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[Festival Thread #2]

POSTED: Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:26 am

Halfway throughout the festival on Tuesday, June 17 will be an all-day horse riding event. Through the forests and open fields, along some of the tamer cliff edges and to the beach for an evening bonfire, this ride is meant for experienced and novice riders. Horses should be old enough and healthy to ride, and it is required that each rider have their own horse to prevent strain on the animals.

Jaelle Shandor volunteered and offered to lead a horse trail ride through the territory. While he was apprehensive on the strangers riding through his Kingdom, he opted to join the ride on his own sorrel mount and keep an eye on strangers and Courtiers alike. Their allies and friends came to visit in the time of the pack's birthday, turning an age older than the King even had to his own name.

Jaelle sat atop her chestnut horse, stroking the creature's shining neck. Obviously having taken use of the stables and its equipment, the mounts were all glistening and cleanly maintained. Even Heritage seemed cleaner, but he was also very cocky with so many horses nearby, especially mares and other stallions.

Everyone arrived and the woman moved to the head of the slight crowd. There were so many horses but it was likely the procession would spread out a distance apart, to give each mount space and each conversation privacy. Jaelle's hair was tied in that messy ponytail, draping over her back and out of her eyes so that she could see in front of her. "Alrigh', it's time for us to start. Now this is a long ride, all day. But very very scenic, so you will probably see more of this place than maybe have before." Her lips cracked a smile and she waved in the general direction of the sea. "At end of the trail, later today, there will be a bonfire and food on the beach. But that time is not now, so lets ride. Careful of your horses, I will warn when paths are maybe dangerous." And with that, the woman turned her mount down the path they designed, marked here and there with strips of colorful cloth to mark the way in confusing areas. Otherwise, everyone was free to move at their leisure, as long as they could see the procession of horses.

Apologies for the severe delay on the start of this thread. There are some things that have happened that have taken some time out of the CDM leadership, expect updates fairly soon. For now, festival thread! Also check back shortly for the closing party.
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POSTED: Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:30 am

A horse ride was something Elsie was really looking forward to. Her riding skills were only mediocre since she usually traveled with a llama and a cart, but the fjord pony cross she had gotten for her great-aunt Esther was old and calm, although not so old that pulling a cart would be too much for him. He seemed energetic enough, he just didn't have the same spirit Elsie had seen in younger horses.

She lacked a saddle, so Elsie was riding him bareback and luckily his spine wasn't too bony for that. She figured if she was going to keep riding him, she might trade for a saddle or try to make one. Right now, though, none would do. The younger Hennamin doubted a ride with this many people would end up going too fast.

Elsie listened as the Courtier spoke, describing their trip and that some of the trails might be dangerous. Now her lack of saddle made her wonder, but the pony had plenty of mane to grab onto if she started to fall.

As the group set out, Elsie looked around eagerly taking in the scenery, and then some of the other horses nearby her. Many were larger than her own, but then again, many canines were larger than her as well and would have been too large to ride a pony cross. Then, partway through her marveling, Elsie realized that she was riding next to a male who she was pretty sure was the king of Cour des Miracles.

"Oh!" Her ears went forward, then back respectfully as she ducked her head since bowing on a horse was pretty much impossible. "Hello there, um, I'm Elsie Hennamin, a trader from Cercatori d'Arte." What better way to build a trade relationship than by introducing oneself to the leader of a pack?
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