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Callum and Veyra's mateship ceremony. CdC/ND Alliance

POSTED: Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:33 pm

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He stood on the white sands of Whisper Beach looking out along the water as the words played in his head over and over again. He’d thought it would be easier, but speeches had never been his strong suit and now the time was nearly upon them. He’d taken aside Jonas, Julien, Sylvie and Clara earlier in the afternoon to help him with the arrangements, and together they’d prepared the beach for the ceremony. He and the men had hauled logs onto the sands to create benches for the wolves of New Dawn and Casa di Cavalieri to sit on as they watched the proceedings. Meanwhile, Clara and Sylvie had set them with pelts to soften and decorate them affording the area a sort of rustic elegance that even the feral wolves might appreciate. In the aisle they’d lain a carpet of pelts which led up to an area where two posts had been driven deep into the sand and then coiled with strung flowers, marking the front where all was about to take place.

Alistair turned to look it all over, noting every detail in silence. Jonas, Julien, Sylvie, and Clara had left a while ago, cleaning up and preparing for the night’s celebrations, while Alistair was already back, dressed in fine array. On his shoulders the black bear mantle of his cloak had been brushed to a shine. His short mane was a little more orderly than usual and on his chest was the crystal of fluorite and the wooden ring from his own union. His sword was belted around his hips and on his right his jeweled dagger had been thoroughly tended with the gems in it’s hilt polished to a glittering shine. His tan colored pants had been washed and he wore his leathers. The armor was unnecessary but it suited the Lune and distinguished him from the rest of his pack, which was all he needed.

Sighing, he turned towards the two posts, lifted his head to the darkening sky and howled as loud and as clear as his doggish voice would allow- calling the Cavaliers and their soon-to-be allies to the beach, and the festivities that awaited them.

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Light begins to pierce the distance.

With the help of chamomile and mint, Lola had been able to get her first full night of good rest, and then some. She awoke that afternoon of Callum’s mateship feeling well rested and in good spirits, only a bit saddened to roll over and find the rest of her bed unoccupied, but she knew her mate had his hands full today with all the ceremony arrangements. How long have I slept? She mumbled to herself, seeing the sunlight pouring half across the room already and noticing d’Artagnan was gone as well. Too long…she answered her own question, swinging the slightly swollen pads of her feet over the edge of the bed before crossing the room and splashing her face with water from a basin on her vanity.

The Veleno took her time waking up, seeing as she’d already wasted much of the day away, she decided to simply get ready for the ceremony tonight. Going through the tedious process of styling her hair, she messed and fussed with the tresses, growing agitated overtime. Nothing seemed to “go with” the flowy sheath dress she’d chosen to wear that night, but eventually the vixen resigned, manipulating the lengths of wine red hair into a crown of tightly woven braids. She tucked wildflowers of yellow and lavender into her locks before stepping into the almost see-through material. The silks and chiffon were a pale skyblue color, draping elegantly from her small frame while moving fluidly and lightly across her growing belly.

Too soon the sun had dipped from the windows of her room and Lola gave a small cry of surprise after hearing her mate’s call, Already?! She smoothed the various folds of the dress once more, hand finding her Brotherhood cuff and bending it around her bicep while the other fiddled with the necklaces about her neck. Once they were arranged properly and untangled, Lola glanced once more in the water damaged mirror before heading out into the cooler air. She was the first to arrive on the beach, savouring the feel of the warm sand beneath her toes, her ghost eyes immediately spotting her lover as she slowly made her way towards him, smiling while admiring the set up.

You’ve outdone yourself! She gushed, eyes playfully fixing on him in all his glory. I think we should have another ceremony ourselves, she joked, pressing into him affectionately, but withdrawing when her ears caught the sounds of others making their way.

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The new, if honorary, Artiglio had caught some small amount of rest after taking the Oath that morning, waking only a short time before Alistair's voice sounded off to call him to the beach. He rose and stretched, his hands brushing the ceiling of his room, then used the basin of water to rub the sleepers from his eyes and to rearrange his hair. He put his clothing back on, identical to the morning's ceremony but for the heart-shaped fluorite strung around his neck and the fox fur on the cape that had replaced his Famiglia one.

