sickening and painful way, she had a feeling that she would not be welcome there, not with the two of them seemingly so familiar with each other. Perhaps her seclusion had cost her more than she knew. She didn't feel much like celebrating any more, but she couldn't leave right away, she needed to be seen. Perhaps she would slink off a little later and patrol, further her progress towards her tier. Until then she would have to stay. She shrank back and found herself a seat at the end of a table, near a quiet, shaded corner, hoping that nobody too jovial would bother her.

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The caramel pelted male nearly hadn’t come. He could have made the excuse of a patrol, that he wanted to make extra sure his family was safe, but he knew the reason why he didn’t want to go into the hall. The sound of chatter, laughing and the scent of food had weakened his will though, and his mind had thought ”to hell with Florina”. Retrieving his guitar he’d moved to the hall, Florina already having said her piece. He looked through the room, see pack mates, friends and family. So it had been two years, and in all honesty it was hard to believe. Bran felt like he’d been born here, and thinking back, so much had changed, his family had expanded, and he’d finally discovered Palaydrian, who was clearly lacking in this gathering. He couldn’t help smiling at the thought of her, and made his way to his brother, greeting him with a kiss, seeing as his hands were full. The Araedi also touched a finger lightly against the muzzle of the large badger striped cub, saying hello to his growing nieces and nephews before leaving his brother to his family.

Bran was hungry, but he knew he would eat in a bit, right now he felt like playing, besides it was difficult to stomach anything with Florina so close.

If Teagan thought a shadowed corner would save her from a lively someone, she was wrong. Uncannily, Bran headed towards her, dragging a chair with him, and plonked himself beside her, giving her a kiss on the forehead and beginning to tune his guitar. The tune he played was not attention grabbing, it wasn’t meant to be, for the moment it was just an accompaniment to the food and drink, later on there might be dancing and far more heavy drinking no doubt. Right now the tune he strummed was simple, whimsical and easy and enjoyable to listen to. It also left him free to talk.

”Hi Teagan. How yu doin’? It’s been a while.”

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Taro loved feasts of any occasion, there was no doubt about it. He could eat and drink to his heart's content, especially when Chloe was around. Ever since their mate ship, he had grown even more attached to her and hated to leave her side for any extending amount of time. He was thinking of the future, thinking around and enjoying every moment of their company. This anniversary was just another way for them to broadcast the solidity of their relationship.

The young male had secured them a cozy place among the rest of the members, he certainly didn't want to isolate them and looked around, collecting food from nearby areas. "This is some shindig, I was just a tyke when they last did this." He remembered, he supposed that it was only a year ago. He bumped her shoulder with a grin, "But you weren't there, so what's the point?"

The dark female had not been a part of the pack for a little while afterward and he had still been young enough to be nervous about everything. He wasn't exactly about to talk to a stranger that he wasn't related to or hadn't known his entire life. He wasn't afraid to recall the times when he was so cowardly, for they were what defined him and made him feel so strong now.

He continued to look around, sipping on some sugar bear and rotating between venison and some of the other foods. Taro observed the other 'Souls, liking to listen to their conversations. That part of him was still present, his desire to listen to others. Briefly, he glanced at their singular leader. She looked slightly uncomfortable among the exuberant guises of her pack mates. He wondered what was going through her head. He nudged Chloe, "She looks a little out of her element not fighting anyone," It was a brief moment of peace, he supposed. Everyone was happy.

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