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Wraith, Aether and Vendetta welcome

POSTED: Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:57 am

It’s not much further now. The dog traveled swiftly along the landscape in his lupus form. Having visited Inferni a few times before the Rakeeb got to learn the traveled route. It had been a while since he last went, even since before he last saw Wraith. At that point she was very pregnant with his children. The day the Creed woman came to find him in Anathema, he remembered it well. She seemed slightly emotional and snappy, that too was when he discovered Aeron was her mother; what a day.

Before he realized it the skull decorated border of the coyote pack drifted into view. Yielding outside their territory the fighter planted himself on the ground. Tipping his muzzle the dog called for Wraith. Mido’s distinguishable song carried into Inferni before dying out. He knew the children were born and he’d yet to see them or her. Not much of a father figure he was turning out to be, but still he was at least here and willing to make the effort.

How many of them did she have? What are their names? Patiently waiting the huskadore couldn’t ignore the thoughts lingering in his head. I got her pregnant and she was probably cursing me the whole time too. Mido never stopped to think about what he’d put her though; unable to imagine how mad she might be, not that he intended things this way. Closing his eyes he sighed, he hoped to see the kids. If Wraith decided not to bring them it would be her right as their mother. I wonder if they’ll be with her? Behind the fighter his tail occasionally flicked and thumped against the dirt anxiously as he waited.

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POSTED: Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:42 pm

She was with her children when she heard the call and at first, she froze: Mido had never called on her while she was in Inferni, had he? She couldn't remember. Either way, he was doing it now, so she ought to respond. He needed to meet his children and they needed to meet him, too. It went both ways.

She called for the three of them, hunting through the caves to find them. Even now, she made her home there despite the fact that Inferni seemed to vastly enjoy a two-legged lifestyle. What could she say? She was ruggedly individualistic. Besides, 'ruggedly individualistic' sounded really fucking cool.

"Who's that?" Aether asked as Wraith shooed them out.

"His name is Mido. He's a sub-leader out in the next pack over, Anathema. I've talked about him before - you remember, right? He's your dad and he's excited to meet you," she said. The puppies were older now, smarter now, so she just said it as it was.

When she arrived at the borders, she barked out a greeting.

"Mido," she said as she approached, trying to shake a weird grin off her face. As pissed off as she'd been before, the kids were kind of hilarious, even if Havoc and Aether were a bit loopy together. They were definitely energetic.

"This is Aether Creed, Havoc Creed, and Vendetta Massacre," she said, gesturing to the each of them in turn. Each looked a bit like Wraith and a bit like Mido, each in their own unique ways. To be honest, it was rather interesting seeing them get older and seeing which traits each of them had inherited.
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