Once he was ready, he left the Courthouse, trying not to look for Veyra as he went. He would see her soon enough in all her finery, and he could not wait, but neither did he think she would want to be seen prematurely. Held tightly in his left hand, lest he lose it, was the green heart he had crafted alongside his purple the night before, a wedding present for his beloved. He kept a close hold on it till he reached the shoreline where Alistair waited. The Lune had been joined by his own mate; though Lola had pushed herself away from Alistair at Callum's coming, the Knight had very carefully diverted his gaze when he saw the two standing closely, obeying the unspoken courtesies of privacy that had been instilled in him.

Not for the first time, he wondered how well those courtesies would hold up in New Dawn, and blushed furiously as he approached.

Standing silently between the posts that had been driven into the ground, Cal watched the sun set lower toward the water. The way his ears were laying against his head, anyone with eyes could tell that the Knight was having last-minute jitters. He was not second guessing his decisions, not by a long shot, but it felt as though his heart might beat out of his chest, and his throat was uncomfortably dry as the minutes dragged by.


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As most of Ryuu’s days, this one had started early. He had taken his mind and body through the exercises that he had practised since his earliest memory, and took the opportunity to train with his swords, still revelling in how wonderful it was to be able to touch them once more. He was aware of the event that would take place later in the evening, but the knowledge did not stop him from going through his daily routine, nor did it stop him from working in the forge. The growing heat of the season his workplace a far more inhospitable place to be, but with the small design changes he’d implemented, Ryuu had opened a vents and doors and allowed the cooling breeze to do its best to mitigate the heat. The stifling forge did not make his focus waver however, and he did his best to perfect the art of making generic weaponry that would serve his pack.

When the time came though, he allowed the heart of the forge to die to a sultry red glow and made sure to bathe, pealing the dirt, dust and grime of the day from his pelt.. In this, as with everything he did, the white pelted male was methodical, practised and thorough.

He heard his Lune’s howl while he was making his way to the beach already, and when he appeared on the sand, the Japanese male was in stark contrast to the others. He wore no jewellery, weapons, or flowers, indeed he had shed his optime form in favour of a lithe and quick wolf. His form was lean and moved, not with the awkwardness of those who only occasionally adopted the form, but one who was comfortable in his skin no matter what form he took. The slim red tattoo above his eye still remained, a little longer, stretching a little further down his neck, but that was the only relief from the startling white pelt.

Seeing his packmate’s he bowed in submission and respect, his tail curly somewhat beneath him, the lupus form so much more expressive in its body language. He did not hold himself at the back, but moved forwards, maintaining a respectful distance from the participants, but quietly eager to see a ceremony he had never witnessed before.
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She would never miss the most important day of her brothers life. Though thinking about it made her heart ache a little. After this after all the joy was over he would leave with those who had come and he would not return to Casa as a member ever. Would he come back if she ever got married? Would he stand proud of her or would there be no time for her after all this. Her brush running through her hair as she thought.

She slowly placed it up as she glanced at Uryu who was preparing himself. She had not known he had such nice things it impressed her a bit. Oddly enough it made her wonder what his life was like before. He was almost a complete mystery to her. He was tall dark and handsome, a kind man who spoke with a tongue that could have been laced with gold. He was her perfect prince type the type of guy that she had always longed for. Though the pair shared no true intimate moments they enjoyed each others company.

She stood as she looked in the mirror. Uryu couldn't help but look her over either. Prim and proper looks good on you. He spoke a sly smile crossed his face. She looked at him and smiled You clean up well yourself did they teach you that back home? She questioned as he nodded. More like beat it into me I am a Catori though my blood is tainted with dog my family made sure I still held myself like a noble wolf. He retorted fixing his over cloak. Come on we need to leave He spoke as she nodded to him.

they made there way to the sandy beach and nothing could wipe the smile from her face. Uryu was kind and gave her his elbow and walked her like a true prince would. Her arm was lightly coiled around his her free hand lay atop his arm. They stood very close to the front as she watched Callum arrive and settle into his spot. She looked at him and smiled lightly. She worried as he looked uneasy she watched him hoping he would look her way. She whispered practically only mouthed it. "It will be ok Cal breath. just breath Her smile never fading.

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It was happening. It was actually happening! In side the young Gamma’s belly a sea of butterflies flapped around, desperately trying to get free to express her excitement…or nervousness. Either way she could not and would not possibly look back. Everyone was here to witness their union and it would be without a doubt a day she would remember for the rest of her life.

After the Brotherhood Ceremony that morning her father and her had shared a moment of privacy in one of the guest bedrooms, where Zalen had attempted to help her with her hair but mostly they had spoken about X’yrin’s absence and how proud she would have been. To Veyra is was saddening to think of her mother, she loved her mother dearly but right now it only mattered that her papa was proud.

The seamstress, who had made her dress, Clara, now danced around her fixing the odd thing and shyly mumbling compliments every now and then. When they were ready and the call had sounded the mocha princess nodded to the coydog and they awkwardly began to make their way out of the Fort and towards Whisper Beach.

By the time they arrived, just short of being in view of the gathered party, Veyra was convinced no one in humanized packs got anything useful done, not if they wore a dress anyhow. Clara on the other hand was ecstatically smiling, pleased to see her work being showed off.

Although Veyra could never tier of being fussed over she motioned for Clara to stop her obsessive nit picking of the dress so they could get in place. With the dress lifted slightly the pair made their way into view and the huntress, spotting Callum, began to smile. She wanted nothing but to yip and prance around on all fours, running through the forest as a pair but that would not do on this occasion.

Gracefully making their way to stand beside Callum between the posts she briefly acknowledged Alistair with a nod. Her green eyes did not leave her white knight though, as the butterflies began to wake up once more.

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King of the Forest
A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things

Zalen truly did not understand the need for this, this ceremony for mateship. Why could it not be simple like it had been for Krys and his son Keylo? All that had been needed then was a nod from the parents and it was done. This whole to-do about claiming a mate was frivolous and unndeed.


Jazper was his dear friend, and it was his own grandson who had chosen Veyra, and so Zalen would give in. Even when the cloak of leather and fur and antlers had been offered to him, as strange as it was, he had donned it. The clothing felt strange and heavy on his hunched form; he was not used to standing upright for so long and his back hurt. He stayed near his beautiful mate; Raeka did not seem to be suffering such as he, so he gleaned whatever grace from her that he could.

When they arrived at the beach, and he took his spot near the posts, across from Jazper, his mind was soon swept of these worries when he saw his daughter approach. She too had been adorned in a gown, a soft flowing thing; flowers in her hair, which was elegantly braided. She looked quite becoming, as always, and so refined. Zalen felt his heart bloom when he saw her, and at the same time, he suddenly became incredibly sad, when she took her place next to Callum. How strange.

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The afternoon had come and Jazper was still busy getting his armor on properly when Alistair’s howl echoed through the Fort. The call produced a sense of urgency and he quickly finish up his dressed and rushed out of his room, down the stair and continuing out of the Fort. It took him a little time to make his way, one giant foot in front of the other leading him towards the beach.

Eventually he arrived at the beach and took a look around. Alistair had done a good job, everything had been set up properly and other wolves are starting to arrive. Quietly he made his way to the front. “Remember to speak good and clear.” He teased Alistair with a wink. Turning to Callum he gave a sad smile “You look good lad.” It was a simple and short sentiment said in passing, there wasn’t much time left until the ceremony started and Jazper didn’t want to take his grandsons attention away from his new mate, who had arrived but moments ago.

Silently he took his spot beside Zalen, placing a large hand on his shoulder and giving a nod in greeting. This was what they had been waiting for all these months, the joining of their names. The only thing they could hope for after the ceremony was the swift arrival of grandpups and greatgrandpups.

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Raeka, as she did with so many other things, silently accepted the simple fur cloak and all the strange customs that came with their more humanized allies. Unlike Zalen's, her's wrapped all the way round and a ring of flowers covered the collar. The cloak was light, not as stifling as it could have been but still hotter than she was used too.

Like usual, Raeka stood next to her mate. Slowly, the combined forces of New Dawn and Casa di Cavalieri arrived to witness the mateship ceremony. Amber eyes scanned the crowd, watching their reactions with a passive curiosity. Nervous excitement buzzed in the air as the two young wolves came together. Verya was adorned in a dress, as beautiful as it was strange. Flowers were placed strategically through her body. The Alphess glanced over to Zalen and his joy was unmistakable. This was his daughter after all, so Raeka wasn't exactly surprised. Her own lips turned upwards, happy for Zalen more than anything else. This was his daughter, his friend, and her's by extension of their mateship.

When Jazper approached, Raeka gave him a quick nod in greeting. Her hands folded into one another, fingers interlocking as her head stood tall and proud to watch the ceremony. With this, their packs would become allies. The benefits were innumerable and if luck favored them, both packs would be filled with join puppies.

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I am the shield that guards the realms of men

Alistair had had little time for leisure in the days surrounding the alliance. He’d had his paws full coordinating the canines of both packs, providing rooms, and food for the guests as well as preparing for the events themselves. Jonas was a great help, as were Clara and Morty. Julien, was arguable. The boy was still timid. He did what he was told, but little more. Alistair let him be.

They were all gone by the time the first of his pack arrived, and was of little surprise when he saw Lola among the first. Well, as the first. He beamed at her compliment, having agonized over every detail in the hopes that it would be appreciated by both the Cavaliers and the New Dawners. If she liked it, he was confident they would, too. The wolfdog warmed, the stress of the moment briefly melting away as she pressed into him. He gave her silver cheek a playful and discreet lick, tugging it with teeth through his grin before the sounds of Callum’s paws made him pull away with a flick of his tail.

Alistair winked at Callum, clinging to one of Lola’s handpaws for another second before she found a seat. Leaning into the younger male he said, “just focus on her.” A pat was given to one of Callum’s shoulders and then Alistair stood still at the front watching as the others of his pack trickled in. Alistair smiled at Ryuu, unadorned as usual, but elegant in his simplicity. He watched politely as Grynn spoke to Callum, and inclined his head just slightly at Veyra’s nod as she finally joined them and approached the front, looking every bit an Alpha’s daughter.

Zalen, Jazper, and Raeka arrived, all groomed in some way or another. It surprised the hybrid to see Zalen and Raeka had dressed for the occasion, and he wanted to roll his eyes as Jazper teased him. Speeches might not have been his strong suit, but he was at least capable of making one.

All was settled, the pack having filtered in and taken their seats. He waited for silence before speaking, and when he did his smooth British voice was sharp and clear. “We are gathered here today to witness the union of our two great packs and these two souls.” He paused to take in his audience, continuing to address the couple by their names. “Callum Knight and Veyra Damaichu stand before you today to declare their love for one another in front of pack, friends, and family. By doing so they join Casa di Cavalieri and New Dawn together as allies.” Pausing once again, he took out a four thick white ribbons.

“Callum and Veyra, I ask you to look into each other’s eyes and hold hands.” Alistair doubted they’d be able to look anywhere else but for the purpose of the ceremony he instructed them gently, having read up on this old human tradition of “handfasting” a ritualistic ceremony performed by binding a couple’s hands. The Lune had gone over the grouping of lines over and over again, and he recalled them now from memory as he bound the couple as one. “Will you honor and respect one another, and seek to never break that honor?” He asked, draping the ribbon over their joined hands as he awaited their answer of "we will." Saying, “and so the first binding is made,” after.

“Will you share each other’s pain and seek to ease it?” Alistair draped a second ribbon over their held hands, repeating “and so the binding is made,” at their answer.

His voice was even and carried over the sands as he asked the next question, “will you share each other's burdens so that your spirits may grow in this union?” A third cord was draped over their hands. “And so the binding is made,” Alistair repeated a third time after their answers of “we will.”

“Will you share each other’s laughter, and look for the brightness in life and the positive in each other?” The fourth and final ribbon was draped lightly over their hands, Alistair repeating, “and so the binding is made,” after they had answered “we will,” for the last time. He took the trailing ribbons and tied them all together around Callum and Veyra’s hands.

“Callum and Veyra, as your hands are bound together now, so your lives and spirits are joined in a union of love and trust. Above you are the stars and below you is the earth. Like the stars you love should be a constant source of light, and like the earth, a firm foundation from which to grow.” He completed the ceremony from memory, smiling warmly at Callum and Veyra before he turned to the crowd and announced, “as Lune of Casa di Cavalieri, I pronounce Veyra Damaichu and Callum Knight to be mates. May their union bring honor to both Casa di Cavalieri and New Dawn.” He tawny Lune dipped his head slightly in acknowledgement that the ceremony was complete, fading into the background so all the assembled could congratulate the new couple.

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